7 reasons why koi fish jumps out of water

Why Koi Fish Jumps Out Of Water

Learn why Koi fish jump out of water Koi Fishes are awesome fishes with more agility and athleticism. They move stronger and faster. At times they may even jump in the air from the tank. This may be good to see if they are performing it at times.  But if your Koi fish often jumps out of the water, it is something to take care of. Fish keepers think it is fun to see these Koi Fishes jumping out of the pond or home aquariums. But it may hurt them and cause injuries. Koi fish jump out of the tank due to various reasons. They are for Fun, Exploration, Lack of Oxygen, Poor Water Quality, When Chased. Stress is the major reason for many fish jumping out of ponds and tank water. High Ammonium and High Nitrate content in water may also cause the fish to jump out of the water. It is our duty to prevent these fishes from jumping out of their water bodies. In this blog we will explain why Koi Fish jumps out of water. So, Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy the Read.

Why Do Koi Fish Jump Out Of Water?

why do koi fish jumps out of water
Some of the reasons for Koi Fish to jump out of ponds and fish tanks are

Koi Fishes Jump for Fun

This is one of the major reasons for Koi Fishes jumping out of water. When fishes are bored, they will try out new things like exploring newer parts of the tank and swimming at different parts of the tank.
Some fishes will become more acrobatic and start to jump from the water for excitement and fun. When they are jumping for fun, Koi Fishes will be more careful regarding their landing and it is less likely to get hurt.
You can use nets in ponds to prevent them from getting injured. If you grow your Koi in Tanks, Make sure to seal the top with tight covers.

Koi Fish Jump for Exploration

When Koi fishes are introduced into a new water body like a new aquarium or new pond, they will be curious and try to explore the whole place. This is because Koi Fishes are very smart and they always want to check out how their surroundings are. This will help them find food easily and keep them away from predators and other dangers. Koi fishes are brave fishes. They will even jump from high waterfalls and larger ponds to have fun and explore the area. When there is a seasonal change in lakes and ponds, the plant materials surrounding the area also change. This makes Koi Fishes more curious and makes them jump out of curiosity.  While you are visiting the local water bodies, you can see people feeding Koi fish. They will be swarming in an area, jumping to get a morsel of food. So, Koi Bettas also jump for feeding and hunting. You can use netting and safety bags to prevent them getting hurt and injured.

Poor tank water Quality

When the tank water quality is not maintained properly, it will stress the inmates. A clean and clear tank will keep your fish happy and healthy. But if there is more toxin build up inside the tank, fish will try to escape. This is the reason some Koi Fishes Jump out of Tanks. The same is for natural water bodies like lakes, ponds, and rivers. When these water bodies are polluted and contaminated, it will drastically reduce the water quality.  So, as a natural instinct Koi fishes will try to jump and move away to some better place for survival. Try to maintain a toxic-free atmosphere for the betterment of your Koi Fish. Perform regular Tank Cleaning and Tank Maintenance to keep them stress-free and bring the best out of your fish. Check out Tank Maintenance to get a complete idea of how to clean and maintain your aquarium effectively. 

Lack Of Oxygen

koi fish jumps lack of oxygen
When Koi Bettas experience a lack of oxygen, they will move to the upper parts of ponds or tanks to gasp for some fresh air. This is normal among all fishes. When fishes experience a lack of oxygen inside the tank, they will move to the upper parts of the tank. The upper parts of tanks are exposed more to direct air than the lower parts. Athletic fishes like Koi will even jump in the air to gasp some fresh air. Jumping over the water surface will break the surface tension. This will improve the oxygen dissolving efficiency of water. Breaking surface tension happens when fishes gasp for air. Sometimes, Fishes will gasp for air and struggle to breathe. This is normal and happens now and then. It may be due to inefficient filters or improper tank aeration. Check Fish Struggling to breathe to know if your fish is struggling to breathe and what to do if the inmates are gasping. 

During mating Chase

During the mating phase, Male Koi fishes will play along with their female mates before matting. So, the male fishes will chase the females and show some skills to get their desired mates. Strong male fishes demonstrate their skills and strength by jumping out of the water. The fish that show more acrobatic skills will mate with the most females. Koi fishes will also jump to escape from predatory fishes when they are chased by bigger fishes. This will confuse the predator and help them escape falling prey. When fishes excrete more in water, it causes toxic material buildup. Excessive excretion causes an increase in Dissolved Ammonia and Nitrate.  Alarming amount of Ammonia and Nitrate in water causes stress and diseases for Koi fishes. So, they tend to jump out of the tank.

Final words for Fish keepers

When fishes undergo unfavorable conditions, they jump and perform abnormal actions. When you find your inmates acting weird, it indicates there is something wrong with the tank conditions. Grab the test kit and perform pH test, hardness test, salinity test and most importantly dissolved ammonia and nitrate. If there are any problems with the above mentioned water qualities, perform immediate water change and complete tank clean up. Also maintain proper heating, aeration and lighting inside your fish tank. Perform regular inspection on water pump, Tank filter, tank heater and aquarium lighting. This will help your fish stay calm and cool. It will definitely avoid Koi fishes jumping out of anxiety but they will jump out only on joy and happiness. We hope this blog helped you clearing your queries on Why Koi Fishes jump out of tanks and natural water bodies. . We always welcome your suggestions. Comment us down below your experience with your Koi fish’s acrobatic show. Feel free to mention things that are to be changed and improved in our blogs and website as we are learners for life! If you liked this post do share it with your friends and family. Cause sharing is caring. See ya! Until then, keep growing your aquarium.

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