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Why Is My Fish Tank Filter Is Not Working

Fish tank filter not working

You are happily returning home to spend some time with your beautiful aquarium and wonderful tank mates. After reaching home, you are shocked to see the tank is not looking as usual. On further glance, you see the water is dirtier than before. A close study, then you realize your fish tank filter is not working. You start to wonder why the fish tank filter is not working? Fish tank filters won’t work mainly because of clogged motors. It may be due to not having proper suction, filter not performing well and Fluctuation in flow rate. If they are not taken care of properly, it may cause permanent damage to the filter. But, there are few easy ways to overcome this problem easily. Fish tank filters are used to filter the water inside the fish tank at regular intervals. It cleans the dirt and dust floating on water. It also removes the bacteria, toxic chemicals, and fatal compounds that affect the fish from tank water. This ensures the safety of your cute little fishes. Fish tank filters also oxygenate the water and improve the dissolved oxygen amount inside the tank. Fish tank filters are one of the most necessary components of a successful aquarium setup. An aquarium without a good filter will turn out to be dirty. This will damage your fish health and at times may also cause fatality. Fixing a fish tank filter is not a difficult task. Just by small tweaking and proper maintenance, you can easily repair a fish tank filter. In this blog, we will teach you how to fix your fish tank filter easily. So, Sit back, relax and enjoy the read.

How important is a fish tank filter?

Just like buying a PS5 requires you to buy a television, buying a Fishtank must always be bundled with a good fish tank filter. They are one of the core components of a fish tank setup. Simply, a Fish Tank Filter is a Must-Buy in your cart if you are planning to set up a beautiful aquarium. There are many types of fish tanks you can buy in a market. But all fish tanks require you to buy a fish tank filter and obviously fish. Now, you can understand how important a fish tank filter is to an Aquarium setup. Knowing the vitality of a fish tank filter, let us know what the functions of a fish tank filter are. Don’t know how to set your Fish Tank filter visit How to set up Fish Tank.

Functions of a Fish Tank Filter

A Fish Tank Filter performs multiple tasks in a tank and ensures to maintain a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere in a tank. There is something in the world which we don’t appreciate much when it is working properly. But, we come to know how important it is when it gets faulty or won’t function properly. A Fish Tank Filter is exactly one such example. Some of the functions performed by a Fish Tank filter are 

  • Filters dirt, Floating debris, and lump particles.
  • Oxygenates the water and improves dissolved tank oxygen.
  • Controls Algal growth inside the tank.
  • Prevents organic waste accumulation.
  • Removes Harmful Toxins and Bacteria.

 If the filter stops working, It will affect these many factors causing huge stress to both fish keepers and tank mates. Dirt or debris formation will surely affect the harmony of the fishes inside the fish. At times it may even cause quarrels between inmates. A decrease in oxygen inside the tank will make the fishes lazy and want them to thrive more for oxygen. This would cause unnecessary stress and tension build-up among inmates. Excessive algal growth and organic matter will affect the metabolism of the tank mates. An increase in bacteria or toxins may even be fatal for their lives. Now we come to know how important a Fish tank filter is to an aquarium setup. So, what are the common problems occurring in a fish tank filter that won’t work, and how to repair it?

Fish Tank filter problems and its solution

Some of the problems that occur commonly in a fish tank filter are

No Suction from Fish Tank Filter

Fish Tank Filters work on the suction principle. A motor propels the water inside the impeller to create a suction. The motor sucks the water through a column tube that goes through a filter media. When the impeller won’t properly, there won’t be suction and you could only listen to the sound of the filter running. You may also see the water is drawn in the tube above the tank. This may be mainly due to a clog in the intake tube or impeller or the outtake tube. These clogs may be due to derbies and dirt lumps.

How to solve no suction

Clogs in tubes are very natural and can be easily treated. You just have to get into the 5-year kid mode. Just like how a 5-year kid takes off the parts of a toy separately, take off every part of the filter separately carefully. It is very easy to be detached and can be put back easily. First, start off with detaching the power cord from the filter unit and disassembling other parts. You can use the user manual for instruction and help. Look for the clogs and you could use a torch for help. Once you spot the clog, shower it over a running tap. The force would be enough to clear the debris clog. Now, reassemble the parts and plug them with tubes and power cord. You can see the Filer will start to work properly with good suction. Once, check the power chord too if it seems damaged or broken. But, you must consider changing Filter if it is not working properly even after clog treatment If this doesn’t work, you can go for the motor part.

Filter not working at all

This is more serious than a clogged tube. When you switch on the filter, you could see the filter itself won’t work. This may be because the motor doesn’t work. There won’t be any process going when the motor stops working, but you would just hear a small buzzing sound. It is because the motor is not performing properly. Sometimes, you won’t even hear the buzzing sound and it may be because of some problem with the connecting wires. It may even be because of a blown fuse and a damaged power cord.

How to solve Fish Tank Filter not working at all

The motor may not be working because of clogging. When any motor is clogged, it won’t perform and all that you could hear is a buzzing sound. In order to unclog a Filter motor, separate it from the unit and use your hand or a brush to unclog the debris. You can also use a hair drier or compressed air to remove the clogging. Make sure not to use water as water will damage the motor’s internal parts. If the motor is not the culprit, you can move on to check for loose wires and damaged cords. The wires may not be in good condition to bring enough electricity to the motor. It would also be a reason for the filter not working completely. Check them properly and you can change them easily. You can also check for blown-up fuse. These fuses are cheap and can be easily changed.

Improper Filter flow rate

Fish tanks are of various sizes and every tank has its own type of filter to perform at a particular efficiency. If you place a smaller Flow Fishtank Filter in Larger tanks, it would not be much efficient to filter the whole tank. If you place a higher flow rate Filter in smaller tanks, it would over filter the tank. Fishes are very sensitive species and are highly reactive to the water flow rate inside the tank. Highly delicate and sensitive variety fishes require lesser flow rates and more thick-skinned fishes need higher flow rates. Any change in their normal flow rate will cause stress for these cute little guys. 

How to handle Improper Filter flow rate

Make sure you get the perfect type of filter for your tank and fish variety. Consult with experts and fellow fish keepers before buying your Fish tank Filter. It is handier to buy a Fish Tank Filter with Adjustable Flow Rates. This allows the users to adjust the flow rate based on the tank size and fish variety inside the tank.

Final note for Fish Keepers

Prevention is better than cure. Always try to maintain a debris-free atmosphere inside the tank to stop clogging tubes and motor clogging. Inspect Filter once in a while during your routine maintenance. It is always advised fish keepers invest in higher quality equipment than on cheap alternatives. This will ensure buying products that would work longer and efficiently. Remember, quality comes first. If you come across any major defects, you can consider changing the filter itself rather than repairing the motor or impeller. We hope this article has helped you clear all your queries on repairing Fish Tank filters. Comment below and tell us which was the problem you faced and how you cleared it… If you liked this post do share it with your friends and family. Cause sharing is caring. See ya! Until then, keep growing your aquarium!

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