Why my parakeet closes its eye

Why Does My Parakeet Close Its Eye?

Learn more about why parakeets close its eye and why does it do so.

When you buy parakeets for the first then for sure you’ll have so many doubts. Doubts regarding their characters which may seem unusual to us.

One such kind of activity is their eye closing. They usually close either one or both at times. One could actually start to worry about them when they start to close their eyes frequently. This could happen at times when you pet them or when you made them feel comfortable.

Why Parakeet Close Its Eye

Parakeets close its eye whenever you touch with care and love. To express secureness and comfortness they close their eyes. If your Parakeet does this when you pet them then, it means they feel 200 percent secure when you pet them.

There are some cases where the reason could be sick, stress, hungry, etc… other than doing it to express their secureness. 

If this is your case then you should probably fix an appointment with your trusted veterinarian. So, don’t waste time while on this case, or else you’ll regret it.

There are some reasons why a Parakeet closes its eyes. When you know the reason behind them then you’ll know which are normal cases and when proper care should take towards them.

What Makes My Parakeet To Close Its Eye

Like all animals, a common reason for a Parakeet to close its eyes is sleep. Yes, of course when a Parakeet feels sleepy it obviously closes its eyes.

But some Parakeets stay active even at night times and they’ll fly around. But this is only applicable for birds that live in wild. Because birds that live in cages have no chance to go out and they sleep as early when they see darkness.

Closing their eyes makes them easy to sleep. Their eyelids help to increase the darkness around them and paves them to sleep. 

Their sleep provides some rest to muscles that work throughout the day which helps to do their daily actions including flying, chirping, etc… Like every human, birds too need sleep to continue their next day. 

Parakeets sometimes tilt their heads when they feel comfortable. This makes their muscles get rest and regain energy for upcoming works.

But most of the time Parakeets choose to close their eyes and sleep when they decide to take rest.

There are some birds that close their eyes when they feel bore and unnoticed. They get fed up with their surrounding as they stay in cages 24/7 until you let them out. And this is the major reason if a bird closes its eyes other than for patting.

Some birds may sleep during day times and even continue to close their eyes during night time too. This could be a sign of Parakeet’s mental illness. So, make sure you spend an ample amount of time with them. 

Play with them, give them speech classes, and make them talk, and there is much more to do with. So don’t leave your bird to be alone all the time. It could even cause health issues to Parakeets.

Reason For Parakeets Closed Eye

There are many reasons for a Parakeet to close its eye. But considering all of them these are some notable reasons for a Parakeet to close its eye.

  • Due to Sickness
  • When It Feel Happy
  • And When Relaxed

Now, we’ll see in detail about these reasons and how they affect the birds.


Some birds opt to close their eyes when they feel sick. But it occurs as scarce as hen’s teeth. So you may need not worry about it. But if that’s the reason for your bird to shut their eyes then your bird is in danger.

It may due to some infection in their eyes. If it has an infection in its eye then it may feel comfortable while closing its eyes. And these birds choose to close it and not open it until it feels good. 

Eye Infection

Birds can be easily affected by bacterial infections. They affect either the conjunctiva or the membranes that are located around the eyes. Due to infections, their tissues will be swollen and it makes it hard for them to open their eyes at times.

Without stopping with swelling they extend to other parts of the bird’s body and cause damage to them too. They may even extend up to their respiratory system (upper respiratory parts). And affects their respiration.

Your bird may feel like getting low oxygen and they start to suffocate.


As mentioned earlier birds may even close their eyes when they’re happy. Birds feel happy while seeing or doing somethings like giving them favorite food, let them to be out of their cage, while patting them, when interacting with them.

But when doing above-mentioned activities it urges them to do involuntary actions. For example, what happens when you let your bird wander around free. It moves rapidly to all places without knowing its limits.

This is not the kind of happiness we speak about. The happiness makes them feel comfort, warmth, and relaxed. They come across these when we pet them by slowly rubbing them on their head and their body. Some also do patting over the bird’s head and make them comfortable.

While giving these kinds of comfortness to Parakeets they close their eyes and will look serene.  So, this is the reason why birds close their eyes in happiness.

Feel Relaxed

Parakeets feel relaxed when their intuitions say that they are under complete care and security of their caretaker. They feel this at times when we(caretakers) start to pet them with love. 

Parakeets close their eyes and get their head down according to your patting. Their eyes remains closed until the entire session is completed. This is completely normal and you need not to worry about them.

One Eye Closing

One eye closes and the other opens is completely normal among birds. Most of the birds do this and there is nothing to do with them. It’s normal for any bird to do this but not normal when a bird does this all the time.

If your bird does this all the time then you should refer a doctor about this. Because your bird may suffer from one-eyed bacterial infections. Without proper care, your bird could lose its sight eventually.

Generally, when Parakeets are in a calm and peaceful mood they start to close one eye and open their other. Wondering why they don’t close their other eye. I know you’ll be curious to know why they do so. 

Now, we’ll see that in brief…

Why Closes One Eye

As of now, we know that one closing is common among all birds which include Parakeet and they do it because they’re in a state of peace and calmness.

Generally, birds will be more cautious than humans as they live in wild. In wild they have so many dangers around them and at any time they could be killed by predators.

This cautiousness works even when we make our bird comfortable by patting. This is the reason behind Parakeets one eye-opening while the other is closed.

When you watch them closely you could notice that the eye away from our side will be open and the eye which near to us will be closed. As they feel safe with us they close the eye near to us.

Why Open Its Eyes Wide Open

The most important part of a bird’s body is the eyes. Without them, their chance of survival will become very low. Even a bird can survive without its leg or a wing but without eyes is impossible.

These eyes help them for direction during flying and in doing all daily activities. They also help them to stay away from predators and other dangers.

So, a normal Parakeet will open its eyes always until they sleep or made to be comforted. But sometimes Parakeets refuse to close their eyes and open them all the time.

One such condition is, Parakeets refuse to close their eyes and let them to be open while you’re petting them. This means your Parakeet is disturbed or frightened by something and couldn’t return to its normal state of mind.

If the Parakeet doesn’t blink their eyes then it could be under anxiety or uncertainty. This could also happen at times when they feel sad or worried about something that happened. 

If this is your case then Parakeets’ eyes will be wider than normal and we could see a decrease in their pupil size. It’s normal for Parakeets to be conscious about their surroundings and things around them. They usually scrutinize the area around them.

But when a Parakeet does it all the time then for sure it’s under some stress and it struggles to overcome it. Look thoroughly around the place where it lives and fix the problem as soon as possible. Because it’s not good for a Parakeet to be under stress all the time.

Conclude With Happiness

Parakeets are wonderful birds when proper care is taken towards them. Closing eye is a common action that all birds do and there is no abnormality in them until they do it normally.

Not only closing, but opening eyes is also very familiar among birds. They open their eyes because of consciousness and cautiousness. They do this completely to make them safe and stay away from dangers.

We hope this blog helps you clearing queries on Why parakeets close their eyes and what’s the reason behind them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my Parakeet keep closing his eyes?

You should feel proud for a bird to close when it’s near you. It means the bird feels more comfortable and safer when it stays near you. This is the best appreciation that you can get from your Parakeets.

Reasons for a Parakeet to close its eyes?

There are three main reasons for a Parakeet to close its eyes. They are

  • Sick
  • Joy
  • Feel Relaxed
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