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Why Do Morkies Change Colour? Ultimate Morkie Color Change Guide

Morkie dogs are cute, fun, friendly and family dogs. It is always great to have a Morkie at your house. As they grow older, you would have seen the Morkie turn color.

Sometimes dog owners think it is color fading. But is it really color fading or does Morkie change color?

Let us see if Morkie dogs can change color and how they change.

Do Morkies Change Color?

Officially Morkies may change color. But not all Morkies change color. There may be a slight color change in the Yorkshire terrier.

Adult Morkies are lighter than young puppies. But this is not the case.

Some Puppies will stay darker and some will turn lighter. This is purely based on their gene line and the parent genetics.

If you are concerned about the color change of your Yorkie terrier, don’t worry.

In this blog, we have compiled all information on why and when Morkie changed colors.

So, Sit back, relax and enjoy the read.

Why Does Morkie Change Color?

colour change in morkie

Yorkie may or may not change colors. It is not absolute that these dogs will fade as they become older. Some dogs will turn lighter and some dogs will stay lighter. This is due to their genetics.

Morkie dogs are crossbreed dogs. They are not Purebred Dogs like Standard Poodles. Morkies are a crossbreed between Yorkshire terrier and Maltese dogs.  

This Maltese-Yorkshire will change color if the Yorkshire genes are dominant in the dog. This is because Yorkshire dogs are purebred dogs.

Color change will happen if the dog is Maltese gene dominant. This color change happens mainly on the dog’s coat and not the overall body.

Some of the other major reasons for Yorkshire color change are

  • Age
  • Loss of Pigment
  • Trauma
  • Fur Shaving
  • Hyperthyroidism


Aging causes a change in pigmentation production in skin and hair. This is the reason for white hair In older humans. Morkies will also change color as they start to age.

Morkies will start to have gray hair over the body. This will give an overall light shade to the coat.

Loss of Pigment

Pigmentation problems like Melanocytosis can cause a color change in the Morkie body. This affects the melanin-producing cells called Melanocytes in the dog’s body. It will make the coat lighter with fewer pigments

Aging is also a reason for pigmentation problems in Morkies. Morkies are small dogs and need more energy for everyday activity.

As they start to age, energy is spent for day to day activities like walking, eating, running and more. This is also a reason for less pigment production in Morkie dogs.

When pigmentation stops or slows down, the coat will start to fade. This is the reason for Yorkshire dogs’ color change.


Injury may also cause a color change in Morkie dogs. When a dog heals from cuts or trauma, it will leave a scar. This region will become lighter like a spotty region.

But unlike other factors, this will only cause localized color change rather than a full-body change.

Fur Shaving

Improper shaving will affect the Morkie fur. Clipping and shaving can also be the reason for your Morkie changing color. But this happens only when the shaving is not done properly. Check Poodle shaving for a complete guide on shaving your dog.


This is very rare in small dog breeds. Most Morkies will not have this problem. But if it happens, hypothyroidism will cause other major health problems.

The dog will have less energy and will start to act lazy. This is due to decreased thyroid levels in the body. It may cause major damage to the dog’s overall health in the long run.

The skin problems include thinning and lightening of the dog coat.  If your dog is showing any of these factors, take it to a vet immediately.

What Are the Common Morkie Colors?

Morkie comes in a variety of colors. They are darker in the puppy stage and will start to become lighter as they grow up as adults. Some of the common Morkie colors are

  • Brown.
  • Tan.
  • Black.
  • White.
  • Dark golden.
  • Dark gray.

The coat colors will either be a pure shade or a mixture of two. Mixtures include Golden-Brown, Silver- Gray and Golden–White mix. Some of the patterns recognized by the American Kennel Club are

  • Tan – White.
  • Beige – Tan.
  • Black – Tan.
  • Black – Gold.
  • Black – Tan – White.

Morkies will have a darker shade when they are grown up. The coat will also be silky soft with delicate fur on the initial days.

How Morkie Coat Color Changes?

As discussed above, the parent dogs are mostly responsible for color change in Morkies. Yorkshire genes are mainly responsible for these changes.

If the genes are majorly from Yorkshire, the dog will turn lighter. If the genes are from Maltese, then there will not be any major color change.

Morkies will be darker in their young puppy stage. It may be either a single tone or double toned coat. They will become light coloured after the first year.

It may or may not happen. But if a color change happens, it will start only after the first year after birth.

The color change will not take place immediately or all of a sudden. This color change will be slightly lighter than the normal color.

Now let us see the different ways Morkie color could change.

Different Ways Morkie Change Color

There are different ways a Morkie can change color. Sometimes the color might not happen. But if it happens, it will be in one of the following ways.

Morkies Born Dark

If the Morkies are black or dark gray in the initial days, they will start to fade and brighten up.

Black Morkies might turn gray or even brown. The brown shade can range from chocolate brown to tan brown. Dark gray dogs will become light gray textured.

Morkies Born White

white morkie dog

Morkies born with white fur will either turn brighter. If the dog is turning much brighter, it will become cream coloured.

If the brightening is less, it will take beige or tan color. The tan will lie on the brighter side and not the dark brownish tan.

Apart from color change, the patterns in the body will also change in Morkie dogs. The color change will be seen in both single textured and patterned dogs.  

Final Thoughts on Why Morkie Change Color

Summing up, Morkies may have color changes as they grow over one year of age. It is mainly due to the Purebred Yorkshire parent genes. The color change will make the dog brighter than the initial days. But for some dogs, the color change may not even happen.

These dogs will not have any color change due to the Maltese dominant genes on their body.

Apart from genetics, the color change may also happen due to various other reasons. Consult your vet if the color change is drastic or abnormal.

So that was all about the color change in Morkie dogs.

We hope this blog helped you clear all queries on when, why and how color change happens in Yorkshire-Maltese mixes.

We always welcome your suggestions. Comment below your experiences with your beloved Morkies.

Feel free to mention things that are to be changed and improved in our blogs and websites as we are learners for life!

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Is a Morkie Rare?

Morkies are rare dogs as they are not traditional dogs. Small dogs like Yorkshire are designer dogs bred by different breeding techniques. They are rarer than purebred dogs like standard poodles. This rare nature makes them costlier than many dogs. A Morkie dog will cost $3000 to $6000 to buy.

How Often Should You Bathe a Morkie?

Morkies should be bathed once in 2 weeks for good fur quality and coat texture. Use better dog products like soaps and shampoo to wash your Yorkshire. It is also better if Morkies are bothered from playtime after getting dirty.

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