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Why Do Cat’s Sides Sunken After Spaying? – Cat Post Spay Care Guide

If you are a cat owner, you would know spaying is better for cats. But some cats will be seen as lean and weak after the spaying procedure. The stomach region especially seems to be sunken and get smaller in size. Why does it happen so?

Let us see why cat’s sides sunken in after spaying in detail.

Why Do Cat’s Sides Sunken After Spaying?

Cat’s sides may be seen sunken due to loss of appetite and changes in their body. Cats will start to lose their hunger and interest in eating food post-surgery.

This will result in overall weight loss. When the weight reduces, the cat’s side starts to be seen as sunken and the cat will look overall lean. But this must not be left without giving proper attention.

The loss of several internal organs may also be a reason for the cat’s sides sunken. But what to do about it?

If you are a cat owner experiencing a thinning cat with a sunken stomach and side post-surgery, then don’t worry.

In this blog, we have compiled all the information about the cat body changes post spaying.

So, Sit back, Relax and Enjoy the Read.

What Is Cat Spaying?

what is cat spaying

Spaying is a surgery in which the cats undergo certain procedures to remove the necessary reproductive organs in them to make them sterile.

This will help them a lot and avoid developing health problems like prostate cancer, mammary gland cancer, and other reproductive organs-related diseases.

Spaying must be done at the right time. It may cause problems if spaying is done soon or very late. Check Beagle spaying to know about the right age to spay dogs.

This process is done for many indoor pets like dogs, cats, horses, and many others. Spaying is not painful as animals are given anesthesia by the vet during the surgery.

But still, the recovery phase may be painful and difficult for these innocent animals.

Why Is My Cat’s Stomach Sunken After Spaying?

Cats will have a sunken stomach due to loss of appetite and not eating proper food at regular intervals. The stomach and the intestinal tract become completely empty if the cat is not eating properly.

It will even lead to loss of weight and overall size of the cat.

But this will become normal within a few weeks after spaying. It is the owner’s duty to feed cat properly during the healing time.

Why Does My Cat Look Skinny After Spaying?

why my cats looks sunken after spaying

Spaying is major surgery for cats. Like humans, cats will also not eat properly after major surgery.

After the spaying procedure, cats eat almost nothing for a few days. This makes the cats look skinny after spaying.

Younger cats will look even skinnier after spaying as they have nothing but an empty stomach and digestive tract. This may even affect the loss of weight.

If young cats which are 5 months old are spayed, they may lose weight. They already weigh less. When added with the weight loss, younger spayed female cats will look skinnier like a homeless guy.

But this is completely normal and the cats will start to eat normal and gain weight after a few weeks post-surgery

What Should a Cat Look Like After Being Spayed?

After surgery, the cats will look weaker and dull. They may even start to look skinnier and the sides may start to look sunken.

But as said before, this is completely normal and the cat will recover after a few days after surgery.

The healing cat will have incisions. These incisions must have their edges touching each other and the part in and around the incisions must be reddish-pink in color.

If there are abnormalities or any pus formation around the incision area, take your cat to the vet immediately.

Why Does My Cat Look Pregnant After Being Spayed?

why cat looks pregnant after spaying

In rare cases, some cats might look pregnant after spaying. These are signs of false pregnancy and it is mainly due to the hormonal imbalance after the surgery.

This kind of false pregnancy also happens in rabbits and they are called Pseudo Pregnancy.

Spaying will remove hormones like oestrogen in female cats. This will make them look pregnant after being spayed.

Apart from this, they may also show some other signs like behavioral changes, development of mammary glands and tissue.

If your cat is showing any of these signs, take your cat to the vet immediately. Any delay may cause severe damage to the cat’s overall health.

What to Do if The Cat Looks Sunken After Spaying?

If your cat is looking sunken with the sides lean, it is due to poor eating and weight loss. But this can be treated following these steps.

  • Feed better quality cat food at a regular interval for your cat.
  • If your cat is refusing to eat, stoke them and try to feed them. Don’t leave them on an empty stomach.
  • Make sure to spend time with your cat during the healing process.
  • If the cat is refusing to eat even after multiple attempts, take it to the vet immediately.

If this is done properly, the cat will start to heal and get adapted to the surgery. It will start to gain weight by feeding better on healthier and more nutritious food.

Final Words on Cat’s Side Looking Sunken Post Spaying

Summing up, the cat’s sides and stomach start to look sunken due to poor eating habits. There will be nothing in the stomach and food tract when they are starving. This added weight loss is the major reason for their sunken sides.

But it can easily be treated by showering them with great food and love from your side. If this is provided, the cat will even start to look like a tiger.

So, that was all about why cats’ sides look sunken in after spaying.

We hope this blog helps you by clearing queries on why the cat’s sides and stomach start to look sunken in and what to do to overcome it.

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