why do beagles cry

Why Do Beagles Cry? Complete Guide To Stop Beagles Cry

Curious why your Beagle is crying? let us see the reasons

Seeing anybody is difficult. Be it humans or Beagles, it will be hard to hear the crying sound. This becomes harder when we don’t know the reason behind sadness and crying.  Beagle owners would have experienced it some way or other.

Why do Beagles Cry?

Beagles cry when they are sad, when they are in pain and when they are suffering from pain. Beagles also cry when they are bored and need attention from their owners. It is common to see beagles cry. But if beagles cry often, it is something to be concerned about.

When we encounter beautiful and cute living beings who cry, we too suffer. Be it beautiful women or cute dogs, all we need to do is find the reason for which they cry and solve it.

But many beginner Beagle owners don’t know the reason behind their beagle crying and worry much when their Beagle starts to cry unnecessarily. But don’t worry.

Our friend too had this problem with his beagle. But after spending some time with his beagle and doing some good research, we figured out the reasons.

In this blog, we have compiled all our studies on why your Beagle is crying and how to stop them crying by elevating their mood.

So, Sit back, Relax and Enjoy the Read.

Reasons for Beagles Crying

Beagles and other dogs cry for various reasons. But at times Beagle cries for no reason. Some of the reasons for Beagles Crying are

Reasons for Beagle crying
  • Pain.
  • Hunger
  • In Stress.
  • Anxiety.
  • Angry and Upset.
  • To Play Outside.
  • To Seek Attention.
  • Staying Away from Owner
  • To leave home and go for a Walk.

Stress, strain, and anxiety is the biggest reason for any living being on this planet to cry. Beagles cry when they are under too much pressure and stress.

Staying away from the owner is also one of the major reasons for Beagles feeling low and crying. Pain after an injury can also cause your beagle to cry. Let us see the reasons in brief and how to help your Beagle stop crying.

Beagles Cry when away from owners

Separation anxiety is caused when Beagles are away from their owners. Beagles and many dogs become low and feel lonely when kept away from owners and other humans. This makes them cry and whine.

This is even harder when the Beagle is very close to the owner and never has been away from the owner. Beagles are social dogs and they love to hang around with humans and other dogs.

If you are someone who isn’t home all day due to work or any reason, then it is a hard time for your Beagle.

They will be excited to the core when you return home. But once you step out of the house, they will hit rock bottom and may start to cry. This is because Beagles are very sensitive.

So, what to do when you are away from home or someone who isn’t available all-time at home to play with your Beagle?

How to help Beagle Overcome Separation Anxiety?

There are some easier ways to help your beagle overcome loneliness and separation anxiety.

Ask Neighbor help:

If you are living in an apartment or if someone lives nearby your house, ask their permission and leave your Beagle at their house. This helps you develop a good rapport with your neighbor and your beagle would also have company.

Find a Dog Sitter:

If neighbors plan/ doest work, you can go for a dog sitter. In US cities, we can find young students and teenagers who are willing to take care of dogs for few bucks. Give it a shot and it is worth your money.

Have other pets in the house:

Beagles are social dogs. You can also have other pet dogs or any other pets in your house to give company. This makes both mutually beneficial as they both can accompany each other. Another Beagle is also a great option to go.

Use TV or Music as Distraction:

If your dog has the habit of watching TV or listening and dancing to music, you can switch on the TV or Music Stereo While leaving for work. This will keep them engaged till you return back home.

Develop a Routine Habit:

Dogs are smart animals. They can easily adapt to a routine. So, make it a habit for your Beagle to spend time alone at home when you are away. This helps a lot if you have to visit the office every day.

Don’t Make a Goodbye scene:

When you are cuddling and pampering so much while leaving outside, it makes your dog think that you are going away forever. It creates stress and fear of losing you. So, be normal and just say bye while leaving for work.

Crying due to Boredom or seeking Attention

When you are away from Beagle frequently, it makes them want you more. They crave attention and start to act differently. Each Beagle is like individual humans and each dog has their own behavioral nature.

Some Beagles jump around and lick your feet for attention. Some beagles may cry or whine to get your attention. Beagles are more social and energetic dogs. So, they will be doing stuff until you give them attention and validation.

Beagles may also cry when they are bored and feeling lonely. Boredom causes stress and anxiety. To overcome the stress buildup, they may be whining and crying.

What to do when your Beagle is crying due to Boredom or to seek attention?

For all these problems, the major reason is your long absence at home. You can easily avoid it by keeping your Beagle entertained and not getting bored.

Follow the steps said before in the overcoming Anxiety part. Bring home new pets and toys for your Beagle to explore and play around with.

Spend some quality time every day with your dog. Take them for a walk and have an exercise routine for at least 20 minutes a day. This keeps them happy and healthy too. You can also take your Beagle for a walk to a nearby park or play stick fetch.

Action is the only way to keep your energetic Beagle happy and boredom-free.

Beagles Cry Due to Pain or Hunger

All living beings in the world experience pain. Humans and animals overcome pain by crying. Pain may be due to various reasons like injury and emotional loss. Some of the common reasons for Beagles experiencing pain are

  • Headache.
  • Improper Digestion.
  • Stomach ache.
  • Virus and Bacterial attack.

Beagles also suffer pain when they lack company or lose someone close. When beagles are crying due to pain, take them immediately to a vet.

Beagles may also cry due to hunger. This happens due to improper feeding and not following a feeding. Start to feed your Beagle with proper nutritional food in regular intervals.

Sometimes, Beagles may Cry even after feeding, This is to get some extra bite after the meal. But Beagle owners must not entertain this by feeding. Feeding after a meal will make it a habit for them to cry, in return to get some more.

This will cause overfeeding and obesity. Obesity is dangerous and it will cause more health-related problems. So feed your dog regularly to avoid them crying due to hunger.

How to Train Beagle not Cry?

Beagles are smart. But they won’t sacrifice to be alone. This makes it difficult to train beagles alone. Still, They can be trained to not cry by following some tricks and exercise routines.

You can follow some of the training routines mentioned below to help your beagle overcome loneliness and avoid crying.

  • Always have something that carries your smell beside the Beagle. This will give them a sense that you are with them.
  • Have new toys and pets in your house for them to play and explore around.
  • Play around happily when you are hanging around with them.
  • Make it a habit for them to sleep during day time. But oversleeping in daytime may make them stay awake In nights

Your Beagle may start to bark more when they are barking at night. If your Beagle is barking at night or barking unnecessarily, check How To Stop Beagle Bark unnecessarily.

Teaching your Beagle to be Home Alone

It is necessary to teach your Beagle to be home alone. This is because you can’t be at home all the time. When they are alone, they may start to bark and annoy your neighbors.

You can still teach your Beagle to be home alone with training. Puppy Beagles are much easier to train than older ones. When your Beagle starts to cry, leave them alone until they stop crying.

This will get them used to stop crying and stay alone at home. Repeat this till they stop crying completely. Once when they stop crying, treat them with chew and food. This will speed up the learning process.

How long does it take to train your Beagle?

It would take 3 to 4 months to train your Beagle to be alone at home. But this time may vary with individuals. Sometimes, it may even take more than a year if your Beagle is stubborn. But still, it requires a lot of hard work and dedication to train them.

Ignoring when your dog starts to whine is the major thing that you must practice. Once your Beagle learns to be alone at home, they will be braver guarding the house and stop crying unnecessarily.

Final Words for Beagle Owners

When a Beagle cries, it means they aren’t normal and some measures must be taken. So, take action immediately when they start to cry.

This will help clear all the problems related to the physical and mental health of your Beagle and lead a healthy life.

So, that was all about Beagles crying and the measures to overcome their loneliness.

We hope this blog helps you clearing queries on Beagles crying and how to stop your Beagles from crying unnecessarily.

We always welcome your suggestions. Comment us down below the best experience you had with your Beagle after they stopped crying and overcame loneliness.

Feel free to mention things that are to be changed and improved in our blogs and website as we are learners for life!

If you liked this post do share it with your friends and family. Cause sharing is caring.

See ya! Until then, keep cuddling your cute Beagle…Bow wow!

Related Question

Are Beagles Emotional?

Beagles are Social dogs with great Emotional intelligence. They can be a great company to have around. Beagles are also used as Therapeutic and Emotional support dogs by people to overcome trauma and stress.

Why is My Beagle crying at night?

Young Beagles Cry at night because of teething. Teething causes pain for these cute puppies. This makes them cry at night. Older Beagles cry at night because of loneliness and fear. If Beagles are crying at night, keep them beside you while sleeping.

How do I stop my Beagle from Crying?

Teaching your Beagles to be Alone can help them stop Crying. When your Beagle is Crying, leave them alone in a room and close the door. After some time, they will stop whining. Once when they are done crying, enter the room and be normal with your Beagle.

This makes them understand that you won’t entertain your Beagle when they are crying for your attention.

How long is too long to leave my Beagle Alone?

Dogs get bored or low when left alone for more than 8 hours. It is too long to leave your Beagle alone when you are away for more than 10 hour. If you are leaving them too long often, it would cause stress and anxiety.

Play with your Beagle or take them for an exercise session when you feel like you have been separated for too long from the Beagle.

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