why poodles are so expensive to have

Why Are Poodles Expensive to Have? Poodle Costs

Why are Poodles Expensive to own and care for? Let us see about the real cost of having a Poodle pet dog.

Poodles are beautiful dogs to have around.  You would have Seen Poodles carried

around business people and rich celebrities. Poodles are also grown as show dogs by some dog owners. This is because of their rich looks and history.

Why are Poodles Expensive to have?

Poodles Are expensive dogs because of their breeding Quality and history. In the past, Poodles were owned by the royal and rich people. This made Poodles a status symbol among dogs. Purebred Poodles are costlier to buy than mixed Poodles. Along with higher initial buying price, Poodles have more expenses on Food, Grooming, Training, and Health Checkups.

These factors along with the recent increase in Poodle Popularity among the common population increased Poodle price manyfold.

If you are a new buyer and confused about Poodle buying and maintenance price, don’t worry.

In this blog, we have compiled all information possible on their expenses and why Poodles are expensive to own.

So, Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy the Read.

What Makes Poodles so Expensive?

Poodles are not like other ordinary pet dogs. Most Poodles are grown as show dogs by Poodle enthusiasts. This made Poodles a status symbol among the elites. So, Poodles are slightly expensive when compared to other pet dogs.

Pure Bred Poodles are even more expensive compared to mixed Poodle varieties. These Poodles are healthier and attractive than cross-bred Poodle varieties. But, pure breeding is a hard and costlier process.

Breeders must undergo a careful process and select only purebred parents to breed and produce puppies. This requires a series of tests and studies to be done on the parent dog’s breed line.

So, even before breeding, the cost of testing the poodle’s genetics and breed line adds up. Some people may trust and proceed only with the breed line certificate provided by the American Kennel Club or similar.

Poodle owners are also ready to spend a good sum to get the best-looking color and healthier puppy they could. The rice of Poodles varies even by the color and quality of the coat.

So, Poodle breeders are pushed to breed only better quality parents and produce high-quality puppies for their customers.

Previously, dog breeders used to spend only a few hours per month on the poodle breeding process. This is normal among all dog varieties. But in recent times, they are taking more care in the breeding process.

Recently, it is reported that poodle breeders are taking more than 100 hours in the poodle breeding process every month.  

A Rolls Royce is expensive not because of the customers, but the quality and time taken to manufacture. Quality products are always pricier. Similarly, high-quality pure blood line poodles are always pricier than mixed poodle varieties.

If you are confused about finding if the poodle is purebred, check out Purebred Poodle. It covers everything from basics to pure line poodle dogs and their identification.

There are three types of Poodles

  • Standard Poodles.
  • Miniature Poodles.
  • Toy Poodles.

Of these three types, Miniature and toy poodles are on the costliest side and Standard poodles are a little costlier but not as the others. Apart from variety, poodle color, breed and health also plays an important role in the Poodle price.

Poodle Price based on Variety

Standard Poodles: Why are Standard Poodles costlier?

why standard poodles are costlier

Standard Poodles are the original Poodles. The other two varieties of poodles were developed by breeders. So, Standard poodles are the true bloodline poodles. Some of the reasons for the high price of Standard poodles are

Pure line Poodle with good Gene Pool

Pure line bred poodles have a good gene pool. This makes them healthier and more attractive to look at. When the gene pool is not mixed, it makes the dog of higher quality in every aspect.

But this process is time taking and more care must be done when compared to normal breeding. Si, the price of the whole process is higher than normally bred dogs.

The process involves selecting pure line parents, testing them for their gene pool, and mating. After mating, the puppy poodle must be nurtured and taken care of.

It will easily add up to $2500+ dollars to the overall price of the poodle. But it is always worth the price. These dogs will require fewer visits to the veterinarian and they are a visual treat to see.

Expert Breeders ask more for Poodles

If you are buying from an expert poodle breeder, there is nothing to worry much. They will take care of everything from selecting purebred parents to certifying your dogs as purebred poodles. But they will ask more for the quality.

You can also buy second-quality poodles from backyard breeders. They are great but we can’t assure if the poodles are pure. Sometimes they may even mix the breeds with other breeds.

So, choosing an expert poodle breeder is pricier than a local dog breeder.

Poodle Birth Cycle

Poodles will give birth only twice a year. It will be difficult to meet the growing demand for poodles in the market and the supply. This problem is even more with small poodles like the toy poodles.

The increase in demand and shortage in supply may also cause an increase in poodle prices. We have seen the price of poodle puppies increase year by year.

Specific choices of owners

Most Poodle owners are looking out for a great show dog to have around. So, they are really specific about the color, size, and even shape of the poodles.  Getting your desired poodle on a specific color is usually pricier than buying a Labrador.

These are some of the reasons for the costly price of Standard Poodles. But this is just the beginning.  Smaller poodle varieties like the miniature and standard poodles are even higher.

Why Miniature and Toy Poodles are the Costliest

Standard poodles can be bred easily. But the smaller poodles are hard to breed. Miniature and Toy Poodles are called Designer Poodles by dog experts.

They cost more than the standard poodles to breed. Some of the major reasons for Toy Poodle high price tag are

Small poodle Health

small poodle health

Toy Poodles are not purely bred by nature. They were created by the breeders and dog experts as designer show dogs. Their small nature gives them innocent and beautiful looks. But they also suffer from a series of health problems.

From nose to nails, Toy poodles will suffer few problems that standard poodles will never face in their life. Like the nose, Standard poodles have long noses by nature. This helps them breathe easily. Whereas Toy poodles suffer to breathe with their teddy bear nose, Know more about it in our Poodle Noses blog.

So, finding a healthy miniature or toy poodle pair to mate with is more difficult than standard poodles. This is a reason for high prices.

Less number of Puppies

Smaller poodles produce a very small number of puppies. Toy Poodles will give birth to a maximum of 2-3 puppies in one pregnancy. They can produce puppies twice a year.

This highly affects the overall puppies circulated in the market. So the price of toy poodles is the costliest, then comes miniature poodles. Standard poodles produce more puppies than smaller poodles.

Other Cost factors to consider

Apart from the initial buying cost, the other cost needed for growing a dog must also be considered. Common needs like food, grooming, and doctor visits must also be considered.

Poodle Food Routine

High-quality pure line poodles must be fed with good dog foods and treats. This will help them stay healthy and look gorgeous. But these feeds are slightly on the expensive side. At no time, dogs must be fed with leftover human food.

Poodle Grooming

Poodle Grooming

It is obvious, Poodles are show dogs. Most of the expense comes in this department. But unlike other dogs, poodle grooming costs are much higher. Poodles must be groomed once every 4 to 6 weeks.

This is because of their coat nature. Poodles don’t shed hair. They have shed free coats. So, a grooming routine must be done to take care of their curly hair and nails.

These grooming can be done by expert dog groomers. But they usually charge more for poodles and most other show dog varieties. Once if the dog visits the groomer, it comes out like a dashing star with an awesome appearance.

Veterinarian visits

It is necessary to visit the vet once every 3 months. Every dog owner is suggested to do so. This will make the vaccination process easier and help you maintain a healthy doggy.

If your Poodle is of pure breed with a good gene pool, it won’t cause much trouble in the health department. But this is a problem for mixed poodle owners to consider.

Final words for Poodle Lovers

Owning a poodle is slightly costlier than owning other dogs. This price may even increase based on the Poodle variety you have.

These are the reasons for the higher price of Poodles in the market and the things to consider if you are looking forward to going for a poodle.

Any poodle variety will do good but breeding is a matter of concern. Always select pure line bred dogs over mixed varieties. Never buy dogs that were bred by breeders.

Buy Poodles or any other dogs from certified breeders. If you are on a heavy budget, you can go for your trusted backyard breeders. But stay away from puppy mills and mass breeders.

So, that was all about the Expensive dogs – Poodles.

We hope this blog helps you clearing queries on why poodles are expensive to own and grow.

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