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What To Do When Fish Tank Heater Is Blown Up…?


If you are having an aquarium, then sure you would have a water heater along with other necessary equipment for a fish tank. Fish tank heaters are highly important for the survival of fishes inside the tank. Any fault in heaters will adversely affect the fishes. But if you have a blown-up heater, then what to do when the fish tank heater is blown up? When the fish tank heater is blown up, it must be removed from the power supply first. Then remove all the Broken Glass pieces inside the tank. It will highly affect the fish. Along with it, remove black residue displaced from the broken heater. If not done properly, it may even be fatal for the fishes. With all these said, let us get to know why we use a fish tank heater. So, Sit Back, Relax, and enjoy the read.

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Why we use a fish tank heater?

Fishes are cold-blooded species. Unlike mammals, they can’t control their own body temperature. So, to keep the surrounding temperature stable, fish tank heaters are kept inside the tanks. Most of the tropical fishes love to be around the temperature of 74-82F (23-28C). If you are living in a tropical area, the tank temperature will be around room temperature. But if you are living in temperate or colder regions, a heater is a must to have. It will regulate the temperature inside the tank 24/7. So, you need not worry about water temperature maintenance. Buying a heater is not simple. There are some things to be considered before buying a fish tank water heater. If an improper heater is used, it won’t be efficient enough to heat the tank completely. The points to consider are as follows. Things to consider before buying a fish tank heater The most important thing to know before starting is the dimensions of your tank. You can easily calculate it using formulas or even online calculators. Get to know what the dimensions of your fish tank are. Once done with measurements, you can consider these factors

Type of Fish grown inside the tank

Fishes are of different varieties. Some fishes love to be in a cooler and darker atmosphere. Some fishes love to be in a tropical setup.

Fishes loving warm temperature

  • Bettas
  • Angel Fish
  • Guppies
  • Tetras.

Fishes that can tolerate a wide range of temperature

  • Swordtails
  • Barbs
  • Koi
  • Goldfish, etc.

Get to know what type of fish you grow and get the heater accordingly. 

Tank placement in a room

The position of the tank inside a room plays a major role in selecting the heater. If the room is bigger, then it would easily let the tank cool down. If the room is smaller, then the heat dissipated outside will be lesser. So, buy more efficient heaters for wider rooms and smaller heaters for small rooms. If the tank is placed near a window, with ample sunlight available, the Sunlight will heat up the tank a few more degrees Celsius. If the tank is placed in cooler and darker places, consider adding a high efficient heater and Fish Tank Light.

Tank Size

If the tank is bigger, it obviously will require more efficient heaters. So try adding up 2 heaters on either side of bigger tanks to improve the heating efficiency. Smaller tanks would easily be handled with a good single fish tank heater.

Heater Tube length

The heater tube length must match the length of the tank to have more efficient heating. The heater tube must also go to the deepest part of the tank to have an even cooling around the tank. With all these points noted, let us see why the fish tank heaters blow out

Why the fish tank heaters blow out

Fish tank heaters are electronic machines. They work with electricity. So the main reason for the fish tank heater blowing up is Higher voltage and Faulty power supply. Sometimes, it may also happen when the power cables are loose. When there is a fluctuation in power, the heater coils rise up to a much higher temperature. When the temperature becomes too hot, it may blow up inside the tank. Usually, when the fish tank heater blows up, It will at times cause the glass panels to shatter and break into smaller pieces. It will release a black residue-like substance throughout the tank water. Don’t worry. Just follow the steps mentioned below when your fish tank heater blows up.

What to Do When Fish Tank Heaters Blow?

Usually, a blown-up heater will cause the glass panels to shatter. This would happen if the glass or acrylic panel is weaker. It would be more often when the tank is older. The main thing to do when your heater blows up is to save your fish. Take those little tank mates to another vessel and quarantine them. Later, empty the tank water and remove all gravel, plants, and decorations. Later, clear off the black residue-like spots floating in the water. The residues are burnt plastic remains of the motor’s body. This would turn highly toxic for the fishes living inside when kept unresolved from the tank. Then, we must remove all the broken glass particles. They will be very fine, so work with a pair of gloves. You can use a fine cloth or tissue to collect all the residue particles. Now, if the tank is in perfect condition, you can use it as such. If the tank has developed some cracks or hairline clefts, it must be treated. You can learn about treating clefts from our Treating Hairline Cracks Blog post. Once done with cleaning, go for a complete wash of the tank both inside and outside. This will reduce your further maintenance schedule stress. Now, go for a better heater with good quality and fix it inside your tank. Transfer the gravel, plant decorations, and the inmates inside the tank. All these said, how to select a heater that is better, reliable and long lasting.

How to Select Better Fish Tank Heaters?

The problem most Beginner fish keepers do is going for products that are cheaper in cost. This will cost you a lot just like this blown-up heater. Quality products and equipment must always be the first choice. You can even save some money and buy a quality heater rather than going for a cheap but poor-quality fish tank water heater.

The things to be know before fish tank heater

  • Quality products over quantity.
  • Heater with good heating capacity.
  • The heater must have a quality copper coil winding.
  • Tank heaters must have ‘A’ grade quality wiring.
  • The heater must have a Thermostat control.
  • And finally, select the Perfect heater depending on the size of your aquarium.

Keep all these things in your mind before investing in your new heater. Always remember, Quality comes first. This not only applies to aquarium products, but everyday products that we choose to buy.

Final Words for the Fish Keepers

Once adding your new heater, check for the power sockets and power connections. If there are any fluctuations in the power supply, do check it. This will not only cause damage to the heater but every electronic item that uses electricity. We hope this article has helped you clear all your queries on blown-up fish tank heaters… Comment below and tell us which was your problem and how you cleared it… If you liked this post do share it with your friends and family. Cause sharing is caring. See ya! Until then, keep growing your aquarium!

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