What do snails Eat

What Do Snails Eat? A Complete Guide For Beginners


People who own Snails as their pets are rare these days. If you are concerned about feeding your pet snail, you must learn What Do Snails eat. Nature has many types of snails ranging from Garden pond snails to aquarium snails. Just like humans, they too have their choice of feeding based on their types. Mainly, these snails tend to feed on food that is available raw out naturally. Let’s get to know what snails eat out in the wild and what to feed your cute tiny pet snails.

Snails feeding habit in wild

Snails, along with Slugs, belong to Phylum Moluccas. Both are Gastropods in nature. They possess a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Snails have a hard outer shell for protection and feet for locomotion. They feed using Radula – Tongue-like organs. When kept under a microscope, Radula has thousands of teeth-like structures which help them feed on plants and prey materials. There are a variety of snails that use Radula in different methods to feed various food varieties. After rainfall, you could see garden snails feeding upon plants and leaves. Garden snails love moisture and moisture food. Garden Snails can also be spotted feeding on nights. They are mostly Vegan and grown-up as pets by farmers in fields and gardens. Garden Snails feed on fruits, vegetables, and thick green leaves. They also love Tree Barks and flowers. Snails also feed on dead and decaying parts of plants and animals. So, they are considered to be one of the best Decomposers in nature’s life cycle. Snails are both aquatic and land-living species. Many marine snails also love to be vegan. Their diet is mainly the submerged plants in ponds, lakes, and other water bodies. In oceans, they feed on the algae that get deposited on rocks with the help of their Radula. Snails can quickly provide on those algae deposits. Some snails can also be carnivores, feeding on insects, worms, and other small crustaceans. Some carnivorous snails feed on other fellow snails too.

What Does Sea Snail Feed

seawater snail
These snails are marine habitats, primarily found in seas and oceans. But, they can quickly adapt to the tap water or freshwater conditions in the aquarium. They can be of Herbivores, omnivores and carnivores. Murex-Snails are animal-eating snails. So, sea snails have a wide variety of food to be fed. Organics plants, animals, dead fishes, algae, decaying plant parts, and small animals can be great Sea Snail’s foods. Carnivorous snails feed on Live Clams, Brine Shrimps, and feeder snails. Crushed shells and calcium supplements can also be given.

What Freshwater Snails Feed

Mostly the common aquarium snails are freshwater snails. Apple Snail, Mystery Snail, and Nerites are examples of freshwater snails. Freshwater snails feed on the Algae, Detritus, Bacteria, and other sediments on top of rocks and reefs. Many help by feeding on crop pests, plants, and greenery submerged underwater. Some Snails filter feed by using their mucus, filtering food particles from water flow streams. Adding it to your aquarium can be great, as it will clean decaying particles and algae growing in the tank. So, this is beneficial for both snail and tank keepers. Make sure they are fed primarily dead and dying ones. This is their favorite meal compared to fresh live plants. Assassin snails are hunters, so feed them with living small shrimps and blood worms. Based on the type of food that you offer, the feeding time differs. Vegan snails mostly love to eat often. So, a continuous supply of fresh leaves and vegetables can help them grow healthier. Carnivorous snails are more hungry and love to eat twice a day. Along with blood worms, carnivorous snails also feed on feeder snails and brine shrimps.

What pond snails eat

Unlike freshwater snails, pond snails feed on algae plants and suspended particles floating in the water. Pond snails may also like  

  • Bladderworts
  • Duckweeds
  • Lettuce
  • Anacharis

Pond snails love algae colonies grown by Anacharis to feed. Carnivorous pond snails love to eat insects, larva, worms, and even their fellow snails. Pond snails are usually vegetarian and love to eat wild vegetation rather than garden-grown vegetables. When pond snails are grown in a nearby pond, it is not necessary to feed them. You can also consider growing vegetables grown alongside the ponds in which you develop your pet snails. But it must always be considered that cooked vegetables and green garden vegetables are only supplements. Still, natural vegetation is the primary source of food for your pet pond snails. Other than vegetation, the day can also be filled with the dead and decaying parts of plants and other snails. If you’re more concerned about the pest that wanders around the gardens and pond, it would be better to grow carnivorous snails as they prey on live pond pests. Pond snails become hungrier when the temperature rises. So during summers and high-temperature days, they can feed algal pellets and garden-cooked food. Therefore, at a lower temperature, there is more to go under dormancy, so feeding time and frequency can be reduced. You can also grow vegetables that are garden-grown alongside the ponds in which you develop your pet snails.

What do baby snails feed on

What baby snails eat
Done with adult snails, we can move on to how to feed the baby snails. Baby snails are susceptible, especially when they are newborns. Just like the others they eat or whatever that grows up and whatever the decayed. The difference is only with the amount of food that they eat. Baby snails usually try to feed twice a day, especially during their growth period.

Do snails feed on other snails?

Vegetarian snails do not eat other snails. Some carnivorous nails like Rosy wolf snails feed on their fellow mates.


This was our complete guide for how to feed your pet snail. Let us summarize what we had learned from this blog post. Most saltwater snails feed mainly on plants, organic matter, other animals, and even the dead and decaying substances. Freshwater snails feed on dead plants and dead animal substances. Pond water snails feed a variety of natural vegetation and don’t prefer garden vegetation much. Pond water snails can also feed on the pest that grows on the pond. Just like other adults baby snails should be fed, nice but twice a day. Introducing snails to your tank can also be a great addition as they make a good tank clean-up team. You don’t have to feed the snail all by yourself. Make sure you keep the tank stocked with the best food for the snail. It will feed all by itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do snails need to survive?

Like other animals, snails need proper food, suitable temperature, Oxygen, and they love humidity.

How often do snails eat?

Snail feeding is more of a trial and error process. You can start up with feeding the snails twice a day then moving on once a day.

What is a Snail’s Favorite Food?

Snails love to eat plant materials, organic materials, and other dead decaying substances.

What are the different types of food snails eat?

Land snails love to eat more vegetables. Freshwater snails feed on dead and decaying substances. Seawater snails feed on plants, animals, and even other snails.

Do Snails eat their babies?

Snails usually eat the hatched eggshells of their babies. If they become hungrier, parent snails feed on unhatched eggs.

What does Apple Snail Eat?

Apple snails have an excellent appetite, and they love to eat aquatic plants. Mostly on plants like rice and taro, which require high water content for their growth. 
Also, feed on dead matter, algae, and other microorganisms. Apple snails are natives of South America, but they are also found in the United States and Asian countries.

What do mystery snails eat?

Mystery snails usually feed on the surface algae. So they are great tank cleaners, just like Nerite snails. They can be good tank cleaners, too, as they feed upon only the algae and not damage the aquarium plants.

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