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What Animals Kill and Eat Horses? 14 Horse Predators with Pictures

Horses are harmless beings as they do not attach or hurt other animals. But there are other predators that prey on horses for food. But what are the predators that prey on horses?

Let us see about the horse predators and how to protect horses from them in detail.

What Animals Kill and Eat Horses?

Horses are great at protecting themselves from predators as they are in a higher part of the food chain. Still, they are preyed on by some animals for food. Some of the animals that are a serious threat to horses are

These animals are known for hunting and eating horses. Some of them are very ferocious and some are less dangerous.

We have classified them into one of these two categories and compiled them as a complete guide.

So, sit back, Relax and Enjoy the Read on these predators and how to protect your horses.

Ferocious Horse Predators

There are few dangerous and ferocious predators that feed on horses for food. Horse owners must keep an eye on these animals to protect their horses. The dangerous predators are

Horse Eating Lions


No doubt the King of forest tops this list. Lions are one of the best hunters in the wild. They can kill and have any animal in the wild alone or in groups.

But Lions are majorly found in the African and Asian belts. Savannah Lions are majestic and not found in the North American subcontinent regions like The United States of America and Canada.

If you are a horse owner staying in this region, there is nothing to worry about. But if you are in the African and Asian parts, make sure you and your horses are away from these majestic hunters.

Mountain Lions and Cougars

mountain lions and cougars

Unlike The Savannah Lions, Mountain lions are common in North America. They are smaller than Asian Lions but still are great hunters.

These animals are capable of running at greater speed and can kill a horse. They are one of the natural animals that like to feed on horses.

Domestic horses living in stables are less likely to be attacked by a mountain lion. But if you are staying near the mountain region, make sure your horses are safe from these strong predators.

Bobcats Preying on Horses


They are smaller than mountain lions and will not hunt horses. But if you are having an older or smaller horse, make sure to protect them at most care.

It is even better to keep the older horse in a much safer place separated from the young ones with more care.

Grizzly Bears

grizzly bears

These are some of the most notorious animals in America. They grow more than 275 KG and are capable of taking down a fully grown horse.

But horses will flee away from the slow bears with its swift sprint. If your area is visited by Grizzly bears, make sure the horses stay in a safer sable with electric fencing.

Horse Eating Black Bears

black bears

Black bears will hunt smaller animals. They will not dare to hunt on larger and full-grown horses. But they may hunt on baby horses.

Make sure to protect the horse If the horse is smaller or too young to be alone.

Horse Hunting Wolves


Wolves will usually not hunt horses. But if a very hungry wolf pack encounters a horse, it may never think twice before taking down the horse.

The horse is capable of defending itself from the wolves. But as said before, prevention is better than cure.

Huskies also come under

Alligators Feeding on Horses


Crocodiles and Alligators are great water hunters in the wild. They are capable of hunting a whole zebra on land by themselves and have very strong hunting senses and skills.

They are the major threat for all prey animals in Florida and other water-driven places. If you are someone living in the state of Florida, make sure the horses are away from shallow water bodies.

Horse Hunting Sharks


Sharks are the king of oceans. They can hunt anything in the sea. Sharks are found in almost all oceans and freshwater reserves.

This can be a problem if you are taking your horse deep see. Also, it is not advised to take horses in the Deep Ocean for swimming as it is very difficult to control a swimming horse.

Other Horse Preying Animals

There are few other animals that hunt on horses for food. They may not be regular and ferocious like the previous hunters. But still, they may cause harm to your horses.

Some of the other animals to keep an eye on are

Ferocious Dogs

wild dogs

Dogs will not usually hurt bigger animals like horses. But it may happen. There are certain conditions in which aggressive dogs are known for attacking bigger animals. Aggressive dogs are even known for hurting humans.

These dogs may not be capable enough to kill a horse but they can cause bigger damage to the horse. This will affect the overall horse’s health in the long run.

So it is always better to keep your horse away from aggressive dog breeds. Make sure the dogs are also vaccinated and maintained properly. This will help them stay calm.



They are hunter animals smaller than wolves. Badgers are not capable of hunting a horse on their own.

But they can still bite the horse’s legs and hurt. This may cause problems in the horse limbs.

Badgers are also known for their disease-carrying nature. These animals can easily spread diseases like Rabies.

So make sure your horse stable is Badger-free to keep your stable a better place for the horses.



Boars are not capable of hunting horses. But they can hurt horses deeply. They may cause serious trouble for the horses by hurting them harshly.

Boars are also known for hurting humans now and then. If you spot a boar, it is better for you and your horse to stay away.



Bees are never hunter animals. But they sting a lot. A bee sting can cause inflammation and severe pain.

If a huge number of bee stings happen, it may even lead to serious health conditions. It is better for you and your horse to stay away from these beehives and mind your own business.  

Hunter Foxes


Foxes are timid animals. They won’t hurt bigger animals like horses and feed on them for food.

If you find fox around the stable, it may be due to the smaller animals like #rabbits that are prey for foxes.

But horses may get frightened seeing foxes. Make sure the foxes are out of the fence to keep your horses calm and peaceful.



Coyotes are small hunting animals. They hunt in packs and kill bigger animals for food. These animals are smaller and weaker than wolves.

There is less probability of a Coyote pack killing a fully grown horse. This is because of their smaller size and less power than other hunting animals.

But they can still kill smaller, injured or weaker horses. So it is better to keep the older horses in a safer place, away from these small hunter animals.

How to protect horses from Predators?

Horses naturally protect themselves from other animals. They are great sprinters. In case of danger, Horses will sprint and flee from bigger predatory animals.

Apart from sprinting, Horses are good biters. They have larger and stronger teeth to bite the smaller predators.

If smaller predators like wolves, foxes and coyotes attack horses, they will bite with sheer strength. A horse bite is 25 percent stronger than wolves.

Horses also have strong legs. A kick from the rear leg is capable of almost killing other small predators. It is always better for the owner to stay away from the rear legs of the stallion.

These are the natural defence measures the horse has to protect from predators. Apart from these, you can keep the horse in a larger stable with electric fencing.

Make sure the stable is in an open area away from forests. This will ensure the wild hunters are away from your beloved horses.

What to do if the Horse is attacked?

If your horse is attacked, you can perform the following procedures

  • Call for the Vet immediately.
  • Check for bleeding or scratches on the horse’s body.
  • Cleanse the wound using warm water and antiseptic.
  • If bleeding is more, use a bandage and apply pressure to control blood loss.
  • Cover the horse with a warm blanket if it is shivering in chill or pain.
  • The Vet will provide necessary anti-sceptics and Anti – Inflammatory medicines for your horse.

Final Words on Animals that attack Horses

Summing up, Horses can be hunted by some animals like Mountain lions, bears, wolves, foxes, alligators, and other prey animals. But they have some defense measures like a swift sprint, strong legs to kick, and bigger teeth to bite.

They are naturally capable of protecting themselves from danger. But still it is always better for the horse owner to protect the horse from danger.

Make sure to put the horse in a safer stable and secure the premise with electric fencing for added security from predators and other intruders.

So, that was all about the horses and the major horse predators.

We hope this blog helps you by clearing queries on the animals preying on horses and how to protect them from these predators. 

We always welcome your suggestions. Comment below your experiences with your beloved horses.

Feel free to mention things that are to be changed and improved in our blogs and website. We are learners for life!

If you liked this post do share it with your friends and family. Cause sharing is caring.

See ya! Until then keep riding your majestic horses.

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