Top 10 fresh water fishes

Top 10 Fresh Water Fishes for Beginners

Starting as a Fish Keeper

It is always the first step that feels difficult, starting with everything new. If you are interested in Freshwater Fishes and wonder what the easy and beginner-friendly fishes are, this top 10 fresh water fishes for beginners blog will help you. Fish-keeping is deep as the Mariana trench and tones to learn every day. There are thousands of freshwater fishes growing in an aquarium. Many are of high maintenance; many are easy to get started with your fish-keeping journey. Fishes require some time to be taken care of. But how much time is needed for the elephant in the room to be addressed? It was brutal for us, too, as Beginner Fish keepers. When we started without much knowledge, we witnessed many cute inmates die in front of our eyes. Later, we studied different types of Fish that required different kinds of care to be taken. With all our experience, we have created this blog. It will help you find some beautiful and easy-to-maintain tank mates to grow alongside in beginner stages. So, sit back, relax and enjoy reading.

Why are some beginners friendly?

Just like few newborn babies require intensive care after birth, fishes too have varieties that differ in the way they grow, the size they grow, and the care needed to grow them. The tolerance level differs by various factors like 

  • Stress
  • Water purity
  • Water hardness, and others.

 Different fish varieties have different tolerance levels. This is called hardiness by professionals and die-hard fish keepers. Beginner-friendly fishes are called ‘hardier’ compared to other care intense fishes. Hardier fishes can survive harsh conditions and tolerate more stress even when not taken care of frequently. So, beginners should go with harder fishes. They, too, require care to be taken, but not as intensive as the other inmates. Not all the Hardy Fish are ‘Care-free’ Other Hardy fishes require more care, which is not suitable for absolute beginners. Few hardy fishes are completely beginner-friendly. There are few norms to pick up a Beginner Hardy fish. They are 

  • The Fish must grow a maximum of 3-4 inches. This will reduce the tank size needed to a maximum of 10-15 gallons.
  • Fish must not pollute the water frequently.
  • Fish should go along easily with other tank mates, creating a community. 

Along with these crucial points, it must also be a pleasure for the viewer’s eyes, and that is why we grow them, right? With all these in mind, We have selected a few fishes. They are of random order and not ranked.

Top 10 Freshwater Fish for Beginner’s Aquarium

These fishes can be a great addition, and every cute one makes me smile. 

Common Goldfish

Gold-Fish is the most popular Hardy Fish among beginners and even experienced fish keepers and experts. It is a legendary fish because of its popularity among fishes. We Call it The Godfather of fish varieties. People usually tell beginners to keep off from GoldFish. It is because they grow bigger. A typical Goldfish grows up to 15 inches. It may require a tank of up to 30 Gallons. It is usually easy to take care of a Goldfish. They grow huge, and once they become huge, people tend to leave and grow them in nearby ponds and other water reservoirs. Gold Fishes can live for many years, and there are records of GoldFish living up to 45 years. You can check out our Oldest Living fishes ever recorded blog to know about the exciting life story of Goldie the GoldFish.

Rasbora Fish

Rasbora Fishes are cute little Nano fishes that grow only up to 2 inches of maximum size. They are very easy to maintain and also need less tank space. There are many varieties of Rasboras, and our pick would be of 

  • Lamb Chop Rasbora
  • Chili Rasbora
  • Scissor Tail Rasbora
  • Harlequin Rasbora

 Rasboras are shy fishes and prefer to be always in a group of other rasboras. So, it is always better to buy Rasbora in a school of 6-12. They are like fire sticks when moving across the aquarium. This is because of their bright red color followed by black stripes running along their body. You can learn more about Rasbora care in our Chili Rasbora Guide.


Tetra fishes are also Nano fishes and live as a group in tanks. They are also very popular among fish enthusiasts. They are like to be grown in schools of 7 or more fishes. Moving in groups makes them feel safe in the wild. Hence they want to move in groups inside the aquarium Some of the beautiful Tetra varieties are 

  • Neon Tetra
  • Congo Tetra
  • Cardinal Tetra
  • Black Neon Tetra
  • Black Skirt Tetra

Betta Splenden Fish

Betta Fish are fan favorites in fish-keeping culture. Having a cult following its own and aggressive nature, Bettas are fondly called The Fighter Fish. They are very easy to take care of. Many are growing Bettas in bowls called betta bowls. However, We don’t recommend growing any fish in a bowl. Bettas can be grown in small 5 gallons tanks, but alone. They Usually fight with other fishes, and male Bettas fight till they die. It is better not to bring any company to your Hardy betta Fish. Other than this, feeding is effortless and enjoyable with Betta Cultivation. Betta Splendens is both hardy and attractive. It is also called The Siamese Fighting Fish. Bettas have vibrant fins and majestic colors that are a delight to watch every time. You can learn more about Betta and Betta Care in our Koi Betta Guide. Those were some of the famous Freshwater Fishes for Beginners. Now let us get into some species-specific varieties.

Zebra Danios – The Zebrafish

Like the name described, Zebra Danio is an excellent Hardy Fish found with horizontal stripes across the streamlined body. There are different levels in the aquarium-like upper level, mid-level, and lower-levels of the aquarium. Hardy Zebra fishes love to be at the upper levels of the aquarium. They also love to be only around room temperature (70 ° F or 21° C). So, you can avoid using heaters inside your aquariums. They are athletic, energetic, and always a treat to watch for the viewer’s eyes. Zebra Diano loves to live in a school of 6 or more.

White Cloud Minnows

Very beginner-friendly and considered one of the hardiest freshwater Fish by our fish keepers community. They can tolerate different water temperatures, hardness, and quality. This makes White Cloud Minnow a favorite and recommendable for beginner fish keepers in their aquarium collection. They can live in cold water, can eat any food, and tolerate some stress. But these qualities can’t be seen in many other fish varieties and even in other hardier fishes. White cloud minnow fish likes to grow in a school of 6 or more other fellow white cloud fishes.

Kribensis Cichlid

Kribensis Cichlids are dwarfs of the Cichlid variety. They can tolerate a wide range of temperatures and can live in different water conditions. They are more concerned with territorial domination. So, it would be better to leave Kribensis Cichlids alone like Bettas. They can feed on a wide variety of food; it is easy when it comes to providing Kribensis Cichlid.

Sword Tail Fish

This hardy Fish is a Macho guy in the fish world and a rogue when it comes to maintenance. So, you don’t have to care much about his tank and tank water. Sword-like tails are their feature and hence came the name Sword-Tail Fish. But we still don’t know if it would cut off your veggies. Just like humans, male Swordtails are aggressive and dominant over other fellow fishes. They would patrol in a group of 5 or 6 Swordtails.

Platy Fish

Platies are easy to grow hardy Fish that come in a variety of different colors to pick. Unlike Sword-Tails, Platies are more calm-loving fishes and go quickly along with fellow non-aggressive fishes and inmates. Platy Fish live in communities and can withstand a profound change in water conditions. Platies plate on Dry-Frozen food and tank-grown algae.

Bristle Nose Pleco

It is a Hardy Fish that can quickly adapt to broad water conditions. Bristlenose plecos are commonly called Bushy Nose Pleco. These fishes work as free-of-cost tank maintenance crew by cleaning leftovers and decaying substances at the tank bottom. Bristlenose pleco loves hiding places, so add on plants and hide and seek decorations for them to play around with. There are varieties of Bristlenose Pleco like 

  • Long Fin Pleco
  • Albino Pleco
  • Longfin-Albino Pleco

Last note for our Beginner Fish Keepers

Everything is a trial and error process, fish keeping too. By trying out some of our favorite Beginner Freshwater Fish, you can find the Nemo or Dory of your life. They will surely be a treat to watch, especially when these cute little ones grow along with you. This is the part that is the most rewarding in fish keeping, and we love it the most. Make sure to cycle your aquarium before adding those innocent fishes inside your tanks. So, that was our top pick for the beginner’s freshwater Fish. Comment below and tell us which was your favorite Fish and why.If you liked this post, do share it with your friends and family. Cause sharing is caring. See ya! Until then, keep growing your aquarium!

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