Silver Beige Standard Poodles

Silver Beige Standard Poodles – Complete Guide

Standard poodles are one of the best dogs of all poodle types. Purebred standard poodles come in various shapes and colors.

Silver Beige standard poodles are also a type. But are silver beige standard poodles rare?

Let us see about the standard poodles and silver beige standard poodles in detail

Are Silver Beige Standard Poodles Rare?

Yes! Silver Beige standard poodles are rare dogs. Among all the different poodle colors, the silver beige poodles are less in number when compared to the cream, brown, white, and black colored poodles.

These dogs may be of different colors in the beginning and as time passes, silver beige standard poodles will get their true color.

For beginner poodle owners, It may be difficult to spot a silver beige standard poodle puppy for buying. But don’t worry.

In this blog, we have compiled all the information on standard poodles, silver beige standard poodles, and how to spot one as a puppy.

So, Sit back, Relax and Enjoy the Read.

What Is a Silver Beige Standard Poodle?

A Silver Beige Standard poodle is a type of standard poodle where the poodle has a peculiar silverfish beige mix color over its coat.

These poodles will be born with a dilute shade of brown colored coat as puppies.

Silver beige is not exactly a color, but a shade or tone of silver. These puppies will usually be born with shades of brown over their legs and nose.

As they grow, the shade lightens up and the dog gets a silverish-brown shade on their coat. However, the coat is exactly like any other poodle coat with thick and curly hair.

If both the parent dogs are black parties, then there are higher chances for the poodle to be a silver beige standard poodle.

What Colour Is Silver Beige in Poodles?

As we mentioned above, the silver beige is actually not a poodle color. It is a shade of silver seen in poodles.

These dogs may not be born with the silver beige shade but the brown color in their puppy stage.

As they grow older, the color will start to fade and the dogs will get their peculiar silver beige color.

Standard poodles have longer noses. They will be black-colored due to the melanin pigment.

But Silver Beige Poodles will not have black noses like other poodles. Except, it will be slightly brown-shaded.

Some of the other major color types in poodles are

  • White.
  • Cream.
  • Brown.
  • Black.
  • Beige.

Apart from different sizes, Poodles also come in different shapes and sizes. Check Types of poodles for more.

At What Age Does the Silver Beige Standard Poodle Change Colour?

Silver Beige standard poodles are born brown in color. They will start to change color after the 4th week. The silver shade in these poodles starts to appear deeper as they reach the 6th to 8th week.

After one year, the whole coat may turn silver beige completely. But the time may vary from one dog to another.

Some Silver beige reaches full-color potential within 7 months after birth whereas few take more than a year.

At What Age Is a Silver Standard Poodle Full Grown?

A Silver standard poodle will show rapid growth by the 6th month and by the end of one year, a standard poodle will be fully grown.

This is the Best Age to Breed a New Poodle with a possible partner.

But care must be taken even when they turn into adult dogs. Poodles left alone for a longer period of time may feel bad and even suffer separation anxiety.

So it is always better to keep poodles in company.  Poodles as pairs can be a great idea.

How Can I Tell if My Poodle Puppy Is Silver?

Poodle owners can tell their puppies are silver if they are born black and clear. These poodles start to change color as they grow older.

By the 6th week, black poodle puppies will start to fade and get the silver shade.

By the end of one year, a silver shade poodle will get its whole coat covered in grey shade. But this color is pure silver and not any other mix like the Silver Beige Poodles.

To avoid confusion, it is always better for poodle owners to ask for certification from their breeders. These certificates will have all necessary details on dog breed, color, and bread line.

Final Words on Silver Beige Standard Poodle

Summing up, Silver Beige is not actually color but a shade of silver in standard poodles. These dogs will be born in a brownish shade in the beginning. 

As time passes, they will start to shift towards the spectacular rare silver beige shade.

The color change will start on the 4th week or later. Full-color change will be seen by the dog’s first birthday. These dogs are seen more as the result of black parti poodle mating.

If you are interested in getting a silver beige standard poodle, ask for the certified breeder. Make sure not to forget the AKC certification for your standard poodle.

So, that was all about Silver beige standard poodles.

We hope this blog helped you clear queries on what silver standard poodles are and when they start to change color.

We always welcome your suggestions. Comment us down below the best experience you had with your poodle after they changed their coat color.

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