Should a cockapoo tail be docked

Should Cockapoo Tails be Docked? Cockapoo Tails Docking

Cockapoo dogs are great pets. They look fantastic with their hair and tail. But Cockapoo dogs have longer tails than many dogs. Should Cockapoo tails be docked? Let’s see.

Should Cockapoo tails be docked?

It depends! Cockapoos have longer tails than many dogs. It will cause many problems when the length exceeds the normal tail length. Some Cockapoo owners prefer docking their dog tail. Docking may also cause some problems in the dog if not done properly. But it is not necessary to dock a Cockapoo tail every time.

Can Cockapoos have docked tails?

Cockapoos can have docked tails. Docking Cockapoo will make the grooming and maintenance processes easier. Docking the dog’s tail within 5 days of birth can prevent injury. Docking is not mandatory in Cockapoo dogs. The AKC and RSPCA recommend docking only if medically necessary.

Docking is a simple process. But most new dog owners don’t have complete knowledge of dog tail docking. Don’t worry if you are also confused about tail docking.

In this blog, we have added all information on dog tail docking and docking in Cockapoo.

So, Sit Back, Relax and enjoy the read.

What is Dog Tail Docking?

The process of removing a dog’s tail surgically within the first few days of birth is called Dog-tail docking. Docking is performed by dog owners to reduce the tail length of their dogs. It will reduce the maintenance burden in the long run.

Some docked dogs will have a very small tail, shorter in length. Docking is practiced in dog varieties like Poodles, Boxers, Cockapoos, and a few other varieties.

Why Do Dog Owners Dock Dog Tails?

Docking is done for a longer time since dog domestication.

Dog tails were docked to reduce chance of disease and injury throughout history. Some dog owners considered docking as a mandatory process.

They considered docking will help these dogs stay away from diseases like rabies and other Dog infections.

Hunter dog owners docked their dog tails to prevent tail injury while hunting and preying.

People from the past considered docking would help the dog have a stronger back and run fast. They also considered docked dogs were less prone to injury while intense hunting.

But docking is done for different purposes in recent times. Most of the recent dog owners dock their dog tails for appearance and easy maintenance.

Docking will make the maintenance process easier in show dogs like Poodles. Check Poodle tail docking for more.

Why do they cuff off Cockapoo tail?

Why do dog owners cut off cockapoo tail

Modern Cockapoo owners dock their tails to make them look royal and elegant. Cutting off Cockapoo tail short will keep it clean, neat and

Cockapoo are a mix of Poodle and Cocker dogs. They have curly hair and long tails like their parents. This made them hard to maintain. Check Curly-haired Poodle for more.

Past Poodle and Cockapoo owners docked their dogs for hunting purposes. But now they are docked for beauty and easy maintenance.

Poodles and Cockapoos have longer tails naturally. It is hard to protect and maintain.

So, Cockapoo and poodle owners dock their dog tails shorter to keep them short, sharp, and clean.

But docking must be done carefully under expert supervision. It must be performed within a certain time period after the puppy’s birth.

Should you dock Cockapoo tail?

Cockapoos are not recognized by the American Kennel Club. So, they are recognized by the American Cockapoo Club as a standard dog.

According to the ACC, it is okay to dock the Cockapoo tail or leave it intact. It will always fall under the breed standards of 4 inches long tail.

Most Cockapoo breeders will dock the puppy within the first few days of birth. If you are buying from a breeder, there is nothing to worry about docking your Cockapoo dog.

Is it Cruel to Dock a dog tail?

It is not cruel to dock a dog tail. Docking is done mainly for appearance and maintenance. It is done within the first week after a dog’s birth.  But it is not naturally necessary to dock most of the dogs.

Some of the problems in docking dog tails are

  • Docking may cause short-term or long-term effects on your dog’s health.
  • Docking is a painful process. It will cause hard pain when done without anesthesia.

The AKC and a few other dog associations suggest dog owners perform docking only if it is absolutely necessary.

Some of the dogs that get their tails docked are

  • Cocker Spaniel.
  • Poodles.
  • Boxers.
  • Rottweiler.

At What Age can Cockapoo gets Tail Docked?

Cockapoos must be docked within the first few days after birth. Most dogs will get their tail docked within the first week. It is better to dock the tail within the first five days of birth.

Docking at an early age will make the process simple and risk-free. The nervous system will be less developed during this time.

When the dog starts to grow, the nerves also will start to grow through the tail part. Docking during this time may cause severe bleeding and permanent nervous system damage.

Know more about Docking Procedure…

Can We Dock the Older Cockapoo Tail?

Can we dock aged cockapoo

No! Docking older Cockapoo dogs will cause risk to the dog’s health. It may even lead to fatality of the dog.

Docking at a very young age is easier and risk-free. The dogs can heal easily and avoid excessive blood loss during the docking process.

If you are buying a Cockapoo puppy from a Backyard Breeder, they will dock the dog tail for you.

Cockapoos with an undocked tail can be docked by their owners if they are a week old or younger.

Now let us see the different ways to dock a dog’s tail.

How to dock a Cockapoo dog’s tail?

Docking will be done by professionals with great care and precautions. Veterinarians may or may not use local anesthesia for docking the dog tail.

Docking is usually done by two methods. They are

  • Tail Banding.
  • Tail Removal/ Cutting.

Tail Banding

This process involves using a rubber band or string to tie the dog tail strongly. This will stop the blood supply to the tail. After a few minutes, they will fall by themselves after 3 or 4 days.

Dog Breeders and some vets use this method as they think it is less painful than the later process.

But this method may cause pain and discomfort for the puppy.

Tail Cutting / Removal

This is preferred by most professional veterinarians. It involves clamping one end of the tail and cutting off the portion with scissors or scalpel.

The vet may or may not administer anesthesia for the puppy. The tail is then sealed and covered carefully after the procedure.

Both these methods are popular among dog tail Dockers. It is up to the dog owner to choose between the two.

Correct length to dock dog tail

Docking must be done professionally with certain standards set by their respective dog club.

According to the American Kennel Club and American Cockapoo Club, dogs must have their tail lengths cut up to 1/3rd to 2/3rd of their body length. This table varies from breed to breed.

The following table gives a complete list of different dog breeds and their docking

Pros and cons of docking a dog’s tail

Everything comes with its good and bad. The same applies to docking a Cockapoo tail. It is our responsibility to know both. The pros and cons of docking a Cockapoo tail are as follows.

Pros of Cockapoo docking

  • Less injury: Dogs with docked tails will have less tail injuries when compared with longer tailed dogs.
  • Improved looks: Cockapoos will look awesome if they have docked tails. Dogs with 4 inches or shorter tail is officially recognized as standard tail length by the ACC
  • Easy To Maintain: Short tailed dogs are easy to clean and maintain when compared to long tailed dogs.
  • Other Aesthetic Purposes.

Cons of Cockapoo docking

  • The first few days after docking will cause Pain and discomfort for the puppy.
  • It will affect the dog’s athletic nature and behavior.
  • The tail is a great tool for communication. Docking may cause decreased     communication signals from the dog.
  • Improper Docking may cause infections and long term health issues.
  • Problem in everyday chores like sitting, walking, running, jumping and  swimming,

Final Words for Cockapoo Owners

Docking is better for cosmetic dogs. But perform docking only if it is absolutely necessary for your dog.

Unnecessary docking may cause pain and discomfort in your dog. It may even cause long-term issues in your dog’s health.

If you are looking for an easy-to-maintain Cockapoo, then you can definitely dock the Cockapoo tail.

So, that was all about docking and grooming your Cockapoo dogs.

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