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Purebred Poodle – Complete Guide On Purebred Poodle Buying

Is your Poodle Purebred? Let us see how to identify if your Poodle is purebred

Poodles are cute dogs to have around. They are active and intelligent dogs. Poodles also have an expensive look. These features made Poodles one of the most popular dogs. But this demand also gave rise to impure breeds. So, how to spot the pure breed?

How to know if a Poodle is a purebred?

Purebred Poodles can be spotted with some characteristic features like the overall appearance, Head shape and size, coat color and texture, Body features, forequarters and hindquarters. Increase in Poodle popularity has resulted in breeders selling mixed breeds as pure line bred. Mixed Poodles look somewhat similar. But they can easily be spotted.

If you are growing poodles only for appearance, It is better to have pure line bred dogs. Mixed variety Poodles have some drawbacks in appearance than normal bred Poodles.

But, Inbred Poodles must be avoided as they are more prone to genetic disorders.

If you are buying Pure line Poodles, make sure to buy from an authentic seller. Also, ask for Bloodline paperwork approved by the American Kennel Club.

Avoid the dog if they don’t provide the paperwork approved by AKC.

If you are looking forward to buying a purebred Poodle but worried if the dog could be a mixed breed, then don’t worry.

We have made a complete study on Poodle Purebred and compiled a complete guide on selecting pure line Poodle.

So, Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy the Read.

Types of Poodle Varieties

Poodles are great dogs. They are cute, energetic, friendly, and enthusiastic dogs. Poodles are social dogs and they are easy to train. But when they are left alone, Poodles become lonely and sad.

There are three breeds of Poodles currently bred and sold in the market. These breeds come in different sizes. They are

  • Standard Poodles – Largest of Poodle variety.
  • Miniature Poodles – Medium sized, smaller than Standard Poodles.
  • Toy Poodles – Smallest of Poodles, also known as designer Poodles.

Standard Poodles grow about 20 to 25 inches. Miniature Poodles grow up to 15 inches. Toy poodles are smaller and grow 10 inches.

Standard Poodles were the first-ever poodle variety to be bred and grown at houses.

Later, Miniature and toy variety poodles developed. These Poodles only vary in size and appearance, but they are the same in behavior.

Poodles are smart dogs. When bred properly, Poodles can be great dogs to help and play around with.

Poodles can also be divided into purebred and mixed breeds based on their parents and breed line. Now let us see what pure line bred Poodles.

Get proper information about types of poodle in Poodle Type Guide.

What is a Pure Line Poodle?

When the parent dogs of the same breed are bred together, they give birth to puppies of the same bloodline. These puppies are called Pure line dogs. But for a dog to be called a true bloodline breed, it must have grandparents that are purely bred.

Pure line breed or mixed breed, it doesn’t matter if you are growing your Poodle just like a home pet. If you are a breeder who sells Poodles for profit, then pure line poodles can make you profit.

It may not be that easy to spot a mixed poodle from true breed dogs. But still, there are a few ways to check if your poodle is purebred. Let us see how to spot a pure bloodline Poodle.

How to Spot a Purebred Poodle?

According to the dog breed guidelines followed by the American Kennel Club, many breed varieties have specifications that can be seen only in pure dog varieties.

By comparing it with your dog, we can easily spot if your dog is purebred.

Every dog was a purebred line in the past. But as time passed, dog breeders started to sell mixed dog breeds.

In recent times, breeders have managed to produce mixed breeds that may even seem pure bloodlines at first sight. This makes it difficult to spot pure breeds only by their appearance.

Just like every individual human has a different skin tone, facial features, and body structure, purebred Poodles also differ naturally.

Well built body, squared structure, and symmetrical nature are defining features of a pure Poodle

By looking on to a few other traits, we can identify if the Poodle is Purebred. The traits to look out are

  • Poodle Coat
  • Poodle Head shape
  • Poodle Nose
  • Body features
  • Forequarter
  • Hindquarter

Poodle Coat

Poodles were wild dogs first. They were bred by humans only for their awesome appearance and gracious looks. Poodle coat is responsible for its beautiful stature.

Poodles were so good-looking that they were only owned by rich people. Poodles have Non-shedding coats. They never have hair falling all around. This was also a reason for people to love Poodles.

Poodles have shiny coats with wavy and curly hair. The coat is denser and tight-packed.

Poodles can be seen in various body colors. Some of the Poodle Coat colors are

  • Black
  • Blue
  • White
  • Silver
  • Grey
  • Brown
  • Cream
  • Apricot.
  • Café-au-lait

Poodles are known mainly for this feature. Irrespective of the coat color, poodles must have a dense and curly coat. This is a feature that can be seen richer in pure Poodle breeds than mixed dogs.

If groomed and maintained properly, Poodles can be a treat for eyes to watch. Poodles’ maintenance is higher compared to other easy to domesticate dogs.

Poodles come in different coat shapes and appearances. According to the American Kennel Club, currently, there are four Poodle shapes. They are

  • English saddle.
  • Continental.
  • Sporting and
  • Puppy clip.

Every shape is of its own kind, unique and different from others. But still, nothing is superior to others.

Poodle Head

Poodles are round-headed dogs. They have small to medium-shaped heads with clear facial definitions. They have strong-looking cheekbones and muscular chins.

Pure breed poodles have muscular and strong facial features. Mixed breed dogs sometimes have a softer-looking face than the pure breed.

Poodle’s head shows all your little guy’s beauty. So, don’t hesitate to doll up them.

Check Different Hairstyles on Poodles for more information.

Poodle Nose

All standard poodles have longer noses. Miniature and toy poodle varieties have small rounded or teddy bear noses.

A rounded nose is due to the cross-breeding between dogs. Pure line Standard poodles have a longer and stout nose. Noses are dark-colored and sometimes reddish-brown.

Mixed poodles have clearer variations in noses than normal poodles. Check Poodle nose to learn about different poodle noses.

Body features

Purebred Poodles are strong dogs. They have wide shoulders and muscular structures. They have thick skin and sag-free skin. This is due to their coat nature. The part after the shoulders is slightly hollow.

Poodles have deeper chests with slightly wider, protruding ribs. The Topline glides smoothly from the highest part of the shoulder blade to the tail.

They have muscular, shorter, and stronger Loin. Tails are usually straight and longer. But it can be altered to match the body length.

Mixed poodles look less strong and may lack some of the features stated above.

Fore limbs

These hunting dogs have clean and long legs. They are stronger and slender. When viewed from the front, Poodle’s legs will be in symmetry to its shoulder width.

The shoulder blade is slightly at the back, symmetrical to the legs. When they are viewed from the side, Poodles have elbows that are exactly below their shoulder top.

Poodles have softer, firm, and oval-shaped toes. Feet are arched with soft cushioning pads at the bottom. Owners usually remove the dewclaws and trim nails for beautification.

These legs added with some curly coat will make them look like Marline Monroe from 7 years of itch. All credits to the beauty!

Hind limbs

Hind legs are also long, slender, and straight. They almost match the forelimb’s length. This gives the overall beautiful body symmetry to Poodles.

Their legs were used for moving long places and hunting food. So, naturally, it is more muscular, stronger, and highly mobile.

As said before, Poodles were natural hunters. Pure breed poodles naturally have stronger and muscular features. Mixed poodles may lack this.

This is because of some traits that are newly gained from the other dog variety that is bred with a poodle. But still, Mixed Poodles are good-looking and great dogs to have around.

If you are a new buyer and wondering about the prices of a poodle puppy, then let us see about the cost of poodles

How much do Poodles cost?

How much poodle cost

Poodles and other dog varieties are sold by dog breeders and pet shop owners. This price varies with the popularity of breed, availability, and a few other factors. So, the prices are highly volatile.

Poodles have standard, miniature, and toy varieties sold by breeders. The price of each breed varies from one seller to another. But still, we can calculate an average price range.

Purebred Poodles are pricier than mixed dogs. Standard Pure line Poodles meant only for petting or grown as rescue dogs will cost around $500 to $1000. Mixed line Poodles may sell for less than $500.

Feel free to check Expensive Poodles for cost queries on Poodles.

These dogs usually lack a bit in coat color or overall appearance. But still, it Is better to stick with these innocent guys if you are on a budget

But, Poodles that are bred as high-quality show dogs will cost thousands of dollars. Designer Poodles are one of such dogs. They are smaller and cute dogs in demand.

These dogs may cost from $1000 to tens of thousands of dollars. Usually, these breeds of dogs are owned by lady celebrities and business people.

Smaller dogs are in huge demand because of the fewer offspring produced by the mother dogs. Large Standard Poodles can give birth to more pups in a delivery.

Based on your budget and requirement, you can go either for Standard, miniature, or Toy Poodle.

If you only have the idea of having a Poodle as a pet dog, you can go for mixed breeds.

If you are focused more on the appearance and show of your Poodle, we suggest you go for a purebred Poodle. Purebred poodles have a better appearance than mixed ones.

But, where to buy purebred poodles from?

Where to buy Pure Bred Poodles?

Demand for Poodles had caused more sellers selling mixed breeds to people as pure line dogs. It may be difficult for any new buyer to spot if it is a purebred or mixed dog.

These problems can be solved easily if you are buying poodles from a reputable and certified breeder.

Pure line Poodle puppies can be bought from three different sources. They are

  • Certified pure breed seller.
  • Local Dog breeder.
  • Dog Rescue centers.

Certified Purebred dog breeder

certified poodle breeders

These are people who professionally sell dogs. Since it is their profession, these people are more serious about the dog breeds and pure bloodlines.

They breed dogs professionally and sell them in the market for profit. If you are concerned about getting a healthy pure bloodline Poodle, professional breeders are the safest option.

There are even people who handle only poodles and breed mainly Standard, Miniature and Toy poodles. Based on quality, they sell

  • Pet quality Poodles – Poodles that can be used as pets.
  • Show Quality Poodles – Poodles more focused on appearance.

Buying a dog from a professional breeder makes your work easier and quicker. These people usually take care of all the paperwork related to the AKC’s breed certifications.

 Some of the other advantages of certified breeders are

  • Anytime support to clear your doubts and queries on dog petting.
  • Guarantee on dog’s health for a few months or may be a year.
  • Completion of first vaccination for puppy.
  • Pedigree proof and purebred registration.

We always recommend going to a certified seller rather than the other three methods. You can still get your Poodle from a backyard breeder or adopt from a rescue center.

But there is no guarantee that they would be a pure line bred Poodle. If you are paying a high price, always go for a certified poodle breeder and ask for AKC-certified dogs.

Neighborhood dog breeders

The dog breeder guy next door, the guy who performs breeding as a hobby, are people who sell puppies that breed randomly.

These people will sell great pups, but it is difficult to say if it would be of a pure breed. They may sell purebred Poodles, but sometimes it may be of mixed variety.

It is difficult for any new buyer to see if the pup is mixed or purebred. These people sell puppies without any certification. This makes our work even harder.

If you are looking only for a pet Poodle and not much worried about its breed, you can go for backyard breeders. Also, they provide puppies for a cheaper price.

Backyard Breeders can be a great choice if you have a lower budget.

Dog rescue centers

If you have a very low budget, you can adopt a Poodle from a dog rescue center. These centers are run by NGOs and other organizations where they provide food and shelter for street dogs.

Considering the Poodle’s demand, It may be difficult one be abandoned. But still, you can try your luck and may even find an abandoned Poodle in a rescue area.

These dogs will not be of pure breed or would be great show dogs. But still, they are just like other Poodles and will be great pets to have around.

The adoption cost in the rescue area is very low. If budget is your concern, you can always go for this option

Avoid Puppy mills

These are places where puppies are bred and sold in large numbers. We usually never suggest these places to buy puppies. Because these places are more focused on money than the buyers.

They don’t even care about the dogs used for breeding. Most dogs are mixed bred and sometimes, they may even sell inbred dogs.

So, try to avoid puppy mills as long as possible.

Professional method to test Purebred Poodle

Most Purebred poodles will come with professional certificates. Older puppies have pedigree certificates registered at the American kennel club. Pedigree certificates are given only to pure-bred dogs.

So, if you are buying an older Poodle, always ask for a Pedigree certificate. This certificate will give a detailed report of past 5 generation parents.

Apart from these certificates, you can also take the scientific methods and test to check if your poodle is purely bred.  

Veterinarian doctors should be the first to consult if you have any doubts about your dogs. They will check your dog and say immediately if it is a purebred or mixed dog.

Still, you can make it super clear by performing a DNA test on your dog. The DNA test will give complete details on a dog’s breed and parents.

Poodle DNA Test

The main way to perform a DNA test is to visit your vet and ask him for a DNA test. He will make the necessary requirements for the DNA test and ask you to give some samples.

Once the DNA test result comes from the lab, you will have the complete history of your dog’s parent breeds. Your vet now says with surety that your dog may either be a purebred or mixed puppy.

You may also go for the canine DNA test kit available online. They require some work, but it is more cost-efficient than the lab method.

DNA tests will provide 97% true results, so consider it as the superior of all. Nothing more is needed thereafter.

Should you only buy Pure Bred Poodles?

Should you only buy Pure Bred Poodles? Well, it depends on the individual. If you need Poodles as supreme beauty look dogs, you shall go for purebred dogs.

But if you are more concerned about having a pee and not its appearance, you can choose mixed breed poodles too. These dogs perform just like the pure breed but differ only in looks.

For budget-constrained dog keepers, we suggest growing mixed poodles. If looks are your primary factor and with some bucks in hand, you can go for a mixed poodle dog.

Final words for Poodle Owners

So, that was all about selecting a purebred Poodle. If you are buying a purebred poodle, always go for a certified breeder.

For puppy buyers, ask for a purebred certificate approved by AKC or any recognized organization. If you are getting a grown-up poodle, be sure to get the Pedigree certificate.

There is nothing to work on or concern about mixed Poodle buyers. Go straight to a certified breeder or your local backyard breeder and get your cute poodle.

But both buyers always stay away from puppy mills and other large-scale dog breeders.

So, that was all about purebred Poodles and mixed poodle variety.

We hope this blog cleared all your queries on spotting and buying a purebred Poodle dog.

Comment below and share with us your experiences with beloved Poodles.

We always welcome your suggestions. Feel free to mention things that are to be changed and improved in our blogs and website as we are learners for life!

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