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Poodle Tongue Questions and Myths – Complete Guide

Dogs use their tongue for a lot of day-to-day activities. It is used for water drinking, regulating body temperature, the taste of food, and much more.

But there are a few other things that a poodle tongue can relate to.

Let us see about the different poodle tongue gestures and some diseases related.

Do Poodles Have Black Tongues?

Yes! Poodles can have black tongues. But it is not completely black tongue. Poodles have black spots over their tongue. This when seen from a distance will seem like they have a black tongue. Chow Chow dogs are seen more with black. But other dogs are also seen with black-spotted tongues.

Why Is My Dog’s Tongue Hanging Out?

Dog tongues usually hang out when they are Panting and Excited. Apart from this, they also hang out their tongues after tasting something bad or taking medication.

Some dogs will develop a condition called the Tongue Hanging Syndrome and the dog will always keep its tongue out. This is of high concern.

If your dog is affected by the tongue hanging syndrome, the dog will not keep its tongue inside. Rather it will always be hanging out with oozing liquids from its mouth.

Take your dog to a vet immediately if you think the dog is affected by the Tongue hanging syndrome.

Why Does My Poodle Have Black Spots on His Tongue?

Black spots in poodle tongue are created due to certain pigmentation cells. Skin pigmentation cells are responsible for the black lips, eye rims, nose, paw pads, and nose toenails. This pigmentation may cause black spots in the poodle tongue.

Are Black Spots in Tongue Problems?

poodle tongue with black spots

Black spots on poodle tongues are not a problem. It is just pigmentation over the tongue. There is nothing to worry about unless the pigmentation is rapid and sudden. Purebred Poodles may also have black spots on their tongue.

But if the pigmentation is happening all of a sudden, consult a vet immediately.

What Colour Should Dog Tongue Be?

All Dogs usually have a mid to deep pink tongue. If the tongue is in any other color, it shows the dog is not in healthy condition.

A red-colored tongue means the dog is suffering from excess heat. Dogs can also have a black tongue and it is completely common. 

Check your dog tongue when they are at rest for the best results.

Why Does Poodle Tongue Stick Out?

Poodles stick out their tongues due to various reasons. Some of the major reasons for poodles hanging their tongue out are

Poodles Are Relaxed

Poodles will rest with their tongues out. This shows they are in a very calm and relaxed state. When dogs are excited, they will start to run around with their tongues out. This is commonly seen in all dog breeds.

Poodle Having New Medication

When dogs have new medicine, they will keep their tongue out. This is common as dogs will not like the medication taste. But if this prolongs for a long time, consider consulting a vet immediately.

Poodle Panting

poodle panting

Dogs will have their tongue out mostly when they are Panting. This is a common phenomenon of dogs to regulate their body temperature. There is nothing to worry about if your dog is panting with its tongues out.

Poodle Tongue Hanging Syndrome

If your dog has had a hanging tongue for a very long time, it means your dog is affected by Tongue hanging syndrome.

It is common in small dog breeds like pugs and mini poodles. The tongue hanging syndrome is a genetic problem and it is nothing much to worry about.

Can White Poodles Have Black Spots on Their Tongue?

Yes! White poodles have black spots on the tongue. Whitecoat is due to the white-colored hair on the body. But the tongue will have black spots due to certain pigmentation cells.

These are the cells responsible for the black coloration of the nose, lips, and other black parts.

What Are Some of The Dog Breeds with Black Tongue?

Chow chow dogs are the most common dog breeds with a black tongue. Apart from these dogs, other dog breeds too can have black tongues. They are

  • Dalmatian,
  • English setter.
  • Golden Retriever.
  • Poodles.
  • Pug.
  • Pomeranian.
  • Shiba Inu.
  • Siberian Husky.

Most of these dogs are descendants of chow-chow dogs. So it is clear that the black tongue is a feature of chow-chow gene dogs.

Final Words on Poodle Tongue

Summing up, a Normal healthy Poodle will have a deep pink colored tongue. Some poodles might also be black-colored. It is due to certain pigmentation cells. They also tend to keep out their tongues during relaxation, panting, and after taking medication.

If the dog is keeping its tongue out for a very long time, it means the dog is affected by Tongue hanging syndrome. Consult a vet if your dog has THS.

So that was all about the poodle tongue queries and myths.

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Poodle tongue – Related Questions

Do Poodles Have Black Lips?

Poodles have black lips. Most other dog varieties have black lips. This is due to certain pigmentation cells.

These cells are responsible for the black-colored lips, nose, toenails, paw pads in poodles. Sometimes, these cells will cause black spots in the tongue.

Dogs with black spot tongues are considered black-tongued dogs.

Are Dogs with Black Tongues Smarter?

Yes! Most dogs with black tongues are easier to train when compared to the other dogs. These dogs are purebred even if they have black spots over their tongue.

Some of the common dog breeds with black tongues are chow-chow, Pomeranians, Pugs, Dalmatians, and a few other breeds.

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