ways to make poodles smell great

Poodle Smell – 12 Ways to Make Poodle Smell Great

Are your Poodles smelly? Let us see how to keep them smelling nice and fresh

Poodles are great dogs to have around the houses. They are beautiful and curious dogs. But most poodle owners state the Smelling problem in poodles. They usually take more bath counts than other dog varieties.

Poodles can be great companions to have when they are kept clean. We have a great experience with Poodles and Poodle maintenance. In this blog, we have compiled all the necessary information on poodles smelling fresh.

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12 ways to keep poodle smell clean and fresh

12 things to make your poodle smell clean and fresh are

These are the major problems that cause smell in your poodle. It may be due to one or more reasons. Proper care and maintenance can easily help overcome problems related to bad odor.

Proper cleaning and Bath count

Dogs must be bathed max of thrice a week. This makes them feel fresh and smell clean. But some Poodle owners complain about the smell even after bathing 3 or 4 times a week.

They end up bathing more than necessary. But still, Poodles may smell bad immediately after a bath.  It is due to not giving them a proper bath. Poodles are one of the difficult dogs to bathe.

Not giving a proper bath is like not giving them a bath at all. This is because of their coat nature.

Poodles have thick coats with curly and dense hair. Poodle coats are the reason for their beautiful appearance and the smelling nature.  It is protective and also water-repelling in nature.

The water-repelling nature makes it difficult to give a proper bath. The skin beneath the body produces sweat and oil. These are the reasons for the smell in almost every dog.

When other dogs are bathed, oil and sweat will be removed easily. Poodles will have a tough and thick coat. Normal lathering with soap may not be enough for Poodle dogs.

We even got some tips for you and your poodle. Watch this video below to know more.

Pro Note:

When you are bathing your Poodle, lather a bit extra when you feel it is enough. This cleanses your dog deeper, removes dirt and bad odor from the body. Lathering more helps you go through the tough coat and cleanse till skin.

Provide proper bath

When you bathe your Poodle, make sure to use the perfect shampoo for your dog. These dogs can be of two types. 

  • Poodles used only as pets
  • Poodles used as Show Dog

Check out more about Poodle varieties and their breed line.

If you are owning dogs focused only on looks, you must invest in more expensive shampoos. For pet poodles, still you can go for some stronger canine shampoo.

These types of shampoo reach through the coat, cleanses till skin, and also moisturizes it. As a bonus, these shampoos will make your dog smell seat and fresh.

Use a good amount of shampoo on the coat. Scrub properly till all the dirt and oil are removed. Allow the shampoo to stay on the coat for a while and rinse it properly.


Poodle owners bathe their dogs more than usual. They think it will help the dog stay clean and smell less. But on the other hand, it will only cause the sweat and sedations glands to work more and make them smell harsh and strong.

Bathing your dog more often will also cause dry skin and hair fall. When it comes to dating poodles, Quality is better than quantity.

It is even sufficient to bathe your dog once or twice a week, But it must be a deep and proper cleansing bath.

If your dog stays indoors all the time, this would be sufficient. Bath your Outdoor dogs maximum thrice a week. But never bathe your dog more than thrice.

Brushing teeth

Poodle brushing and bathing

“Brush brush brush…Two times a day.” We might have heard it since childhood. The same goes for your dog.

The smelling mouth may be due to improper oral hygiene. Try to brush your dog’s teeth at least once every day. This helps your dog avoid bad breath and smell.

Brushing teeth also avoid germ build-up, bleeding gums, and teeth-related problems.

Even if you can’t brush your Poodle teeth every day, try to brush a bare minimum for at least thrice a week.

You can also use chewy mouth freshener and other mouth cleansing products for great canine oral health.

Proper bath and brushing teeth will solve most of the problems. But still if your Poodle smells after a deep bath and cleansing brush, it may be due to some of the following reasons

Skin Infections

Skin infection is caused when the dog is not maintained and cleaned properly. This happens mainly due to improper body hygiene and irregular bathing routines.

Skin infections are caused in skin. Skin lies beneath the coat and dense fur. When the cleaning part is done only till coat and not taken till fur, the skin doesn’t get wet and cleaned properly.

This may also happen if the skin is wet and not dried properly. When the skin is partially dried, Poodles can’t dry out the rest by themselves. This is also because of their coat nature.

Moisture on any living skin will cause microbial growth. When dampness and moisture is repeatedly left uncared on Poodle’s skin, it will cause infections like Staph Infection, skin sores, and dandruff.

Staph infection is mainly caused due to dampness on skin. These types of infections will cause bad odor release and skin irritation in dogs.

Staph infection may be difficult to find with a simple glance. But when looked at properly, you can spot the red areas and irritation spots on the skin. This is much easier to spot while giving a bath.


The easier way to avoid skin infections is a proper bath, skin hygiene, and removing wetness after a bath.

After a great bath, make sure to give a warm and dry towel session to your Poodle. Use high-quality skincare products to avoid unnecessary skin problems

Paw Infection

Poodle Paw cleaning

Paws get in contact with various ground conditions. Dogs don’t use shops or any footwear. They use their paws to move outside and inside the house.  Poodles have fur growth that moves between their paws.

When your poodle moves outdoors, it comes in contact with dirt, dust and gets trapped in-between. It won’t come out unless someone comes and cleans it.

Prolonged exposure to debris will cause microbial buildup. This causes infection on their paws.  Along with infections, it will also start to stink and smell bad.


The only way to avoid paw infections is to cut short the fur in between their paws and trim Poodle nails.

This will avoid dirt and debris buildup will also keep your Poodle’s paw clean, fresh smell and infection-free.

Eye Infection

This is also caused by the Poodle fur. When the poodle fur grows too long, it starts to hinder near the eye region and cause irritation. Later, it leads to infection.

These infections will cause bad odors from the eye region. This will make it difficult for both the Poodle and the owner. Even though dogs use their nose more than eyes, eyes also play a huge role in their livelihood.

When the coat grows longer, the fur starts to hinder near the eye region and affect eyesight.


Always keep the fur short around the eyes. This will avoid any hair disturbing your dog’s vision and infection buildup.  Eye infections are more common in dogs and nothing to worry much about.

Take your dog to a vet and he will provide some ointments or eye drops for your Poodle. This will easily heal your Poodle eye infection.  The smell arising from eyes will also slowly fade away.

Ear Infection

Again, long coat hair is the culprit. When dogs have longer hair near the ear region, it will cause irritation and infection. These infections may be either on or inside the dog’s ears.

But these infections always require a veterinarian consultation and never self-heal. Along with infections, it will also start to stink and smell bad.


Groom your dog properly. Take care of the hair around the ear regions. If there are dense hairs inside the ears, you can pluck them out using clippers. But make sure to be in and around ears.

Ears are sensitive regions. Be delicate while handling the inner part of the ears, if there are any difficulties faced by the dog, consult a vet immediately.

The eye, ear, skin, and paw infections are caused mainly due to larger hairs growth and improper grooming routines. Make sure to maintain a short and sharp coat.

This will help your dog stay away from infections, bad body odor and will look jaw-dropping beautiful.

Apart from the fur-related problems, Poodles also smell due to some other factors. They are

Poop on Fur

Poodle Pooping

This is also due to the fur. When poodles go for a poop, they complete their job and come back home. But after some time, your dog may smell weird like poop. It is because of the leftover poop stuck on the tail or fur on the back.

When the leftover gets stuck, it will cause a bad odor and rashes around that area. When infection arises in the back area, it will be really difficult for your poor little poodle to take care of.

It will definitely require a visit to your vet for further treatment. The best way to avoid any such problems is to trim the fur around the back and tail.

Also, make sure to give a timely check of the places where they usually take out poop. Make sure to clean this area while giving them a bath.

Urinary tract infection

Urinary tract infection, commonly known as UTI, is seen most commonly in humans, dogs, and other mammals. This happens when there are any infections on the urinary path.

It is highly painful and will cause your dog to stress out. Dogs start to whine and bark more in pain when affected by UTI. Also, their urine starts to smell worse than normal.

Some of the signs of your dog being affected by Urinary Tract Infections are

  • Foul smell from urine.
  • Urgency and Frequent urination.
  • Whining.
  • Crying while urinating.
  • Blood in urine.
  • Unusual self cleaning of genitals.
  • Uncontrollable urination or urinating in the house.

If any of the above symptoms is seen in your Poodle, take it to a vet immediately. When UTI is not taken care of quickly, it may cause serious problems in your dog’s health.

But it is nothing much to be worried about. Usually, dogs will be administered a small dose of medicine for a few days. This will reduce all the pain and slowly heal the infected tract.

Reproduction Cycle Heat 

Poodle reproduction cycle heat

When female dogs are in heat, they will act differently and start to smell unusual. During this time, they will be in search of a partner.

During this time, they will start to act more emotionally and will get irritated easily. The odor is mainly to attract the other partner. Stronger the smell, the more fertile the female dog is.

During this time, it is highly necessary to give a bath and maintain proper hygiene routines. During the heat cycle, the fur around the back and genitals may get dirty and smelly.

Make sure to clean these areas while giving a bath. These smells will become stronger as the heat cycle reaches its peak.

If you are interested in breeding your female dog during the heat, take it to a professional breeder and ask him to breed with a good quality mate.

Anal Glands

Anal glands are the area from where scents are released. You may clear all the anal and regions surrounding it. But still, these glands remain unnoticed.

When they are not taken for a long time, they start to stink and smell bad. Especially when the dog follows a poor diet. So, anal glands are also to be considered while grooming your Poodle.

These areas may be missed out on by you, but in recent times most dog groomers wish to clean the anal glands completely. During a grooming session, these groomers clean up these glands completely.

It may not be common among all dog owners. But when you request the groomer to perform this specifically, they will surely perform it.

When your groomer doesn’t provide anal gland cleaning, you can take a ride to a nearby vet. He will perform all the necessary things.

Anal glands are also called scent glands as they release scents and smelly oil substances. This is used by dogs to signal and attract other dogs.

When a dog meets another dog, scents are released from these anal glands. It gives them the information of the other dog’s gender, health status, and if they are friendly.

These glands may get stuck at times, this causes stress and bad smell arising from these glands. When they are clogged, these glands must be emptied timely.

Sometimes the gland may even become enlarged and swelling. When they are affected by clogging, Poodles will have irregular bowel movements and will feel more pain in the back region.

Oral problems

poodle oral

We have already talked about the need to brush Poodle’s teeth once every day. Oral problems are seen only in older dogs. These dogs have a bad odor in their mouth, bleeding gums, and even loose teeth.

The bacterial buildup may also be seen in dogs. Gingivitis is one such disease that is caused in Poodles when oral hygiene is not done properly.

Always have a healthy brush routine for your Poodle. You can use some canine toothpaste to aid while brushing Poodles. You can also use herbal products like activated carbon, charcoal for brushing teeth. Bleeding gums can be smoothed with Aloe Vera

Poodle fart

Dog farting is normal. Poodles will also fart. But the bad thing is when your Poodle farts without any noise. This can also be called dog flatulence.  When poodles do flatulence, it is noiseless but bad for the nose.

The main reason for Flatulence is poor diet and improper nutrition. When you feed your dog with leftover food, it will cause these problems.

Feeding low-quality dog food can also be the reason for frequent farting or flatulence in your dogs. When these types of food are fed to dogs, it will affect the Poodle’s health in the long run.

You may save money on food, but you would have to spend a large sum on vet visits and also worry about the Poodle’s condition.


To avoid frequent farting and flatulence in your Poodle, always try to feed them a healthy and nutritious meal. Try to feed at particular times and avoid overfeeding.

If your Poodles are fed with proper food at the correct time interval, your dog will have a great appetite and healthy bowel movement.

Final Words for poodle Owners

By making a healthy diet habit along with proper exercise, Poodles can become great companions and good guide dogs. If trained properly, Poodles can also be used as hunting dogs.

Poodles were once used as hunting dogs in ponds and water bodies to take on ducks and geese.

If you have a proper maintenance routine on Poodle’s grooming and appearance, you can have them fresh and smell-free. Poodles can be difficult to maintain and handle, but still, they can be cared for.

If you give them a proper bath, trim the fur properly and take care of the overall outer body, Poodles will become great show dogs. Poodles are also great companions to have around.

So, that was all about the Poodle smelling bad and how to handle it…

We hope this blog cleared all your queries on Poodle maintenance and grooming routines

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