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Poodle Sleeping – The Ultimate Guide to Great Sleep

Is your Poodle sleeping well? Let’s see everything about proving better sleep for your cute Poodle

Poodles are great dogs to have around. They are happy and extremely active dogs. They are more energetic than many dogs. This is because of their stamina. But it means they also require more sleep. But is your Poodle getting enough sleep?

How Much Should Poodles Sleep?

Poodles sleep for about 10 to 12 hours per day. This is because of their highly active lifestyle. Adolescent Poodles sleep more than adult Poodles. Poodle puppies will sleep the most for about 15 to 20 hours per day. If they don’t have proper sleep, Poodles will feel bad and may have some health issues.

The no of hours a poodle sleeps will be based on various factors like the age, place, and work it is given. The sleep hours vary with different varieties of Poodles. Standard poodles, miniature, and toy poodles have various sleep cycles and patterns.

Every Individual Poodle must be taken care of and given the necessary sleep cycle based on age, size, and variety. But don’t worry Poodle owners.

In this blog, we have covered everything on where, how, and when it is right for Poodles to sleep to have a great and healthy living.

So Sit back, Relax and Enjoy the Read.

What is Optimal Sleep time for your Poodle?

As said before, Poodles require sleep based on various factors. Based on the age, Poodles can be differentiated as puppies, growing and older Poodles. The Sleeping time varies throughout the life of a Poodle. Based on age, it is classified as

Puppy Poodles

Puppies are Poodles that are less than 6 to 8 months old. They are very delicate and are really cute to have around. During the puppy period, poodles will sleep longer. Puppy Poodles usually sleep for more than 20 hours a day.

This is to overcome their tiredness and grow faster. They will be more active when awake and sleep a lot. So, Poodle puppies are like human babies. They sleep a lot and make us happy when awake.

As they grow older, Puppies will mature and enter adolescence. This happens when the puppy completes 12 months of age.

Growing Poodles

Adolescence is the best time to have Poodles around. This tends to be the most active period of a Poodle’s life. During this time, Poodles sleep around 10 to 12 hours per day.

Adolescent Poodles are always curious and playful. Poodles with owners will start to monitor their owner’s sleeping schedule. They will make their sleep cycle according to their owner.

Dogs growing by themselves will not follow a sleep routine. They will take short naps during the day and night. Pet Poodle will also take short naps during daytime. This is more common with Poodles left home alone.

Poodles sleep during the day if they’re alone or bored. Check Poodles Home Alone to know if Poodles can be left home alone.

Older Poodles

Older and aged Poodles become less energetic. This makes them sleep a lot. They will sleep just like the Puppies. Senior Poodles may sleep even 15 hours a day.

This is to overcome their tiredness. However, a poodle can be considered based on its variety and size. Smaller Poodles are considered seniors at 10 or more years. Standard Poodles become seniors at the age of 7.

When Poodles become older, they must not be forced much and given hard exercises. It is okay to take them for a walk and play now and then.

Always remember! If your Poodle is working and playing more, it requires more sleep and a highly nutritious diet. If they are show dogs, sleep is nothing to worry about.

For any living being, Quantity of sleep plays an important role. At the same time Quality of sleep also matters. It won’t be great If you have disturbed sleep for 15 hours.

Quality of sleep is based on where we sleep and how we sleep. Let us first see about what are the best positions to sleep.

How should Your Poodle Sleep (Sleeping Positions)

According to various researches, there are various reasons that affect a sleep session. The bed or surface, position, and lighting conditions play a major role.

The way your Poodle sleeps will determine the quality of sleep your Poodle gets. According to some studies on canine sleeping routines, there are 4 major sleeping positions a dog prefers to sleep in. They are

Sideways Sleeping

poodle sideways sleeping

This is the way most animals sleep. In this position, the dog puts the whole body over the side and rests head above limbs. This is effortless and comes naturally for all dogs.

This sleeping position is most effective for good sleep. Dogs will sleep in position only if they feel safe. So, if your dog is sleeping sideways, then it indicates that you are trustworthy.

Sideways sleeping also makes breathing easier. It will also prevent any stress build-up on the neck as the Poodle rests on the floor.

The tummy gets exposed outside, so breathing is easier. When your dog is sleeping sideways, then it is happily dreaming!

Open Legs

If your Poodle sleeps with legs wide open, it indicates that your dog trusts you 100%. Dogs sleep with their legs in the air wide open and the back firmly placed on the floor.

It is also called the Crazy legs sleeping position by some canine experts. This position is more of a vulnerable exposure as the dog is now showing off the belly region.

Don’t try to disturb your dog if they are sleeping in this position. They might wake up easily.

Flat on Floor

Poodle flat on floor

In this position, Dogs will be sleeping on their belly and four limbs stretched out. It is also called the Superman sleeping position. Most active dogs sleep in this position.

When dogs are sleeping flat on the floor, it makes it easy for them to get up and do stuff. Poodles and many watchdogs guarding will sleep in this position.


This is similar to sleeping on the side. the dog will curl itself sideways.  Curled sleeping poodles will tuck their limbs inwards. This is a gesture of protecting the belly. It is to protect the belly from chillness and preserve heat loss.

When your Poodle is sleeping curled, it means they are feeling cold. Make sure to adjust the temperature immediately if you see a Poodle sleeping curled inwards.

These are the most common ways a dog sleeps. Most times, they will sleep in various positions based on their mood and place. If they are sleeping in any other position, it is something to be worried and concerned about.

Can you sleep with your Poodle?

Can Poodle sleep with its owner

In recent times, people living in small areas and apartments have started to allow pet dogs in their bed. However people may still have the doubt to allow dogs to sleep with you. But can you sleep with your Poodle?

Yes and No! It purely depends on the owner’s opinion. Based on an article called Into The Dogs Bed by the New York times, sleeping with a pet in the same room will improve the bond between you and your Poodle.

You can make them sleep in the same room and even on the same bed. Most dogs will be okay with sleeping with their owners. But this is possible only with fewer dogs like Poodles.

Poodles have a tough coat with curly hair. These coat hairs will not shed easily. This makes Poodles ideal for sleeping in bed.

But if you are having furry dogs like a shepherd, they will make the sheet nasty with excessive shedding of body hair. Check out Shepherd’s sleeping blog to know why German shepherds aren’t ideal to sleep with.

This makes it clear Poodles can sleep with their owners in bed. Nothing to worry about if you are okay with it.

Now let us see which place suits the best for Poodles to sleep in.

Where should Poodles Sleep?

Most Poodle owners keep them as show dogs. So, they keep poodles inside the house. It would be great for Poodles to sleep indoors.

Women who own Poodles will usually have poodles sleeping with them in their room. Some may even sleep with poodles in their bed. Like we said before, it is completely safe to sleep with your poodle on the same bed.

If your Poodle makes any problem while sleeping on your bed, move them to the ground immediately. You can arrange crates for the poodles to sleep. They may not be used to sleeping in crates but you can train them to sleep in dog crates.

Make sure to choose a good crate and bed for your dog. The bed shall be comfy, soft, and easy to clean. Choose the crate and bed according to the size of your dog.

For larger Standard Poodles, choose a bigger crate. A smaller bed will be sufficient for miniature and toy Poodles.

Some dog owners will prefer to have dogs sleep outside. This can be applied to most guard dogs like the Shepherd, boxer, etc. But will poodles be okay to sleep outside?

Can Poodles Sleep Outside?

Poodle sleeping outside

Poodles were wild dogs once. They hunted their own food and lived in the wild as hunter dogs. Poodles can live outside, but we don’t recommend making them sleep outside.

Poodles are great indoor dogs. They are hypoallergenic and don’t shed hair much. Moreover, Poodles are social dogs. They always like to be in the company of others. When Poodles are left alone to sleep outside, it will make them anxious and even ill.

A lot of problems will arise if you make Poodles sleep outside. Some of the common problems faced by Poodles owners are

Problems of Poodles Sleeping outside

Poodle Coat Features

Poodles were more water dogs. This made them have a water-repellent coat. Poodles have coats with curly hair. They are thick and hard to come off. But it is not heat resistant.

Poodles stay warm only in motion. While they are remaining still at a place, Poodles will lose more heat. Even in indoor conditions, Poodles will feel cold and start to shiver during winter seasons.

So, making them sleep outside will be a bad idea. It may be okay for dogs like Siberian Huskies. The Siberian Huskies have warm coats that prevent heat loss.

Check Huskies Staying in cold to know more about Huskies staying and sleeping outside the house

Lack of Company

Poodles are social dogs. They will get bored and anxious when left alone. When Poodles are made to stay and sleep alone outside the house, it will be like a punishment for those poor little souls.

Staying outside will expose poodles to various temperature changes. This will be harsh and test your Poodles to their limits.

Moreover, the outside temperature will affect the health of Poodles staying outdoors. The effects of cold and hot temperature on poodle are

Effects of Hot temperature

If Poodles are in hot outdoor weather, they will face various problems. Some of the common outdoor hot weather problems in Poodles are:

  • Dehydration – Common in all dogs. Irregular body fluids and excessive water loss from the body is caused.
  • Burned Paws – As dogs walk with bare paws, Poodles walking on very hot surfaces may experience burned paws.
  • Sunburns – These are also common in dogs. Sunburns are caused when the dog skin is affected by sun rays.
  • Fatigue – Fatigue and tiredness is caused when dogs go out in the hot sun.
  • Heat stroke – This is rare and extreme. When water loss is high, it may even lead to sun stroke.

To avoid all these problems, make your Poodle stay at home during the daytime during summers. Keep them hydrated and cool.

Effects of Cold Temperature

Cold weather also causes some problems like

  • Dehydration.
  • Paw damage
  • Cracks on nose, eyes and lips.
  • In extreme cases, Hypothermia.

How to Make Poodles Sleep Safe outside?

It is always advisable to keep poodles indoors. But still if you insist on keeping Poodles outdoors, it can be done.  Poodles can be made sty outside by following steps like

  • Providing them a warm shelter with thermal insulation.
  • Providing adequate food and water.
  • Fencing the backyard and protection from any external harm.
  • If possible, add another dog to socialize.
  • Make sure to spend time with them every day.
  • Check timely on their overall nature. If anything is fishy, take them back inside.

Final words for Poodle Owners

Sleep is necessary for all living beings. Apart from the quantity, quality of sleep also matters. If you are having a cute poodle, make sure they get a great bed to sleep around,

Don’t worry if they take small naps in the daytime. It is normal. And, make best memories with your Poodle while they are awake!

So, that was all about Poodles optimal sleeping time and providing the best sleep setup for your Poodles.

We hope this blog helps you clearing queries on poodle sleep cycle and behavior based on their size, age and nature.

We always welcome your suggestions. Comment below your experiences with your beloved Poodles.

Feel free to mention things that are to be changed and improved in our blogs and website as we are learners for life!

If you liked this post do share it with your friends and family. Cause sharing is caring.

See ya!

Until then, keep cuddling your cute Poodle…Bow wow

Related Question

Are Poodles Lazy?

No! Poodles will sleep a lot, especially the puppies. But this doesn’t mean that Poodles are lazy dogs. They are one of the smartest and intelligent dogs to breed. They were called the gun dogs because of their bullet-like nature. Poodles were filled with energy. This made them great duck and goose hunters.

The French were the first to train and use Poodles in duck hunting. If your Poodle is feeling lazy all the time, measures must be taken immediately.

Do Poodles Sleep on Their Back?

Poodles will sleep on their back only if they trust the place is safe and secure. Sleeping on the back is one of the common dog sleeping positions. This way of dogs sleeping is called the Crazy legs. When a dog is sleeping in a crazy legs position, the legs will be in the air and the back will be placed firmly over the surface.

The sleep will be shallow and not deeper like sleeping sideways. Make sure to follow a few things while your Poodle is sleeping on its back.

How many hours does a Poodle Puppy Sleep?

Poodle puppies will sleep 15 to 20 hours per day. They sleep longer than adolescent and older Poodles. Adolescent Poodles will sleep for 12 hours a day. Puppies sleep more during the night and take frequent naps during the day.

This is to gain back all the energy loss in the morning during the play sessions and running. If your puppies sleep more than 20 hours, it is something to be concerned about.

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