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Can Poodles Have Mohawk Hairstyle? – Poodle Mohawk Guide

Poodles are known for their great coats and beautiful looks. They are fashionable dogs with a lot of grooming abilities. Different hairstyles are developed for poodles in the market. But can poodles have Mohawk?

Let us see about the Poodle Mohawk hairstyle in detail.

Can poodles have Mohawk hairstyles?

Yes! Poodles can have Mohawk hairstyles. This hairstyle will make the dog look stronger, cool and trendy. Mohawk hairstyle is suitable for pitbull, Rottweiler and other ferocious dogs. It can also look great and different if practised in poodles. But this hairstyle is not officially recognised by the AKC as an official Poodle hairstyle.

New poodle owners have confused about Different Poodle Haircuts and the grooming routine. They also have doubts about the Mohawk hairstyle.

If you are also worried about the grooming and haircut routine of your poodles, then don’t worry.

In this blog, we have compiled all information about the poodle haircut and how to perform a perfect Mohawk hairstyle.

So, Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy the Read.

What is Poodle hairstyling?

The Specific type of hairstyling done for poodles to give a specific look is called poodle hairstyling. Other dog haircuts will involve complete trimming of their coat hair. But poodle hairstyle will involve trimming only the body part, leaving behind their ears, legs and tails. This will give the iconic look for the poodles.

Poodle haircuts will look worse if not done properly. It is always better to take your poodle to an expert poodle groomer for better results.

Why should poodles have haircuts?

Poodles have thick coats with dense hair. They do not shed their hair like other dog breeds. This is due to the water-resistant nature of the poodle coat. These dogs will start to have matted hair if not groomed properly. But this can be avoided by proper grooming and maintenance.

Haircuts will also help the dog look cool and well-groomed. Modern dogs like poodles and other show dogs will always require a haircut before taking part in a dog show.

If you are too concerned about the grooming routine, dog owners can also Shave Poodles for easy maintenance.

What happens if poodles are not groomed?

As mentioned before, Poodles are non-shedding dog breeds. If they are not groomed, poodles will start to look bad. They will also have their hair matted. This will cause severe damage to the hair follicles and may even damage the hair roots completely.

It is always better to groom the poodles once in 2 months to get the best results. Grooming is also necessary when poodles are participating in poodle dog shows.

Purebred poodles will look their best with a well-groomed routine and cool hairstyles. Other Types of Poodles like miniature poodles are known for their cute hairstyles.

How to Cut Mohawk Hairstyles for Poodles?

Mohawk dog hairstyle

The Mohawk is a hairstyle which focuses mainly on the face part of a dog. To perform this, take a trimmer which can be trimmed with a number 10 blade.

Now trim the head on either side from the eyelids with #10 clips. You can also mark the area of Mohawk with a marker for guidance.

The Mohawk must have the width of a poodle nose. Wider Mohawk will look like an afro. Smaller ones may turn into spikes. Make sure to mark only the width of the nose.

Shave the left and right part of the top of head with a medium hair length. Leave the Centre part like a spike which tappers slowly on either side.

The trimming must be done till the neck with one inch long till the back of neck.

For the rest of the body, trimming can be done with number 4f of the trimmer. This will give a sharp and elegant look to the poodle.

You can either trim the legs or leave it without trimming. But we prefer trimming the legs and tails. Docked poodles do not require trimming the tail part.

Dyed Mohawk poodle hairstyle

Poodle owners can also dye their poodle Mohawk with dyes and colours. We can use the bow pen which children use for colouring.

This will make the Mohawk look cooler and also not damage the dog hair. Do not use human dyes and colours for any dog hair colouring.

How to dye Poodle Mohawk

Soak the bow pen in water and let it mix completely with the water. You can scrape the wet part and mux with water for better mixing.

Now take the mixture in your hand and slowly apply it to the Mohawk. Make sure you cover the other parts of the head with any temporary covering to avoid any unwanted skin colouring.

Apply shades with different intensities to make the dog look its best. You can use different colours like purple, green, blue, red, and more. It is up to the owner’s imagination.

Other hairstyles for poodles

Apart from Mohawk, there are other poodle hairstyles that look great on poodles. The American Kennel Club recognises certain hairstyles as standard for poodles.

The hairstyles officially recognised by the AKC are

  • English saddle Cut.
  • Continental Cut.

These two are the only hairstyles approved by the AKC for the dogs participating in dog shows. Other hairstyles are not considered official for the poodles.

If you are taking your poodle for a dog show or grooming competition, consider having either of these cuts.

Some of the other poodle haircuts that are practiced by poodle owners are

  • Summer Cut.
  • Lamb Cut.
  • Teddy Bear Cut.
  • Royal Dutch Cut.
  • Miami Cut.
  • Princes Cut.
  • Modern Cut.

And much more. Check Poodle hairstyle guide where we have given a detailed guide on the 28 different hairstyles in poodles.

Final words on Poodle Mohawk Hairstyle

Summing up, Poodles can have Mohawk hairstyles. It will look cooler on them. But they are not officially recognised by the AKC. Get Mohawk done for the poodles if you are not planning to take them for a dog show or dog looks competition.

You can also colour the hair with bow pens to make the Mohawk look its best. Red Mohawks always steal the show.

So, that was all about the Mohawk hairstyle and other different poodle hairstyles.

We hope this blog helps you by clearing queries on how to groom and maintain Mohawk hairstyle in poodles.

We always welcome your suggestions. Comment below your experiences with your beloved Poodles.

Feel free to mention things that are to be changed and improved in our blogs and website. We are learners for life!

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See ya! Until then keep grooming your cute poodles.

Poodle Mohawk – Related Questions

What Breed of Dog Has a Natural Mohawk?

Rhodesian ridgebacks are known to have natural Mohawks. They have a Mohawk running through the spine which looks cooler than most dog varieties.  These dogs will have the best of Mohawk if groomed and maintained properly.

What Kind of Dog Has Mohawk?

Some of the dogs that have Mohawk like hair are

  • Bedlington Terrier.
  • Afghan hound.
  • Bull terrier.
  • Lagotto Romagnolo.

What Does It Mean when A Dog Has a Mohawk?

Some dogs naturally have Mohawks. But if other dog breeds have periodic Mohawk, it may be due to fear, surprise, insecurity, anxiety, arousal, excitement, aggression, defence, or nervousness.

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