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Male vs Female Poodles- Differences and Similarities

Poodle owners love to have them. Some prefer Male and some females. But what’s the difference between a male and a female Poodle?

Dog owners will have first confusion when selecting a dog. Since you are reading this it is obvious you have selected Poodle. But should you go for a male or female Poodle? To select any, let us see the differences between a male and female Poodle.

Differences between Male and Female Poodle

Male Poodles are strong, passionate, and easier to train dogs. They love to be around the owners and stay obedient.  They can be grown up in any home and suitable for any situation. Male Poodles can work as guard dogs and even protect. Male Poodles will bond with every family person unconditionally.

Female Poodles are beautiful, independent, and stubborn dogs. They attach only to one or few people in a family. So, Female Poodles are more like personal dogs.

Selecting a male or female poodle depends completely on your needs and necessities. If someone is looking for a poodle to become a great companion with, you can go for a Female Poodle. Male Poodles will be best for a dog-loving family.

Generally, Females will possess qualities like loving nature, affectionate behavior, and soft nature. But in Poodles, Male Poodles have these quantities. Poodle boys are easier to train than family dogs with a loving nature.

Male Poodles love to be around humans and will expect owners to cuddle them. They won’t mind if their private space is invaded for a while.

Female Poodles are smart, intelligent, independent, and stubborn to train. They love to be around any one person and protect their private territory effectively.

With regards to person count, Female Poodles are the right choice if you are a single person living in an apartment. Male Poodles are a great choice for a family dog.

Still confused in selecting the poodle, don’t worry. Let us see other differences between male and female Poodles.

Poodle Physical Differences

Physical differences are the first one we can spot immediately between a male and female Poodle.

This is the one we use immediately to spot between a male and female dog. It is better to know the differences between both, even though it is not a deciding factor to choose from.

Male PoodlesFemale Poodles
Stronger and Bigger in sizeComparatively small in size
At sixth month they weigh 20-25 poundsFemales weigh 20 pounds
Fully grown weigh up to 60 poundsFully grown weigh till 55 pounds

Male Poodles

By nature, most Male genders of dog species will be stronger and bigger in size. But, Male Poodles are almost similar in size to their female counterparts. Male poodles are heavier than girls.

While growing, Male poodles will be around 7 inches in height at the end of 6th month. They weigh around 20-23 pounds at the end of 6th month.

One-year-old male poodles will grow up to 11 inches and will weigh around 30-32 pounds.

They will reach their maximum height of 17-18 inches by the end of the 18th month. Healthy male Poodles will weigh around 58-60 pounds.

Female Poodles

Female Poodles will also follow the same growth pattern as male poodles. But they will weigh slightly less than male poodles.

By the end of the 6th month, female poodles will weigh 21 pounds. When females are fully grown, they will weigh around 55 pounds.

Physically, male and female poodles grow almost similar in size. But this is highly affected by various factors like food, exercise, active routines, and others.

But still, better results can be bought out of your poodles if they are fed and taken care of properly.

Male vs Female Behaviors

Both these dogs have more differences in behavioral activities and routines. Let us see them in detail.

Male Poodle Behavior

Male dogs are usually more aggressive than female poodles. This is more when poodles are marking and maintaining their territorial places. Male dogs are especially known for their territorial behaviors.

Male poodles are just like most male dogs. Poodles are wild dogs. They are aggressive in capturing and dominating territories. This is because of their wild ancestral evolution.

When male poodles are grown in-house, they will mark their territories by pissing over spots. This will be more aggressive when two or more dogs are in the same house. But this problem can be avoided by spaying.

Spaying at an adolescent age will help male dogs become less aggressive over territorial issues. Spaying must be done at the right time. Spaying too soon or too late will cause harm to the dog’s health. Check Beagle Spaying to know more about spaying

Male poodle spaying will make it more obedient and less aggressive. If not Spayed, male poodles will show territorial marking and timely humping. If you are not planning to allow male poodles to breed, you can get them spayed.

These dogs have the desire to please their owners more. Male Poodles love company and they can’t be independent like most female dogs. They spend most of their time playing and enjoying themselves with people.

This makes male poodles one of the best choices as a family dog. Male poodles need more attention and they become restless when ignored or not given proper attention. So, a male poodle is just like your girlfriend. He will be happy until proper care and attention are given.

Male poodles can be easily trained. This is due to their owner-pleasing nature and obedience.

Even professional breeders and dog owners prefer male poodles over females due to this reason. Hustle, loyalty, and respect they say…Male poodles give you all.

Female Poodles Behavior

Female Poodles are conservative dogs compared to boys. They are more conscious of who they are with and how many people are around.

These dogs are more intelligent and smarter than their male counterparts. This makes them act independently of people and locations. Female poodles like to spend more time.

They are also affectionate and loving dogs but not to the level of male poodles. Unlike male poodles, these girls will not expect you to provide attention and care all the time.

Their intelligence is good and bad at the same time. Intelligent female poodles are harder to train than males. They are less responsive to training routines and act stubborn. They may listen to the owner at times but not every time.

These dogs will try to dominate other dogs if they are in the same place or house. Female poodles may act bossy and will try to control other pets. They would even try to outrank the owner. They show their bossy nature during the training routines.

Female Poodles are one of the hardest dogs to train. They don’t expect treats or attention from the owner. This is the hardest part of any dog trainer to handle. But still, they can be trained

Girl Poodles go well with family but they will be attached only to a particular person more than most. They will be dominant most of the time. This may be controlled if spayed at the right time. But they will still be acting rouge after spaying. It is their nature to act so.

So, a female poodle is just like a friend who you are hanging out with but they can never become family. Girl poodle dogs will not be affectionate like male poodles but they can make good companions for single bachelors.

When it comes to temperament, Male poodles are more likely chosen by breeders and dog owners over female dogs. Even we suggest going for male poodles if you are looking to have a faithful and loyal friend.

Poodle temperament differences

Male and female poodles temperament

This is where you must concentrate if you are confused between a male or female poodle. A dog’s temperament will affect the bond and relationship between its owner in the long run.

Poodles are known for their intelligence, energy, skills, and trainability. Apart from all these traits, Poodles are mainly sought after for their beautiful looks. Thanks to its awesome coat and curly hair.

These were some of the common traits and temperaments of poodles. However, male and female poodles have few variations in their temperament and behavior.

Male PoodlesFemale Poodles
FriendlyDominating and Stubborn
Great Watching SkillsTerritorial Dominance
Love for Food and TreatsLess Open Nature
AggressionMood Swings

Male Poodle Temperament

Male poodles are cute, energetic, and obedient dogs. They have some of the following behavioral qualities.


Dogs are friendly beings. They are just like your go-to a buddy who loves to be around the crowd always. Male Poodles are more welcoming towards new people and dogs. This is because of their attention-seeking nature.

Whatever may be the age, Male Poodles will still have the heart of a puppy. It is always better to have a male poodle around as a trustful soul and fun-loving buddy.

Great watching skills

Male poodles are great watchdogs. They love to protect and save the family. These dogs may not be great guard dogs, but still, male poodles will do well as watchdogs. Check Poodles as guard dogs for more info

Love for food and treats

Boy Poodles love food and treats. They love to eat and sometimes this may lead to overeating and obesity. This makes the training process much easier as most training processes are based on feeding treats at the end of a session.


These dogs are affectionate beings. They always love to be around someone all the time. They like to have someone around the home all the time. If male poodles are left alone, they will start to feel anxious and lonely.


Male poodles are more aggressive than female poodles. This is common among all species. Aggressive behavior comes out when male poodles want to dominate over a territory. They show aggression when someone tries to occupy or intrude on these areas.

Increased aggression is seen during heat times. These problems can be tackled by spaying the male poodle.

Female Poodle Temperament

Female poodles are beautiful, self sufficed, and dominating dogs. Some of the poodle temperamental natures are

Dominating and Stubborn

Female dogs are more stubborn than male poodles. They try to dominate a group. If there is a group of dogs at place, the female poodle will try to become the prime leader of the group.

They are less sensitive and won’t care much about the owner. This makes them hard dogs to train.


Female poodles are self-sufficient dogs. They won’t require attention from their owners. Unlike male poodles, female dogs will spend more time alone. They may still want the attention from owners but will move away once they are done.

It can also be said female poodles are not like dogs but more like cats with respect to their behavior.

Territorial dominance

This trait is found in both male and female dogs. But with poodles, the females are more aggressive towards territorial dominance. Female poodles will not allow anyone to trespass the area.

Female poodles are dominant by birth. They always like to lead rather than follow. If they are not followed, female poodles may also force the other pets to follow.

Male poodles may show reduced aggression after spaying on territorial matters. But female poodles will be aggressive even after spaying.

Less open nature

Female poodles are not open to new visitors like male poodles. They like to meet only a limited number of people. These dogs will maintain a small circle throughout their life. If you have a home with frequent guests, your female poodle may feel uncomfortable.

Mood Swings

What else did you expect? She’s a woman. Every woman will show mood swings and it must be taken care of by the male. Mood swings are seen during heat time in females.

During the heat time, they experience random moods and all the training you gave will be in vain. They become restless due to hormonal play. But this can be tackled with some measures and practice.

Make sure to have only male dogs around a female poodle in heat. A female-female duo will always result in hell in the cell match. A male dog may help the dog show love and share its emotion.

Poodles as work dogs

Poodles can be great work dogs. They were hunting dogs in the wild.  These dogs were first employed by the French for their hunting skills in water. Poodles easily hunted ducks and geese in ponds and lakes.

But male and female poodles are used in different works as work dogs.

Male Poodle worker dogs

Male poodles are stronger than female poodles. They were preferred by the hunter men as hunting dogs. This makes them suitable for daily work requiring more energy and stamina.

They can also be trained as service dogs. This is because of their easy-going nature and love towards people. Their need for attention makes them best suited as companion dogs.

But male poodles are not suited for jobs that are more stressed and require help. So, male poodles can be grown as worker dogs in therapy clinics, hospitals, 

Female Poodle worker dogs

Female poodles are known for their emotional intelligence. This makes them their first choice as therapy dogs. Poodles are great therapy dogs. Female poodles are more impressive as therapy dogs than their male counterparts.

They can handle high-stress situations and can even help people during these situations. This makes them suitable for places filled with stress and fast decisions.

Buying Poodle Puppies

Male and female poodle puppy prices

If you are planning to buy a Poodle puppy, then gender must come last in your list of selection processes. Observe more on the puppy’s behavior, activities, and character. This is how the Poodle will be taught life.

If you are interested in buying an active puppy, go for a playful and active puppy poodle. Go for a calm puppy if you are in need of a calm poodle as a partner.

Puppy price

While buying poodle puppies, price plays a major role. Poodles are usually pricier than most dogs. Purebred puppies are costlier than mixed varieties.

Standard poodles are priced lesser than miniature and standard poodles. But still, these dogs are pricier than most dog varieties.

This is because of the increasing demand for poodle dogs and their standard as status dogs among businessmen and millennials.

Usually, a good-quality poodle puppy will cost a minimum of $2000 or more. 

Check Poodle Price Guide to get complete details on poodle price and buying. But in short, the pricier the poodle the better is its looks and quality.

Health Problems in Poodles

Both male and female poodles suffer from the same health problems and diseases. Normal poodles are the natural poodles. They suffer lesser diseases compared to smaller poodles. Both miniature and toy poodles suffer more due to their genetic mutations.

Some of the common poodle diseases are

  • Addison’s Disease
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Corneal Dystopia

Final words for Poodle Lovers

Selecting a male or female poodle is completely up to your choice. If you are in need of a family dog that can be both a loyal companion and great friend, you can go for the male poodle dog.

If you are in need of a dog to be your only friend to hang around with and shower all the love, then a female poodle must be your go-to dog.

We personally chose a male poodle to grow because of its buddy-like nature and unconditional love towards our team. We, along with the male poodle, make an even better team.

So, that was all about the differences between a male and a female poodle.

We hope this blog helps you by clearing queries on what different behavior the poodle shows based on its gender and how to select one from both.

We always welcome your suggestions. Comment below your experiences with your beloved Poodles.

Feel free to mention things that are to be changed and improved in our blogs and website as we are learners for life!

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See ya!

Until then, keep cuddling your cute Poodle…Bow wow

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