are eucalyptus leaves safe for horses

Is Eucalyptus Safe for Horses? – Answered Simple

Horses feed on various leaves and plants. But accidentally they may feed on poisonous plants too.

Lots of plants are safe for horses but few plants and leaves may cause serious problems and even poison horses.

If your horse ate Eucalyptus or you’re worried about Eucalyptus being safe for horses, then keep reading.

Is Eucalyptus Safe for Horses?

No! Eucalyptus is not safe for horses. When horses feed on Eucalyptus plants it causes digestive and other health problems.

Eucalyptus even causes poisoning in horses if eaten. Horse owners must always keep an eye on their horses to avoid feeding on Eucalyptus and other poisonous plants for horses.

It is common for horses to go rogue and eat things in the wild accidentally. But this can be avoided by having proper knowledge about horses and horse diets.

If you are a horse owner and worried about Eucalyptus poisoning in your horse, then don’t worry.

In this blog, we have covered why Eucalyptus is poisonous, signs of Eucalyptus poisoning, and what to do if your horse ate Eucalyptus.

Is Eucalyptus Poisonous to Horses?

Yes! Eucalyptus is poisonous to horses. It must not be fed to horses as food or any form of supplement in a horse diet. Horses may accidentally eat Eucalyptus in the wild or when fed by the horse owners.

This is because horses are unable to differentiate between good plants and poisonous plant leaves by themselves.

Eating eucalyptus will cause a series of health problems and even food poisoning in horses. Now let us see why Eucalyptus is poisonous to horses.

Why Is Eucalyptus Poisonous to Horses?

are eucalyptus poisonous for horses

Certain chemicals like Eucalyptol are present in Eucalyptus. This makes it poisonous to feed on horses, humans and other mammals. Other chemicals in Eucalyptus will cause skin problems like Dermatitis and more.

Cardiac Glycogen is another chemical found in Eucalyptus that can raise the heart rate and cause high blood pressure in horses.

Eucalyptus oil from the bark and leaves is also harmful and contains toxins that are not good for horses.

But how to know if your horse had eaten Eucalyptus or was suffering from Eucalyptus poisoning?

What Are the Signs of Eucalyptus Poisoning in Horses?

Poisoning on horses can be due to various reasons. But food poisoning seems to be the most common. It happens when the horse feeds on poisonous plants and leaves.

This may happen accidentally by feeding or grazing as horses, unlike other animals, cannot differentiate between good and bad plants for them.

The major signs of Eucalyptus poisoning in horses are

  • Pain (Abdomen, Body).
  • Loss of Appetite.
  • Weight loss.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Constipation.
  • Restlessness.

If your horse is behaving differently than normal and finds it difficult to stand or walk, then consult the veterinarian immediately.

No delay must be done in case of visiting the vet during disease or emergency. The quicker you take action, the less the problem will be difficult to treat.

Can Horses Recover from Eucalyptus Poisoning?

Yes! Horses can recover fast and quickly from Eucalyptus and other kinds of plant poisoning with proper care and medication.

If you find your horse is suffering from Eucalyptus poisoning, rush to the vet immediately.

Without medical support and proper medication from a professional veterinarian, it will be difficult for horses to recover naturally.

So instead of performing home remedies, it is better to get professional help during such cases of emergencies.

What Leaves Are Poisonous to Horses?

Apart from Eucalyptus, there are other plants that are poisonous to horses. They are

  • White and Red Clove.
  • Pokeweed.
  • Nightshade Species.
  • Buttercup Species.
  • Pokeweed.
  • Poison Hemlock.
  • Tall Fescue.
  • Alsike Clover.
  • Black Walnut.

These plants must be kept away from horses and must not be fed to them at any cost. Depending upon the quantity, they may cause health issues to even fatality.

So it is always better to keep your stable or horse breeding area free of harmful plants and trees.

According to the information that we gained from Plant Toxic to Horses written by Donna Foulk, these mentioned above plants are considered to be poisonous leaves that horses shouldn’t eat.

What Plants Are Good for Horses?

what plants are good for horses

Apart from the above listed plants, most leaves and plants are good for horses. Fresh green grass and dried hay are the favourite for them

Pulses like Horse gram got their name from horses as they are the most likely to feed for stallions.

These types of food make the horses healthy and stay disease free. If you are owning a horse, it is important to feed a healthy diet for their wellbeing.

Final Words on Eucalyptus for Horses

Summing up, Eucalyptus is poisonous for horses. Owners must take care that horses must not feed on Eucalyptus accidentally.

If the horse eats Eucalyptus and suffers from Eucalyptus poisoning, then it must be rushed to the vet immediately for medical support.

Home care will not help as horses cannot recover from food poisoning by themselves naturally.

Apart from Eucalyptus, horses must also avoid eating other harmful plants that cause health problems or poisoning.

So, that was all about Horses and Eucalyptus

We hope this blog helps you by clearing queries on why Eucalyptus is harmful for horses and what to do during Eucalyptus poisoning.

We always welcome your suggestions. Comment below on some best experiences with your beloved horses.

Feel free to mention things that are to be changed and improved in our blogs and websites as we are learners for life!

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