How Long should a german sheperd sleep

How long Should your German Shepherd Sleep?

Learn How Long Should Your German Shepherd Sleep?

German Shepherds are active dogs. They spend a lot of energy during the day while playing and exploring. Shepherds must sleep to refresh and regenerate the lost energy. They will feel lazy if they do not sleep properly.

How long should My German Shepherd Sleep? German shepherds usually sleep around 12 to 14 hours on average. But still, this varies with lifestyle, Age, Size, and Feeding Habits. German shepherd puppies sleep a lot more than adults.

Work Dogs and Teen German Shepherds are more active than pups and older dogs. They also need less sleep than young and much older shepherds. If your dog has some problem with sleeping habits, don’t worry.

In this blog, we have consolidated all possible data on German shepherd sleep habits, and how to provide adequate sleep for your pet Shepherd.

So, Sit back, Relax and Enjoy the Read.

Why German Shepherds Sleep Longer?

German Shepherds are sound sleepers when compared to humans. They must have good sleep to maintain great physical and mental health.

German Shepherds are great watchdogs and protectors. They usually don’t sleep for a full 14 hours or more. So, they usually split them into short sessions of sleep.

They sleep longer at night. During the daytime, they take small naps with gaps. Sometimes, they may even sleep longer hours. This is to conserve energy and regain freshness.

Usually in the wild, they save this energy to protect their owners and hunt other prey. This makes them excellent working dogs. It is the major reason for choosing Shepherds as Military dogs.

On average German Shepherds depend 12 to 14 hours a day sleeping. On a day, they sleep almost half the time.

Shepherds take rest for two-thirds of the remaining time. Only for a few hours, they will be jumping and playing during the daytime.

But this doesn’t mean German Shepherds are lazy dogs. German Shepherd is a very active and intelligent dog.

They are very alert dogs and can easily wake up with small stimuli or smells. Shepherds have so much stamina to play all around the day or train if needed.

GSD will take a rest only if they don’t have much to do. So don’t worry if your dog is sleeping 12 or more hours.

Is Your German Shepherd Sleeping Too Much?

is your germansheperd sleeps too much

Sleeping for 14 hours can be considered normal. But if your German shepherd is sleeping more than 15 hours, then it becomes a problem to be concerned about.

Dogs usually sleep longer if they fall sick or recover from disease. They sleep to save energy loss and recover faster. Dogs are mammals just like humans. They too get affected by colds and fever.

When Shepherds get Feverish or Cold, they will sleep longer than usual. Consult your pet doctor immediately if your dog is sleeping and whining too much.

Puppy Shepherds sleep most of the time in a day. They spend so much energy exploring and learning new things. Also, their body can generate more energy to compensate for the loss due to extreme activity.

So, puppy German shepherds sleep 18 hours or more. Older dogs also sleep more. This is because of their age. As a god ages, it becomes less active and weak.

But if a young German Shepherd is sleeping longer, it may be due to boredom. Dogs overcome boredom and spend time by sleeping or resting. Try to take them out for a walk to keep them active.

When proper activities are given, German Shepherds will show their stamina and could play for hours, run for miles.

Take them for a walk every day, visit a park and play stick fetches. German Shepherds love to play ball fetching and stick fetching games.

When should you worry about over-sleeping?

Oversleeping is a concern when you notice a change in the sleeping patterns of your pet shepherd. Changing sleeping patterns can indicate physical or mental disturbances.

Change in sleep routine may be due to various factors like the diet, surroundings, and hygiene. German Shepherd Dogs usually don’t have any sleeping routine in nature. But home trained dogs will follow a sleeping and feeding routine.

You must also take Acton if your dog feels difficult to wake up in the morning. They will feel lazy even after a sound sleep on the nights.

If you find any of the symptoms now and then, consult a vet immediately.

Is Your Shepherd Sleeping Too Little?

German Shepherds are Guard dogs. They will be more active and won’t sleep much when the owners are resting beside them. German Shepherds must lose entry to feel tired and sleep. They need minimum of 2 hours of exercise and activity is recommended.

Take them for a walk with you or play with them in the backyard. This will be enough for them to spend energy and get tired. When dogs get tired, they feel sleepy. This is to reenergize and recover.

But when they are staying active for a longer period, Shepherd will not sleep properly.

This will make them lazy, tired, and lethargic. Lesser sleep affects the resting period and overall stamina of the dog.

When Dogs perform an activity, they secrete a hormone called melatonin. Melatonin is the hormone responsible for sleep. Lack of melatonin hormone can also be a reason for lack of sleep with your Shepherds.

But melatonin hormones are readily available in the market in tablet forms. This can be administered artificially in little quantities to make the dog fall asleep.

It is highly necessary to consult a vet before administering such drugs to dogs. Unnecessary or abnormal dosage can cause hormonal imbalance. This will adversely affect Dog’s health.

There are some causes for the German Shepherds not sleeping or sleeping very less. They are

  • High Energy requiring activities.
  • Diseases and medical conditions.
  • Playing with other dogs during night.
  • When introduced to new places and environments.
  • Aging.

These are some of the reasons for your shepherd not sleeping properly. Make sure to feed them properly and nutritiously. This will avoid unnecessary diseases and laziness. But avoid overfeeding as it may cause laziness.

Bone disorders like Arthritis are also common among German Shepherds. This may also be the reason for the dog not sleeping properly.

So, it is always better to take your dog to a vet immediately if your dog is sleeping too little

German shepherd Sleeping Disorders

German sheperd sleeping disorders

When German Shepherds are not having proper sleep or if they are sleeping for longer times, it may indicate some sleeping disorders. When these disorders are not taken care of, it may cause long-term damage to your dog’s health.

Some of the Sleeping disorders of German Shepherds are


Narcolepsy is a rare disorder caused in humans. When someone is affected by narcolepsy, they will fall asleep all of a sudden. Recent research has found that Dogs too can experience narcolepsy.

When a dog is suffering from narcolepsy, it starts to fall asleep and falls sideways. Narcolepsy is caused either during high-intensity activities or sudden shock. If your Dog falls asleep during exercises or a sudden shock, it is narcolepsy.


Insomnia is very popular in recent times. It is the inability to fall asleep even if the body is tired. A perfect example of an insomnia guy is depicted in the Taxi Driver movie.

When your dog struggles to fall asleep or sleeps very little, it may be the symptoms of insomnia. It may be due to several reasons. When a dog is affected by insomnia, it becomes stressed and very tired.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is rare in dogs. It is more likely to affect obese and overweight dogs. When a dog has a very large tummy filled with fat, it would temporarily narrow the respiratory passage (for even seconds to even a minute).

This makes the dog gasp for air or snort. They are so loud and trouble to hear at night. But it can be treated by reducing your Dog’s weight.

If you think your dog has any of the above-mentioned symptoms, take them to a vet immediately.

Final Words for Shepherd Keepers

Sleep is highly essential for all living beings. It is the only time a body gets complete rest and heals itself fresh to face tomorrow. But if not adequate sleep is taken, it will adversely affect the mood and overall health in the long run.

The same applies to Dogs. If Your dog doesn’t get enough sleep, it will feel restless and tired. But at the same time, the dog must not also oversleep.

Oversleeping will make your German shepherd lazy, inactive, obese, and unhealthy. So, make sure to keep your shepherd active and healthy.

Take them for a walk daily and feed them a balanced diet. This will bring the best out of your Dog and joy out of your Heart.

So, that was all about How long Should your German Shepherd Sleep

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Can my German shepherd sleep with me in Bed?

Sleeping with dogs depends on the mindset of owners and their pets. But we usually don’t recommend German shepherd to sleep in your Bed. They shed a lot of hair on sheets. It easily becomes a mess to wash.  

How can a German shepherd affect your sleep?

Sleeping with a German shepherd can be a good and bad experience. They make you feel safe and loved when sleeping beside you. But Shepherds move a lot while sleeping. This will surely disturb you during sound sleep.

Also washing hair off the sheets is very difficult.

How much should a 5 month old German shepherd sleep?

German Shepherd Puppies require a lot of sleep. A 5-month-old German Shepherd Puppy must sleep around 15 to 20 hours per day. This will help the puppy to grow faster and remain active.

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