how long is a horse tail without hair

How Long Is a Horse Tail without Hair? – Answered with Pictures

Horses are wonderful and beautiful creatures. They have a great appearance with their tall stature and long tails. Their tails are longer with beautiful hair. But is the horsetail made of only hair? 

If horse tails are not made of only hair, then how long is the horsetail without the hair?

Let us see the structure of a horse tail, its uses and how long is a horse tail without hair in detail.

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How Long Is a Horse Tail without Hair?

Regular horse tail grows up to 15 inches in length without the hair. The tail consists of the tailbone and tail hair. The hair will grow for a foot long.

So, a horse tail without hair will be around half feet in length. But the hair is a major part of a horse’s tail.

Horses can’t live without tail hair. The hair is an extension of the tailbone. It can be trimmed but cannot be cut fully.

Horses can grow their tail hair back and it requires regular grooming to maintain good looks.

Some horse owners prefer growing their horse tails long. Others will trim and groom their horse tails. But it is not necessary to trim a horse’s tail.

Do Horses Have Tails or Is It Just Hair?

do horses have tails or just hairs

The horse tails are made of not only hair but also bones. The horsetail is primarily made of bones. These bones are an extension of their backbone to the tail. The hair grows out from the tail bones and will grow almost one and a half foot length

The tail part has muscles attached to the bones. This helps them move the tail according to their will. The tail also helps horses stay firm while walking and running. 

The hair part grows as insulation and protection for the horsetail. Most horses will have a long tail with fluffy hair around it.

Since most horses have fluffy tails with great hair, can any horse have tails without hair?

Can Horses Have Tails without Hair?

All horses will have a longer tail with tail hair. No horse can be found without tail hair unless the tails are hurt and unable to grow tail hair.

Some horse owners prefer trimming and grooming their horsetail. But they trim only a small part to keep them tangle-free.

If horse tails are left without grooming, they will grow longer tails and get tangled over the course of time.

It is okay to trim the horsetail now and then. But horse owners must never cut the horsetail as it might damage the bones or muscle part of their horses.

Will horse tails grow their hair back like humans after trimming?

Do Horse Tail Hairs Grow Back?

Horsetail hairs will grow back after trimming. It will not stop growing for longer periods. This is why wild horses can be seen with longer tails. But the horse tail hair will not grow back if the bones get hurt or damaged.

Horses that undergo accidents can be seen with short or irregular tails. This is because they lose the ability to grow the hair back over the damaged region.

This is why it is advised only to trim the horsetail and not to cut them. Cutting the horsetail as a whole may damage the bone part.

If you are an experienced grooming guy, then horse tail grooming is not a big issue. But new horse owners must be careful while trimming their horse tails and must never cut them.

Some horses may suffer from hair loss near the tail part and it may be due to various reasons. 

What Causes Hair Loss on A Horse’s Tail?

what causes hairloss in a horse

Hair loss over the tail part for horses will happen mainly due to damage or injury in the bone of the tail. The bones are the major part from where a horse’s tail hair starts to grow. When the bone gets injured, the horse will lose the ability to grow hair.

There may also be other reasons like the surrounding environment, temperature, and feeding habits that will also affect tail hair growth.

Horses will suffer from tail hair loss if they are suffering from infectious diseases like Dermatophytosis, ringworm, and other fungal diseases.

If your horse suffers from hair loss over any part of the body, it means the horse is suffering from a disease.

Consult a veterinarian immediately to get your horse treated as soon as possible.

Can a Horse Have No Tail

horses with no tail

Every horse has a tail and the length may vary according to the tail hair. Some horses have short tail hair. This makes them look like horses without tails. But still, these horses technically have functional tail. 

Some draft horse owners cut their horsetail for various purposes. But this practice is highly dangerous as it may damage the bone part of the tail.

If the bone part of the horsetail is injured, it may cause permanent damage to the horsetail and tail hair.

Final Words on Horse Tail without Hair

Summing up, horses have longer tails that grow up to a foot long. The tail hair covers the major part of the tail. Without the hair, a horse’s tail will be around 15 inches in length. This part mainly consists of bones and muscles.

The tail plays a good role in the stability of a horse while walking and running. So, the tail must be trimmed carefully while grooming the horse tail hair.

Horse owners must never cut the horse tail horizontal parts as it might damage the horsetail and cause severe injury.

So, that was all about the horse tails, horsetail lengths, and if horses can have tails without hair.

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Horse Tail without Hair – Related Questions

Is It Bad to Cut a Horse’s Tail?

Yes! It is bad to cut a horse’s tail as it may cause injury to the bones and muscles inside the hair. It is okay to trim the hair part. But never cut a horse’s tail in vertical lengths. Trimming must also be done with proper care and technique.

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