do turtles need heat lamps and heat rocks

Do Turtles Need Heat Rocks? – Turtle Heat Rock Guide

Turtles are cute water pets. They are great to be around. But turtles also need extra care and protection. Turtles need a constant heat supply. Yet, do turtles need heat rocks in their tanks?

Let us see about the Turtle heat rocks and other heat sources that can be used for your pet turtles.

Do Turtles Need Heat Rocks?

No! Turtles do not need heat rocks. Turtle owners can have any other form of heat source as they are cold-blooded animals. Turtles need a constant heat supply externally for their survival.

In the wild, turtles have this heat supply from direct sunlight. Pet turtle owners must be careful while providing the heat source if they are kept in cold and dark areas.

Sunlight will be sufficient in most cases if the turtle tanks are kept in bright and sunny places.

But only sunlight may not be effective if turtle owners are staying in shady houses or apartments.

If you are also one such turtle owner with a less natural heat source for your turtle, then don’t worry.

We have compiled this blog as a detailed guide on why turtles need a heat source, optimal water temperature for the turtle, Turtle heat rocks, heat lamps, and other best heat sources for your turtle.

So, Sit back, Relax and Enjoy the Read.

Do Turtles Like Cold Water or Warm Water?

Turtles are cold-blooded animals. They prefer to be in normal or slightly warm water.

In nature, turtles will be swimming in the warmer part of water bodies.

Younger turtles like to be in warmer water. But the temperature must not fall or rise too much. If the water becomes too cold, it may even cause fatality.

Turtle owners must make sure that the tank temperature is maintained at 77 to 80 degrees F.

What Temperature Is Too Hot for Turtles?

If the tank temperature rises above 80 degrees F, it makes the turtle feel uncomfortable. Anything above this mark is too much heat for the turtle.

If they are exposed to heat for a long period of time, it may cause severe damage to health or even fatality.

Turtle tanks can be maintained easily at optimal temperature if they are placed near a closed transparent window or doorway.

But, if the turtle owner stays in colder regions or shady places where natural light is not available, then artificial heat sources can be a good choice.

How Do I Keep My Turtles Warm?

how to keep turtles without heat lamps

As mentioned above, turtles must have a heat source every time near to keep them warm and avoid getting cold. This may be easy in the mornings. But it will be difficult during the nights and winters.

To overcome this, turtle owns can use artificial heat sources like

  • Turtle Heat Lamps.
  • Fish Tank Water Heaters.

Turtle heat rocks are not a good choice for your turtles as they harm the turtle more than help them. But apart from this, turtle owners can use turtle heat lamps.

Can Turtles Live without Heat Rocks?

Yes! Turtles can live without heat rocks. In fact, heat rocks are not suitable for turtles. But normal rocks are necessary for turtles to live. In nature, turtles grow in lakes and ponds with natural rocks.

They prove to be a good source of natural minerals and heat for turtles.

Heat rocks are not completely bad. Turtle owners can have one or two heat rocks in the tanks along with natural rocks.

Some of the best heat rocks in the market are listed below.


If you are using heat rocks in the tank, make sure you are not keeping many heat rocks in the tank. Avoid keeping heat rocks if you are having a turtle heat lamp in the tank.

How Do I Keep My Turtle Warm at Night?

Turtle Heat lamps can be used to keep them warm at night. Owners must make sure the heat lamp is not giving out too much heat as turtles do not like hot water.

Run the heat lamp for a few hours at night and don’t run them all through the night.

Using a heat lamp with an on/off timer can be a good choice. Some of the best turtle heat lamps are

Can Turtles Live without Heat Lamps?

Turtles with heat lamp

Turtles can live without heat rocks. But it will be better if the turtle owners use heat lamps in the tank. Heat lamps will drastically improve the health and overall lifespan of turtles in your tanks.

Some of the best heat  

How Can I Keep My Turtle Tank Warm without A Heater?

It is difficult to keep the tank warm for turtles without a heater. It is highly important for a turtle tank to have heat lamps or a tank heater to keep the tank warm.

But in case of emergency, tank owners can keep it warm with the help of blankets and other insulating material. This will ensure less heat loss from the tank surface.

Kerosene heaters or propane camping heaters can also be used as a temporary replacement.

Final Words on Turtle Heat Rock

Summing up, heat rocks are bad for turtles. It will cause health problems in the long run. But instead of heat rocks, turtle owners can use heat lamps or turtle tank heaters to keep it warm.

It is highly important to have any form of heat source in the turtle tank. Make sure you are investing in a good quality product for good performance and improve the overall health of your turtles.

So that was all about Turtle heat rocks and other heat sources for turtles.

We hope this blog helped you clearing all queries and why heat rocks are bad for turtles and what are the other alternatives for the turtle heat rocks.

We always welcome your suggestions. Comment below your experiences with your beloved turtles.

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How Warm Does a Turtle Tank Need to Be?

Turtle tanks must be maintained at optimal temperatures.  Pet turtles growing in tanks must have a temperature between 72 -80 degrees F all day and night.

If the water temperature rises above the optimal range, it may cause health problems for the pet turtles in the long run.

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