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Do Snakes Eat Rabbits? – Easy Ways to Protect Pet Rabbits from Snakes

Rabbits are one of the cutest pets. But they are also one of the most hunted prey animals in the wild. They are the favorite of many hunting animals in the wild.

But do snakes eat rabbits? Let us see it in detail

Do Snakes Eat Rabbits?

Yes! Snakes feed on bunnies and other smaller prey animals. Smaller Carnivorous Animals will feed on bunnies by swallowing them completely. Small snakes prefer young bunnies.

Larger snakes like Cobras and Pythons can easily swallow a fully grown rabbit. If not taken proper care and protection, snakes may feed or even kill your beloved bunny within minutes

Rabbit owners on farms and in the wild must be extremely cautious about this problem.

Most new rabbit owners have less experience with rabbit protection, especially from snakes.

But don’t worry. In this blog, we have compiled all information on protecting bunnies and have tried to answer all questions on protecting rabbits from snakes.

So, Sit back, Relax and Enjoy the Read.

Why Do Snakes Eat Rabbits?

Snakes eat rabbits because they are Obligate Carnivores. Animals that feed on other animals for nutrition and survival are called obligate carnivores.

They cannot feed on fruits or vegetables. Hence, Snakes feed on bunnies and other small animals for food.

Apart from rabbits, snakes also feed on rodents, mice, rats, hamsters, squirrels, and other small mammals.

Rabbits are one of the favorites of snakes and they often feed on rabbits. If you are a rabbit owner, you must be careful with your rabbits and save them from snakes.

It is important to know when and how snakes eat rabbits and what is the rabbit’s nature toward snakes. Let us see them in detail.

How Do Snakes Eat Rabbit?

How do snakes eat rabbits

Snakes eat rabbits by swallowing them completely. They cannot chew food like other mammals.

Instead, Snakes swallow rabbits’ lives or after killing and digesting the food for days with their strong stomach muscles. Obligate Snakes can feed on almost any animal.

But they feed based on their jaw size. Larger snakes can feed on bigger bunnies. Smaller ones are limited to younger bunnies.

Smaller snakes cannot feed on fully grown rabbits. Pythons and other bigger snakes can completely swallow an adult rabbit.

If your place is surrounded by snakes, make sure the bunnies are in a safer place. Now let us see if rabbits are afraid of snakes.

Are Rabbits Afraid of Snakes?

Yes! Rabbits try to avoid Snakes and other predatory animals. By nature, rabbits are prey animals in the wild.

They are always seen in groups or herds. Rabbits hide them in bushes and create holes in the soil to protect them from hunter animals and birds.

If you find the bunnies are scarier than usual, it means they might have seen a snake or other predators nearby.

But you can keep them safer inside your house or by buying a cage. Rabbits are not only eaten but also get bit by snakes as explained below.

Do Snakes Bite Rabbits?

Some Snakes bite rabbits. Obligate carnivorous snakes which feed on rabbits bite them to eat alive or dead.

Sometimes, venomous snakes like Rattlesnakes and others may bite on rabbits only to kill them if they aren’t feeling hungry.

Once the rabbits are dead after biting, snakes feed on them by swallowing them completely.

Rabbits are also known for attracting snakes in fields and even houses. Rabbit owners must be careful about this.

Can Rabbits Attract Snakes?

Rabbits will attract snakes in fields and sometimes even in houses. Reptiles like snakes are attracted to places with food, water, and shelter.

Rabbits are food for snakes. So, they can attract snakes to your neighborhood.

The venomous snakes will bite and kill them. Non-venomous snakes are known for feeding rabbits live.

If you are having rabbits in your field or house, make sure they are well protected inside cages or other secure places.

Most snakes will eat rabbits. There are certain venomous snake types that love to feed on rabbits. So what types of snakes eat rabbits?

What Kind of Snakes Eat Rabbit?

A boas constructor snake

Most snakes will feed on rabbits. In precise, all snakes which are more than 1-2 feet in length will feed on snakes for their food. If the snakes are big enough, they will even feed on fully grown bunnies.

Some of the common snakes that feed on rabbits are as follows

  • Pythons.
  • Rattlesnakes.
  • Bull Snakes.
  • Cobras.
  • Brown snakes.
  • Pig-nosed snakes.
  • Mambas.
  • Vipers

And much more. All these snakes grow more than 2 feet in length and can easily feed on a small bunny.

Bigger snakes like the pythons can completely swallow a whole rabbit. Some of the above-mentioned snakes are highly venomous.

Bunny owners must be cautious while handling them.

It is clear that almost all snakes feed on rabbits. So, how to protect these cute little bunnies from these snakes?

How to Protect Rabbits from Snakes?

Adult bunnies grow bigger in size. So, they are safe from snakes that are smaller than 6 feet in length.

Let us see about protecting other bunnies in detail.

How to Protect Indoor Pet Rabbit from Snakes

Pet bunnies that grow indoors are the safest of all. They will never face a threat unless a snake barges into your house.

But if you are growing a pet snake, having a pet rabbit at the same time can be a bad decision.

Pet bunnies and pet snakes never go together. If they are kept in the same house, the pet snake will more likely feed or kill the bunny.

So, to protect bunnies in indoor conditions, keep your house snake free and avoid growing pet bunnies and pet snakes at the same time.’

Growing other pets like dogs can also be bad for bunnies.  But, with proper training and some work, it can be possible. Check Can Poodles Be Friends with Bunnies?

How to Protect Outdoor Pet Rabbit from Snakes

Outdoor bunnies are usually grown on farms and fields. Here the snake threat can be real and alarming for your bunnies.

But if the snakes are smaller than 6 feet or less, then snakes have less chance to prey on them.

Be careful with younger and smaller bunnies. They are the usual target for these smaller snakes. To protect them, keep them in cages or isolated places.

Protecting Baby Rabbit from Snakes

Rabbit with all protection within a rabbit cage

Baby rabbits are the favorite food for smaller and larger snakes. But they can be protected by placing them in hutches.

Make sure the hutches have smaller openings not more than ½ for the bunnies. This will allow only the bunny litters and not the snakes to get in.

If the bunnies spot snakes, by instinct, they will get inside the hutch but snakes can’t. You can also keep them in taller or more secure places to protect them even more from snake raids.

Protecting Adult Rabbit Form Snakes

Protecting adult Bunnies is not a huge problem unless the place is filled with bigger snakes like Pythons, Vipers, and Boas. Smaller snakes cannot feed on fully grown bunnies.

But if you are living in a place with bigger snakes, try protecting your bunnies by caging them or keeping them inside wired hutches.

Some of the best bunnies cages available online:

Sometimes, smaller snakes will also try to feed on bigger rabbits. But they can’t take in unless the jaw size holds.

Always remember, if the snake is venomous then it is dangerous irrespective of its size.

So, it is always better to keep the rabbits away from the snake’s eyes.

How Big of A Snake Can Eat a Rabbit?

Bigger snakes like Pythons and Boas can feed on fully grown adult bunnies. These snakes grow more than 6 feet in length. They can easily swallow a big bunny.

Smaller snakes that grow less than 4-6 feet can feed only on young to mid-sized bunnies. They cannot eat a fully grown adult rabbit.

Final Words for Rabbit Owners

Rabbits are always one of the favorite foods for snakes. We can’t deny the fact. But the problem is more only If the bunny is smaller and younger.

Much care is needed for young rabbits. But older rabbits face threat only if the snake is larger than 6-foot length.

Take care of younger bunnies and give more attention to larger bunnies if the place is filled with bigger pythons and boas.

So that was all about snakes eating rabbits and how to protect rabbits from snakes.

We hope this blog helps you clear queries on snakes feeding rabbits and how to protect your rabbits from these snakes.

We always welcome your suggestions. Comment below your experiences with your beloved bunnies.

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