Do rabbits hunt for food

Do Rabbits Hunt for Food? 9 Myths on Rabbits Eating Meat

We know rabbits are prey animals hunted by other wild predators. A lot of people have questions about rabbit hunting and feeding. But will rabbits hunt other animals for food in the wild?  

Let us see if rabbits hunt and eat other wild animals in detail.

1. Do Rabbits Hunt Other Animals for Food?

No! Rabbits do not hunt other animals for food. Bunnies are herbivores. They feed on plants, fruits, and vegetables for food. Rabbits also eat grass, seeds, weeds, tree twigs, and even tree roots.

Omnivore animals will feed on both plants and animals but rabbits will not.

2. Do Rabbits Hunt Mice?

Rabbits do not hunt or hurt mice. They are generally bigger than mice. Rabbits are shy animals. They do not eat meat as rabbits are herbivores.

But this doesn’t mean rabbits can get along with mice. Mice can attack or hurt rabbits as they are omnivorous animals.

If you find any mice near your bunny sheds, shoo them away. It is always better to keep rabbits away from any other preying animals including mice.

3. Are Rabbits Carnivores?

No! Bunnies are not carnivores. They are herbivorous animals. Rabbits will digest only plant-based food. They are intolerant towards protein and starch.

Do not feed your pet rabbit meat or meat-based products. But Rabbits Eat Carrots, broccoli, and other vegetables.

4. Do Rabbits Hunt Together with Other Animals?

Rabbits will not hunt for food. They are herbivorous animals. Technically, rabbits will not go in pairs or groups and hunt together.

Rabbits live in pairs and enjoy the company of other rabbits. But they will not risk their lives to stay in packs like other wild animals.

If rabbits are in search of fresh grass or plants, they move single rather than as pairs. But after eating, they will return to their group to be safe from hunter animals.

5. Do Rabbits Hunt at Night?

rabbit in search of food in evening

No! Rabbits generally do not hunt.  They are Crepuscular Animals moving out in the early mornings and evenings.

Instead of hunting, rabbits go out in the early mornings and evenings to find grass, plants, fruits, and animals for feeding.

Rabbits are not nocturnal animals. Nocturnal animals are those which come out at night in search of food.  Rabbits are not nocturnal due to a few reasons like a wild animal threat, poor night vision.

Bunnies suffer from poor night vision but their Rabbit Whiskers help them move and navigate in darker conditions.

6. Why Do Rabbits Hunt at Night?

Rabbits do not hunt on late nights. Bunnies follow a crepuscular feeding type. They hunt veggies in the early mornings and evenings.

Rabbits are not meat hunters. Bunnies prefer to go out in less hot conditions. They also do not prefer late nights due to poor night vision when compared to other night wild hunters.

7. What Do Rabbits Prey On?

Rabbits are herbivores. They prey only on plants, veggies, fruits, seeds, nuts, and other plant-based food items for their food. They do not hunt and feed on other animals for food like the wild carnivores.

Even if rabbits are herbivores, they face threats from the carnivores in the wild. Bunnies are one of the favorites and easy prey for wild hunting animals like foxes, wolves, and others.

8. Do Rabbits Hunt Birds?

Rabbits do not hunt or eat any sort of meat as they are herbivorous animals. Instead, rabbits feed on grass, hay, vegetables, fruits, seeds, roots, and all other natural plant items.

Rabbits also lack wings to fly, so they will not hunt birds.

But Eagles, falcons, and other hunter birds may hurt or kill your bunny. It is always better to keep your rabbits away from the sight of these hunter birds.

9. Do Wild Bunnies Come out At Night?

No! Wild rabbits do not come out mostly at night. Bunnies are crepuscular animals. They come out mostly in the early mornings and evenings. They spend time feeding plants and vegetables at dawn and dusk. But rabbits are not nocturnal animals.

Final Thoughts on Rabbits Hunting

In Summary, Rabbits are herbivorous animals and they eat only plants, vegetables, and fruits. They do not eat meat like carnivores.

Bunnies also do not hurt animals. But rabbits can be hurt by wild hunters like wolves, mice, hunter birds, raccoons, bears, and others.

It is always important to keep your pet rabbit in a safe place. This will keep them peaceful and stress-free.

So that was all about rabbits eating meat or veggies in the morning and noon.

We hope this blog helped you clear all queries and burst all myths about rabbit eating meat.

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Do Rabbits Hunt – Related Questions

What Animals Eat Rabbits?

Some of the animals that feed on rabbits as prey are

  • Wolves.
  • Foxes.
  • Wolverines.
  • Raccoons.
  • Bears.
  • Birds.
  • Hunter birds.
  • Dingoes.
  • Coyotes.

Most animals in this list are carnivorous and feed only on meat for their survival. Some are omnivorous and can feed both plants and animals.

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