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Do Poodles Have Masculine Haircuts? – Masculine Poodle Cuts

Poodles are great dogs in looks and nature. But they must be groomed every now and then for best looks and coat health. But what about the male dogs. DO male poodles have any manly cut options?

Let us see about the male poodle grooming and some masculine haircuts for your poodle.

Do Poodles Have Masculine Cuts?

Yes! Poodles have a special type of hair cut which makes them look more masculine. Masculine haircuts are practiced only in male poodles.

Female poodles do the usual English saddle cut or summer cut. But care must be taken while performing the poodle masculine cut.

If not cut properly, it will spoil the overall look of the poodle.

Experienced poodle owners would have tried Many Hairstyles for Their Poodles. But it all seems common and routine. Usual poodle cuts lead to familiarity.

But if you are looking for a new type of hairstyle for your poodle that also makes them look masculine, then don’t worry.

In this blog, we have studied and compiled the new haircut for your poodle that is different from the usual. This hairstyle will make your poodle look manly and charming.

We have also given the detailed procedure on how to get the masculine poodle look for your male poodles.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy the reading.

What Are the Different Manly Standard Poodle Cuts?

Standard poodle manly haircuts

There are many hairstyles available for both male and female poodles to cut. According to our extensive research, there are 28 plus hairstyles for your poodles to perform.

We have made a complete compilation of all these hairstyles in our Poodle Hairstyle Guide.

Out of all the poodle hairstyles, only some are officially recognized by the AKC to be cut on poodles performing in dog shows. They are

  • The English saddle Cut.
  • Continental cut.

In the English saddle cut, the poodle looks fluffier with a snowball-like appearance. This hairstyle is loved and practiced more by the English. Hence it is called the English saddle cut.

The Continental cut involves shaving the poodle at the bottom leaving hair around the limbs, head, and tail. This makes the poodle look even manlier with tall stature and muscular appearance. Docked Poodle Tails can be left untrimmed by poodle groomers.

These are official AKC Poodle Masculine Cuts which make the poodles look manlier than other dogs.

What Is the Most Popular Poodle Cut?

The most popular poodle cuts are the English Saddle Cut and Continental cut. The other mainstream hairstyles practiced in poodles are as follows

  • Puppy Cut.
  • Summer Cut.
  • Winter Cut.
  • Teddy Bear Cut.
  • Continental cut.
  • Modern cut.
  • Miami cut.
  • German Cut.
  • Jacket and pants cut.

These poodle hairstyles are better for beginner poodle groomers. Summer and winter cuts are seasonal hairstyles for the poodles.

In summer, poodle body hair is trimmed very small. This allows the skin to breath and sweat less in hot conditions.

Poodle winter cuts make the poodle fluffy. This hairstyle helps poodles stay warmer in cold conditions.  

How Do I Make My Poodle Look Manly?

Male Poodles will look manly and muscular if fed well with Proper Proteins. Poodle owners can also perform masculine poodle cuts for their male poodles to increase their masculine appeal.

The Masculine Poodle cuts first involve performing the Teddy Bear cut. Then, the Ear, tail, top knot, and muzzles are trimmed with higher numbers in the trimmer. In the end, Masculine Poodle Clips can be used to finish up grooming.

This hairstyle will make poodles look taller and more muscular than other cuts. The Masculine poodle cut in teddy bear base is a DIY haircut that can be performed even by beginner poodle owners.

How Do You Cut a Poodle’s Face in Manly Cuts?

Poodle face manly haircut

Grooming poodle faces is the trickest part of a whole manly poodle haircut. Leave 1 to 1.5-inch hair around the face.

Trim the top, sides, and lower chin parts in a circular shape to give the poodle a wild cat-like appearance. This will add rough looks to the poodle.

Traditionally, poodles will have their face short-trimmed. But this will not go with the masculine poodle cut. Make sure you are not trimming too much hair from your face.

Some poodle owners like to leave more hair around the head and band it to give The Man Bun Hairstyle. Feel free to clip on some poodle clippers for these experiments.

You can also try the Poodle Mohawk Hairstyle over the head to give a funky studbook for the overall poodle masculine haircut.

You can also trim the body hair slightly less than the usual trimming routine. But this hairstyle requires more touch-up and maintenance than usual poodle haircuts.

How Often Should Poodles Be Groomed for Masculine Cuts?

how often should poodle hair groomed

Poodle maintenance is higher than other dogs. Standard Poodles must be groomed once in 3 or 4 weeks for better looks. But the poodle masculine cuts require more work than usual.

If you are planning to set manly hairstyles for your poodle, make sure to groom them once in 2 weeks. This can be done at home itself.

Improper maintenance will cause irregular hair growth over the coat because Poodles Have Curly Hair. But what happens if poodles are not regularly groomed?

What Happens if You Are Not Regularly Grooming Your Poodle?

Irregular grooming will cause matting in poodle hair. Matting is when the hair gets strangled and not returned to its original position. This will lead to hair damage or even loss.

Once again, the poodle coat is the reason for hair matting. Their overcoat is made water-resistant and avoids the skin getting wet. But this is also the reason for timely matting.

Make sure you groom poodle hair now and then to avoid matting. Poodle owners can use combs and dematting tools to improve overall poodle coat and hair health.

Final words on Masculine Poodle Cuts

Summing up, poodles have tons of hairstyles to perform. If you are looking for something trendy and also manly, try the poodle masculine cut. It is easy to perform and can be done at home.

Make sure you are taking care and performing the exact measurement cuts over different parts of the body for better results.  

So, that was all about the Masculine poodle haircut and other different poodle hairstyles.

We hope this blog helps you by clearing queries on how to perform some manly hairstyles for your poodles and how to make them look more masculine.

We always welcome your suggestions. Comment below your experiences with your beloved Poodles.

Feel free to mention things that are to be changed and improved in our blogs and website. We are learners for life!

If you liked this post do share it with your friends and family. Cause sharing is caring.

See ya! Until then keep cuddling your cute poodles.

Poodle Masculine Cuts – Related Questions

What Bladed Do You Use on Poodle Faces?

Specific blades must be used while shaving or trimming the poodle face. Groomers can use #10, #15, or #30 blades for the face.

Trim with care while grooming the face part as rough handling may lead to improper cut or even injury. If trimming seems difficult, new poodle owners can try the summer cut on the poodle face.

Can All Poodles Have a Teddy Bear Cut?

Yes! All types of poodles can have a teddy bear cut. The teddy bear poodle cut is an easy hairstyle which can be performed even in houses by dog owners.

This hairstyle will make the poodle look like a small teddy bear. Mini and toy poodles will look cuter than bigger Standard Poodles.

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