Do poodle have curly hair complete guide about curly haired poodles

Do Poodles have Curly Hair?-Curly Haired Poodles

Poodles have awesome coats with beautiful curly hair. But will all poodles have curly hair?

Curly hair and rich body colors are the solid features of Poodles. They are beautiful but hard to maintain. This is because of the poodle hair nature. But is it possible for poodles to have straight hair or is it always curled?

Do Poodles have curly hair?

Yes! Adult pure line Poodles will always have curled hair over their body. They are known for curly-haired bodies and beautiful coat colors. Poodle puppies are born with straight hair and when they grow, hair starts to curl up. When Poodles are about 3 years old, curly hair starts to appear.

Purebred poodles will have great curly hair without any problem. Mixed Poodles might have some issues with curly hair.

We have always seen poodles with curly hair and wondered what caused curly hair in poodles. If it is Curley always, can it be straightened? Our team made a complete study on poodle hair and coat nature which we present in this blog.

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What always causes curly hair in Poodles?

Poodles are naturally water dogs. They got this hard coat and curly hair over a long time by evolution. These dogs mostly hunted ducks and geese in water bodies. So, they started to spend more time in water.

Their body hair started to become stronger and curly to withstand water seeping through their coat and reaching the skin.

So, Poodles themselves are naturally responsible for curly hair over their body. Their body hair started transforming to overcome harsh cold climates and long exposure to water.

Their hard coat and curly hair helps them stay dry even after entering freezing water. This helped them a lot while hunting in winter. Poodles are great hunter dogs. They were initially used by the fresh to hunt ducks and geese.

Later, they were loved and used as work dogs by the marine people, sailors and other water based workers.

Now poodles are fancy dogs used and grown by fashion enthusiasts. They even became a status symbol among the elite class. This is mainly because of their coat nature and colors.

Poodle hair and coat colors

Different colors of poodle coat

Poodles have great coats and hair. But there are certain standards for the coat and hair. According to the American Kennel Club Poodles must have  curly, thick hair. The hair must grow just shy of short. These qualities can be seen only in pure line Poodles.

Pure blood poodles are terrific in appearance when compared with mixed poodles. But there are certain other factors that make pure blood poodles stand out from mixed dogs. Check Purebred Poodle for complete guidance on pure line poodles.

Poodles come in different colors. Some of the popular poodle colors are

  • White
  • Brown
  • Apricot
  • Red
  • Black
  • Cream

Out of all these colors White, Brown and Black Poodles are the most common among people.

Why is my poodle puppy hair not curly?

straight haired poodles

Poodle puppies are born with straight fur. As they grow older, fur gets tough and hair starts to curl. So don’t worry if your puppies are with straight fur and trust me they are poodles not any other puppy as you doubt.

When they turn 2 years or older, poodle puppies slowly start to show curly hair and beautiful fur. But there are several other factors that affect poodle hair growth.

Pure bred Poodles are the best when it comes to fur color and hair quality. When these true bloodline dogs are fed properly with proper nutrition food, Poodles will become stunning eye catchers.

How can I make my Poodle Hair Curly?

Luckily, you don’t need to make your poodle hair curly. Poodle hair will naturally start to curl after 2 years of age. Owners are required to take care of poodle hair timely to maintain the beauty and

This process will be faster and better in pure line Poodles. Mixed Poodles may or may not have curls. This brings us to the question of if only Purebred Poodles have curly hair or even mixed Poodles have curly hair.

Do mixed Poodles also have curly hair?

Natural Poodles will definitely have curly hair all over their body. But we can’t guarantee the same with mixed Poodles. These dogs are the product of crossing poodles and other dogs.

If the mixed poodles have dominant genes of other parents, mixed Poodles will not have a curly and thick coat. Poodles crossed with Labrador, cockapoo, or cavapoo will have solid straight coats.

How Poodle hairs protect their Skin?

As mentioned before, Poodles’ skin is great for water repulsion. When Poodles get into water, their hair soaks up every drop and will never let wetness reach their skin.

Most dog breeds have a top coat and bottom coat to handle coldness and wetness. But Poodles can handle both with a single coat. Thanks to their curly hard hair.

When Poodles grow more hair, it starts to overcrowd the skin. Too much hair makes poodles look different and sometimes rugged. So, Poodle owners take them for a timely haircut.

Poodles are groomed with creative and cute haircuts designed by great poodle groomers. If the Poodle is used only as a show dog, then they are taken for a haircut and grooming once in a month.

Dogs that are used as common pets are usually seen as less groomed. But they are still poodles.

Most people have the question about poodle hair shedding. Will poodle  hair fall or shed away periodically?

Does Poodle hair shed?

Dogs shed hair under their coat and this is common among all dog breeds. But Poodles have only a single upper coat. Technically poodles won’t shed their hair due to the single coat nature.

Still, Poodles will shed their hair and regrow from time to time. Their hard looks and curly nature makes this process difficult to notice.

Poodles also lose hair. The lost hair will not fall on ground but rather gets stuck to other curly hair. As time passes, more hair gets stuck between those curls. This makes the grooming process a nightmare. This is called matting of Poodle hair.

Apart from regular maintenance, it is important for the poodle owner to de-matt the poodle hair once in a while.

How to De-Matt Poodle hair?

  • Use De-matt brushes to remove matted hair on the poodle coat.
  • Brush it along the coat and don’t use more force as it may cause damage.
  • Use some shampoos or de-matting lotions to soften the hair and make it less curly.
  • This makes the process easier and avoids hair getting tangled.
  • Dematting without lotion may be hard and painful for your Poodle. So make sure to use the de-matt shampoo every time.

Is Poodle Hair allergic?

Poodle hair and coat makes them favorite among people allergic towards dogs and dog hair. Poodles don’t shed much hair. These dogs along with few other water dogs are called hypoallergenic dogs.

Most hypoallergenic dogs will shed very less hair and attract few allergens compared to other dog varieties.

Though poodles are not shedding hair, regular maintenance and timely grooming is needed for good poodle health and looks.

Also, It is highly necessary to take a poodle for grooming if you are wishing to show off your fashionable poodles to the world.

How to Groom Poodle hair?

Here are some tips to groom poodle hair and maintain it timely.

  • Take the poodle to a groomer at least once in 6 months and try to get the dog trimmed by every 6th to 8th week.
  • Visiting a groomer may be costly but try to visit at least 2 times a year.
  • Don’t Brush the Poodle hair with a wire brush frequently. This makes the poodle hair become more tangled and matted.
  • Feed proper and nutritious food. This makes the poodle grow healthier and look great.
  • Use fish oil and seed oils to make the poodle glow. This gives them a rich appearance.

By following these tips, you can make your poodle look awesome and grow healthier. Also the curliness of poodle hair mainly depends on the gene and blood line.

Final Words for Poodle Lovers

We can’t control the quality of poodle hair and how much it is curled. It is completely based on its gene and blood line. But every pure poodle will surely have curly hair.

With proper care and maintenance, Poodles will look best and will stand out in a dog show. This is why they are the first choice of fashion dog lovers.

You can grow poodles even as just another pet dog or a great hunting dog. It is completely up to the owner’s choice and wish.

Anyways, Poodles are great dogs to have around. Male Poodles are even more fun to have around. Check Male Vs Female Poodle for more.

So, that was all about Poodles hair and its grooming routines.

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