Do labs have high prey drive

Do Labs Have High Prey Drive? Labrador Prey Drive

Labradors are cute little pet dogs with calm nature and obedience. But Labradors are also said to have some hunting skills.

Do Labradors really have a high prey drive and hunting skills?

Let us see if Labrador’s strength and if Labs have a high prey drive in detail.

Do Labs Have High Prey Drive?

Yes! Labradors do have a high prey drive. Labs are not strong hunter dogs but have a great prey drive. They do not hunt alone but will hunt in groups or with human assistance.

Labradors are not natural hunter dogs like the German Shepherd or Boxer. But still, Labradors can be ferocious at times.

Labradors are friendly dogs and can be great companions. But in the end, they are animals. We have seen Labradors hurt people or hunt small animals. But it is a rare case.

If you are a lab owner worried about their occasional ferociousness, then don’t worry.

In this blog, we have covered everything about a dog’s prey drive and how to find if your dog has a high prey drive.

So, Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy the Read.

Are Labradors Hunters?

Are labrador hunter dogs

Labradors are good bird hunters. For years, they have been used in America as assistants in bird hunting.

Ducks are the favorite birds to hunt for Labradors. They are best known for their duck hunting skills. Like Poodles, Labradors were used by the hunters and fishermen as duck hunting assistants throughout history.

Labradors or not just duck or bird hunters. They have higher capabilities to hunt other animals.      

If Labradors are trained properly, they can hunt bigger animals like deer and hogs. This comes down to increasing their sniffing ability and route-finding nature.

Apart from these techniques, strength plays a major role in being a good hunting dog. But do Labradors have the necessary strength to hunt down bigger animals?

Now let us see about the actual drive nature of Labradors.

Are Labradors Prey Driven?

Yes! Labradors are prey-driven since birth. Young Labrador puppies have a high prey drive. This prey drive makes them competitive in nature.

Labradors must be trained at an early stage to stop turning rogue or behaving badly. Training will make them better dogs with great obedience and play nature.

This high prey drive makes them one of the best waterbird hunters. Labradors are known for their tactical duck hunting skills in water bodies.

Labradors are also better dogs when it comes to competitive games like tug of war, fetch, retrieving, and other competing games.

This is the reason Labradors are also called ‘Son of The Gun’ type dogs by pet enthusiasts.

Are Labs Strong Dogs?

Yes! Labradors are strong dogs. They have a good frame and a strongly built body. Dog training in the early days is necessary for strong dogs like Labradors. They must be trained for obedience and patience.

If stronger dogs are left untrained, they may become rogue and harsh in nature. This is because of their energy and nature.

Labradors are filled with Energy. Untrained Labradors will be seen dragging their owners when leashed and run faster than usual.

Untrained Stronger dogs are even problematic when left alone. Labradors when left alone will cause destruction by chewing and scratching on things. They may also suffer separation anxiety like Poodles when Left Alone.

Do Labrador Retrievers Have a High Prey Drive?

Do labrador retrievers have higher prey drive

Labrador retrievers are a separate type of retriever dogs. They are a mix of Labrador and retriever dogs. Labrador retrievers are soft dogs and are not ferocious like Purebred Labradors.

These dogs are not hunter dogs by nature. Labrador retrievers never hunt solo but in groups. They are less energetic and hunt in groups or with human assistance.

Labrador retrievers have less prey drive than the typical Labrador dogs. They do not have the urge to chase and hunt ducks and other bigger animals.

Now let us see about the other dogs with high prey drive.

What Dog has the Highest Prey Drive?

Every dog breed has its own individuality. Some dogs have higher prey drives while other dogs have lesser hunting instincts.

Some of the dog breeds with the highest prey drive are as follows,

Bigger dogs usually have a higher prey drive than smaller dogs. Apart from height, there are other ways to find if your dog has a high prey drive.

Let us see how to find if your dog has a higher prey drive.

How to Know if Your Dog Has a High Prey Drive?

There are a few traits to know if your dog has a high prey drive. Check for the following signs to know if your dog has a high prey drive.

  • High prey-driven dogs are bigger in size.
  • Dogs with high prey drives are filled with energy.
  • They play all day and never get tired easily.
  • High prey-driven dogs are competitive in nature.
  • They chase animals and knockdown smaller ones.
  • Sometimes, they may exhibit ferocious nature.

These are not applicable every time. There may be a few exceptions and it varies on individual dogs. 

Some smaller dogs like the chihuahua have higher prey drive while bigger dogs like Pomeranians have slightly lower prey drive when compared to other bigger dogs.

Final Words on Labs with High Prey Drive

Summing up, Labrador dogs have had a high prey drive since birth. Labrador puppies will have a higher prey drive since birth. This is due to their energetic nature and strong body.

They are good hunter dogs and can hunt water birds like ducks easily. This is why they are used as companions by hunters and fishermen for duck hunting.

These dogs must be trained properly in the initial days to keep them calm and obedient. If not trained properly, they will become mischievous and even rouge in some cases.

It is always better to train any puppy in the early stages to avoid conflicts and problems arising after their growth. Apart from labs, there are many other dogs with high prey drives.

If you are looking forward to a dog that is both friendly and has a high prey-driven nature, then Labradors can be a good choice.

So, that was all about labs and their prey drive nature.

We hope this blog helps you by clearing queries on why labs have high prey drive nature and what to do to make them calm, cool, and obedient.

We always welcome your suggestions. Comment below your experiences with your beloved Labradors.

Feel free to mention things that are to be changed and improved in our blogs and websites as we are learners for life!

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Until then, keep hunting with your brave Labradors.…boow…woow

Related Questions

Which Labs Are Best for Hunting?

All Labradors are best for hunting. They are good dogs with high prey drive nature. Yellow and Black Labradors are chosen over other Labradors due to their awesome appearance and hunting skills.

Labradors are great water bird hunters. If trained properly, Labradors can be the best dogs for hunting ducks and other water birds.

Can Labs Catch Fish?

Yes! Labradors can catch fish. They are great hunters in water bodies. Labradors are known for their duck hunting skills.

Apart from ducks, they can also hunt other water birds. If trained properly, labs can catch fish.

But it requires more training and patience. While other dog breeds like Siberian huskies and poodles can naturally catch fish in water bodies

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