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Do Iguanas Hear – Can Iguanas Hear

Iguanas are good pets to keep. They are calm and easily attachable to the owner.

But because of their appearance, most people don’t prefer to keep them as their pets. But remember “Appearance can be Deceptive”.

It’s hard to find iguanas’ ears so many people doubt their hearing ability. Even I’ve seen people who are interested in buying iguanas pull out their first question about iguanas’ ears and hearing ability.

In this blog, we’re going to see about hearing potential and clear myths about iguanas’ ears.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy the read throughout the blog.

Can Iguanas Hear

Yes, they have good hearing skills and their hearing receptors are actually good than ours. They can hear sounds that we can’t actually hear.

While compared with humans they have good hearing ability. Humans’ hearing senses are more sensitive between 2000 hertz to 5000 hertz.

Whereas Iguana’s hearing sense works accurately between 50 hertz to 3000 hertz.

These statements clear us that Iguanas are more accurate in hearing when compared with humans’ hearing senses.

Does Iguana Scared by Sound

Not certainly but if there any high-pitched sound all of sudden it may fear.

It can happen to anyone consider you’re showering when no one is there. Suddenly from nowhere a door slams rapidly and makes a huge thud sound.

Whoever it be one will slightly feel shaken when heard. So, it is common in all living beings.

Likewise, Iguanas are scared by sudden sounds and sound that is felt as harmful to them like animal sounds. They can’t bear loud noises they’ll even run out of that place.

Iguanas Hearing Potential

Iguanas can hear what you speak and whatever you can hear. Most people consider Iguanas as hard of hearing. But the truth is they only respond to high pitch sounds.

But this doesn’t mean they can’t hear low-pitched sounds. Using their ears, they can hear lower to 50 hertz the thing is they don’t react to those sounds.

Their hearing potential will be maximum at their apt temperature. More to say their hearing potential is directly proportional to their body temperature.

Do Iguanas Have Ears

can iguana hear us

Many people say Iguanas don’t have ears as they can’t see them physically. They have tympanum just above their neck region.

This tympanic membrane vibrates as it receives sounds so they can transfer to the brain as sound signals.

As they possess tympanic membranes around their heads we can assure them that they do have ears and can hear everything around them.

Do Iguanas Make Sound

Most of the time Iguanas run away from danger but if they are about to face danger face to face they do their sound and make the enemy fear and escape from them.

So, what does Iguana sounds like…? Iguanas do their sneezing sound when they’re in danger. Sometimes they also do their raspy sound.

Life Saviour Ears

iguana hearing potential

Iguanas’ ears help them to stay away from danger. Even though they have sharp eyes it requires ear mostly to get to know about danger around them.

Their ears are very sensitive to sounds. A friend of mine has reported that her Iguana was frightened by their doorbell ringing sound and so she had to change her doorbell.

These sounds make an adverse effect on their stimuli actions. At the same time, they feel more comfortable when hearing soothing sounds when played on audio player.

While hearing soft music they just hold up their head and begin to enjoy that music which is so adorable…

Ears make to hear many things they need but at the end of the day, its main purpose is to identify dangers and get away from them.

How Iguana Reacts to Danger

Iguanas evaluate whatever sound they hear as harmful or not harmful. When they hear any sound that feels dangerous for them like their predator’s movement.

They just stay wherever they are and stay still till the danger moves away from them. More to say means they just go into their stealth mode.

They don’t move a bit from their point. As they don’t possess any defense mechanism to protect their only option is to go stealth.


Iguanas are cute animals but this is totally subjective. They are known for their friendly nature and their calmness with owners.

You can keep your iguana on your shoulder for a day long they don’t show any movement until you let them down on your own.

Some people may feel it is weird to have an iguana at home but it is not the same for everyone.

First question arises in people’s minds whenever they see any iguana is where are their ears…? Do they have ears…?

But no one knows that they have a tympanic membrane which is visible when seen with naked eyes this acts as their ears.

Tympanic membrane is nothing but a part of ear the thing they lack external ear bones. That is why we feel abnormal to see them.

So, we hope that you’ve got cleared from all doubts and myths regarding iguana ears. If not please send us your valuable compliments.

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We accept all your criticism and make our work as you like.

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