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Do Fishes Get Bored? And How To Stop It

Learn fish boredom in your aquarium… Staying in a single place for a longer time will be boring. When you are quarantined and not allowed to move to other places, it gets frustrating. This is what happened to the whole human race when the 2019 Pandemic hit us. But fishes inside tanks live this for their whole life wandering within the tank width. So, does the fish get bored in the tanks? Some social fishes get bored when they are kept alone. This will cause stress and even death in extreme cases. Some fishes love to be alone inside the tank. But when no decorations or tank plants are added, fishes will get bored as time passes. In this blog, we will explain if your fish gets lonely and how to find if they are feeling lonely. We will also give some awesome tips to keep your fish excited and active So, Sit back, Relax and Enjoy the Read.

Do Fishes get bored inside the tank?

Most animals love to be in a group. But fishes except the dwarf varieties will prefer to be alone. This is to have more territorial control and feeding grounds. But when they are subjected to prolonged loneliness, it would stress them and make them feel lonely. Apart from feeling lonely, few fish varieties will not survive when they are left to live alone inside the aquariums. Most schooling fishes like Chili Rasbora, Neon Tetra and other dwarf varieties will not survive if left alone to live. These fishes always live in schools of 6 or more. This is to protect them from predators. Bigger fishes like Swordtails, Zebra Danio, and few other species will not survive when left alone. Many fish varieties are social fishes and they will love to have other fishes to feel more happy and excited. Gold fishes. Bettas, Catfishes and other socially active fishes will love to have other inmates in the tank. Fishes will also easily get bored if the tank is completely empty without decorations, plants and gravel. So, now it is obvious that fishes may get bored inside the tank if not entertained properly. But how to know if your fish is bored inside the tank. 

How to Know If Your Fish Is Bored?

Fishes will be less active when they are bored. There are few ways to find if your fish is feeling bored inside the tank. They are

Abnormal Activity

When fishes are bored they will perform abnormal activity in the tank. But the abnormal activity may also be due to stress or fear. Normal activities of the fishes vary according to different species. Sometimes, these abnormal activities may be due to breathing difficulties. Check this blog to find if your fish is suffocating to breathe. So, make a study of how your fish behaves in the tank. This will come in handy with experience. When they are behaving abnormally from their routine, you can take some measures. 

Fewer Movements 

When fishes are bored, they become lazy. This is suitable for other living beings too. When you are used to a routine, you will become bored and lazy doing the same thing back to back. Fewer movements may also be due to sickness or disease attacks. Make sure to check out for any laziness with your fish in recent times. If they are lazier than normal, then it is obvious your fish is getting bored inside your aquarium. 

Change in Habits 

When you fish changes routine and performs things out of the box, it shows clearly that your fish are bored inside the tank. When we are driving on the same route for months, we will get bored. So we will decide to make some changes to our commute. Just like that, fish that have a routine of swimming only at the bottom part will get bored. So, it will move to the upper or middle part of the tank to explore more. This need for exploration shows your fish is definitely bored. Empty tanks without decoration and plants will easily cause boredom among fishes.

Fishes Self Hurt 

This is commonly seen with aggressive fishes. Fighting fishes–Bettas are more aggressive fishes. When these fishes are kept inside empty tanks, at times they would hurt themselves by smashing over the tank walls and tank bottoms. But they become more aggressive when another fish is introduced inside the tank. Forget a male betta introduced inside another male betta tank, It will surely lead to death of any one as Male Bettas fight till the other dies. So, Bettas are usually kept single in smaller tanks to avoid quarrel and violence. This will cause it to hurt itself. At times, they become more aggressive and start to eat their own fins. These are a few ways to find if your fish is bored. If they are bored, then how to make them excited and nor bored anymore?

How to excite your bored fish?

To make your fishes feel more excited, you can add some new decorations and variety inside the tank. This will keep them excited and also develop new skills. Fisk keepers can add some of the items below to make your fishes feel more happy and excited.

Curious Decorations

Decorations that are different from normal can be a great addition to your tank. These decorations will make your tank beautiful and also excite your fish inside the tank. A treasure chest giving out bubbles at regular intervals, a pirate ship tailing on the shoe, a bottle carrying a message, and similar decorations can be a great addition inside the tank. Sometimes, handmade bridge-like decorations using hardware pipes will be like tunnels for these fishes to pass by and play. These decorations will also serve as hiding spots for the fishes at times. Also, try to change the location of decorations inside the tank periodically.

Mirrors and Reflectors

Fishes love to flow sunlight and light spots. So, any material that reflects light can be a great addition to your tank. This will improve the curiosity among the inmates. You can also add mirrors and glass. Make sure to add bigger glass pieces as fishes would swallow smaller glass. If you have laser light lying around, use it to make some funny tricks with your goldy.

Balls and Spheres

Fishes love to play around with balls. They will dodge around like football players and play with it. Add small plastic balls. Make sure to keep them heavy as they must be remaining at the bottom of the tank to play with. In China, a fish keeper had converted his tank into a mini football stadium and trained his goldfishes to score goals. Now, these fishes score goals and get fed when they score a penalty. Check out the video on how these cute goldfishes play soccer.

Rocks and pebbles 

In natural habitats, fishes play with rocks, sticks, and smaller driftwoods. Try adding smaller rocks and pebbles inside the tank. This will give the fish a more natural experience and also some things to tweak with. 

Creative Fish Feeding

Apart from this, you can even make it exciting how you feed the fishes. Try to toss the pellets for them to catch and play around with. Change diet once in a while and add live preys to see your cute little hunters in action You can have your own imagination when it comes to entertaining your fish, Find some new ways and methods to keep them entertained.

How do I know if my fish are happy?

If you are making some changes like mentioned above, you can expect the fish to come out of boredom and play happily in tanks. How will you find if your fish is happy? If the fishes are happy inside the tank, they will show great mobility and movements around the tank. They will be following their routine and natural habitat traits. They will happily swim around the tank length along with other tank mates. A School of fish will play more happily and radiate more vibrant colors if they are excited and curious. The tank mates will have a great visual appearance and will radiate vibrant colors. This will not happen if the fishes seem bored. Fish will have a good appetite and will feed at regular intervals. Bored fishes will not have an appetite for food and will starve. Good food will also make them swim faster and stronger. Inmates will develop more healthy membranes and complications are not much likely to arise. Fish will be happy and stress-free once they aren’t bored inside the tank. Finally, fishes will have enlarged gills. They will also have more openly swinging gills. But fishes will swim with fins less widespread when they are diseased, under stress, or when bored. These traits can be seen if you make your fish excited and happy.

Final words for the Fish keepers

Disease, Stress, and overcrowding is the major enemy for any tank fish. But boredom will also affect your fish both physically and mentally. It is our duty as fish keepers to keep them happy and excited as we are the ones growing them in smaller and closed tanks. Take care of your fish’s boredom, then they will take care of your boredom when you come in front of that beautiful tank to take a look at how they play around. We hope this blog helped you on fish getting bored and how to make your fish get out of boredom. We always welcome your suggestions. Comment us down below your favorite way to keep the tank fishes entertained. Make sure to share any other creative idea to keep the fish happy and playful. Also, mention things that are to be changed and improved as we are learners for life! If you liked this post do share it with your friends and family. Cause sharing is caring. See ya! Until then, keep growing your aquarium

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