do female cats bond with male owners

Do Female Cats Bond Better with Male Owners? – Answered with Pictures

Cats are great pets. They love to be around humans and other cats. But between a male and female cat can female cats bond better with male owners?

Why do some cats bond better while other cats can’t bond? Is it true that dogs can bond better with humans than cats?

All these questions are answered in detail in the following blog post. So sit back, relax and enjoy the reading.

Do Female Cats Bond Better with Male Owners

Cats can bond better with both male and female owners. But in general, cats prefer and bond better with female owners than male cat owners.

It still remains a mystery why cats and females go better with each other. Though male cat owners can grow a loving cat, the cat would be loving and caring towards a female owner.

This doesn’t mean a cat cannot bond with a male owner. Many female cats will love to be around male owners.

Experts cite various reasons like hormones, behavioral patterns, genetics, and a few other factors for this phenomenon.

Do Female Cats Prefer Male Owners?

No! Recent studies show male owners are not favorites for female cats to bond and be with. Some other studies call the exact opposite.

So, this all comes down to the individuality of a cat’s nature and behavior. Apart from the cat’s behavior, the environment also plays a great role in the cat’s preference.

It is not ethical to generalize and give a statement about all female cats’ preferences. So, we conclude that a female cat’s preference is based solely on its own choices.

Are Female Cats Affectionate?

are female cats affectionate

Cats are affectionate in general. They like to bond only with a few people. But once after bonding, cats will be very affectionate towards their owners.

In some cases, female cats are seen to be more affectionate and bonded with their owners than male cats.

Though gender doesn’t play a major role, female cats are seen to be more caring and affectionate towards their owners.

Male cats on the other hand will be affectionate in a different way with their owners. They create bonds on the basis of fun and activity with their owners.

But female cats on the other hand will form bonds and affection with their owners through love and care.

This doesn’t mean male cats are incapable of forming a bond and affection with their owners.

But what about the bond between a male and female cat? Can they get along easily on the first go?

Do Female Cats Get Along Better with Male Cats?

Yes! Cats of opposite sex can go along better than cats of same-sex. This is very true when it comes to petting two male cats together.

If a male and female cat are in the same place, there will not be problems with territorial dominance.

But two male cats in the same house will try to dominate territory and even fight with one another to establish dominance.

Two cats of different sex will get along most time. But this also depends on other factors like the surroundings, nature of the cat, and much more.

If you are planning to get a pair of cats for the house, try cats of opposite sex. Cats of same-sex may work when the age difference between two is higher.

Do Male Cats Bond Better with Female Owners?

Male cats actually love to be around and spend time with their female owners due to their contrasting nature.

Female human owners have this feminine radiating energy whereas the energetic nature of male cats usually makes a great pair bonding.

Signs like upright tails, constant purring, and brushing against human legs indicate that the cat likes company and is already forming a bond with the female cat owner.

Male cats are more protective than female cats and they like to guard and protect the female owners while sleeping and doing chores.

Though cats are not capable like dogs when it comes to protecting, still they do the job up to a level.

But what about female cats in heat? Will they be more attracted to male or female owners during the time of heat and mating period?

Are Female Cats in Heat Attracted to Male Humans More

female cats in heat

Yes! In the time of heat, female cats will be more attracted to male humans. This is due to the male hormone called testosterone.

Cats have a higher sense of smell. They can easily smell and get attracted to male humans.

During this time, the female cats will be more affectionate towards the male owner. Pheromones from the male body also cause the female cats to get attracted to the male owners.

When you sense the cat gets affectionate towards the male during heat, try to keep the cat away from you.

It is better to bring home a male cat during heat as the female cats are desperate for love, care, and affection from their counterparts.

Do Cats Get Emotionally Attached to Their Owners?

Cats Get Emotionally Attached to Their Owners

Yes! Cats will get attached emotionally to their owners over time. Though cats are not capable of forming bonds and affection like dogs, still they can be a great emotional companion

Some pet owners who owned both male and female cats commented that female cats have shown more emotional attachment to them than male cats.

If you are looking only for emotional attachment from the pet, then dogs come first in our list than cats.

Final Words on Female Cats Bonding with Male Owners

Summing up, male cats show more affection towards their female owners. But female cats on the other hand show their craving for love and affection towards their male owners during the time of heat.

Some studies show that male cats bond better, some suggest female cats are better at emotional bonding.

So, it is impossible to generalize terms and come to a conclusion.

However, we can say the bonding of a cat will depend on various factors like the cat owner’s nature, growing environment, feeding habits, and more.

But still, cats are good pets and a great companions to have in your houses and apartments.

So, that was all about cats and female cats bonding with their male owners.

We hope this blog helps you by clearing all queries on cat bonding with humans and why opposite-sex cat pairs are better to grow in a house.

We always welcome your suggestions. Comment below on some best experiences with these cute little pussies.

Feel free to mention things that are to be changed and improved in our blogs and websites as we are learners for life!

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See ya! Until then keep purring with you awesome cats. 😉

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