do dogs think stuffed animals are real

Do Dogs Think Stuffed Animals Are Real? – Answered with Pictures

From babies to children and even adults love to have and play around with stuffed toys. Everyone at some point in their life would have a teddy or stuffed spider man in their house.

It is common for children to mistake stuffed toys for real and treat them as real person. But does the same apply to pets like Dogs?

Does your dog think that its favorite stuffed pet is a real person? Is it bad for the dog to be around with its stuffed toys all the time?

Let us see about dogs and their relationship with stuffed toys in detail. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the reading.

Do Dogs Think Stuffed Animals Are Real?

No! Dogs do not think their stuffed animals are real and living things. They know the toys are not real and do not mistake them for their babies.

Dogs are smart animals and they can easily differentiate between living and non-living objects. This is the reason dogs are used as rescue aid animals. But few dogs may get attached to their stuffed animal a bit more.

If your dog is attached to its toy more than usual, then it may be difficult if the toy gets lost somewhere.

It can be phrased that dogs know their toys are playthings and not real person or living being. As they know stuffed animals are not live things, dogs will do various activities with these animals from biting to bumping them.

Some dog owners said that their dogs are mistaking their toys for living beings.

But do dogs really think that their toys are alive?

Do Dogs Think Their Toys Are Alive?

do dogs think stuffed animals are alive

No! Dogs do not think their toys are alive. This is because of their intelligence and smelling ability. Just with a sniff, dogs can easily say if an animal or human is alive or dead. This is why dogs are even used during natural calamity rescue to find people lost in debris and stuck.

Dogs will check for heartbeat, bodily smells, and other responses from the toys to check if they are alive.

When it doesn’t exhibit any such activity and no response even after pressing and squeezing it, the dog will confirm that the little thing is a toy.

Dogs will be confused only on the first encounter with a toy. After encountering a toy and discovering it is a nonliving thing, dogs will be smart enough to identify similar toys.

Are dogs smart enough to recognize the difference between a real puppy and a stuffed toy?

Do Dogs Recognize Stuffed Animals?

Very young puppies may consider toys as living beings on the first encounter.

But after a few minutes, they can even identify that it is just like a stick on the ground which doesn’t move by itself.

We have a very young Shitzu puppy called Cooper. When the first time we gave it a stuffed bear, it started to treat it like another puppy.

Soon, Cooper realized that it is a toy which doesn’t move by itself and even started to bite-play with the teddy.

Some dogs will get so close to their stuffed toys that they will like them more. They will even start to protect the stuffed animal.

But why is the dog protecting stuffed animals?

Why Is My Dog Protecting Stuffed Animals?

Dogs are loyal and protective animals. Once when they get attached to someone, they will protect and shower with love. When the dogs get attached to the stuffed animal, it will protect them.

This also shows how much the dog values and loves the toy. Your dog will then result in obsession over the toy and start to guard it.

Not all dogs will be obsessed with toys. Stuffed toys are great companions for miniature dogs like poodles, Shitzu, etc.

Guard dogs like German Shepherds and other bigger dogs may be obsessed and protect the toys in puppy stage.

Later as they grow older, these dogs will be keen on guarding their owners and possession and not stuffed toys.

When dogs are obsessively loving their stuffed toys, they will carry them everywhere they go.

But why do dogs carry around stuffed toys?

Why Do Dogs Carry Around Stuffed Animals?

Dogs carry around stuffed toys when they love them and get attached to the toys. It is a sign of the dog looking for companionship. Most dogs that are grown as single dog show this behavior.

When Dogs are left alone for a long time will develop a need for companionship. This is a reason for the dogs getting attached to their toys as they start to treat them as a non-living companion.

This may be okay if the dogs are not left alone at home for a longer time.

But what to do if lonely dogs get attached to stuffed animals?  

What to Do if Your Dog Is Attached to Stuffed Animals?

what to do if your dog carries toy everywhere

When dogs are attached too much with stuffed animals, it shows they feel lonely. Start spending more time with the dog, and give care and attention.

This must be done even when they are not showing any signs of loneliness or separation anxiety.

If you have a long day job and leave the dog alone the whole day, then it is better to get another dog as a companion dog.

This will make the dogs be there for each other and not feel lonely when the owner is out of home.

There is nothing to be worried about if the dogs are attached to a stuffed animal in puppy stage. As they grow older, the dogs will start loving humans more than their toys.

Are Stuffed Animals Safe for Dogs?

Yes! Stuffed animal toys made for dogs are completely safe. The only thing to be concerned about is the filling inside the dog toy. Make sure the dog toy filling is not a Poly-fill to avoid choking.

Soft stuffed animal toys filled with cotton or other cotton-like material are absolutely safe for dogs.

Avoid the following type of dog toys for your Dog’s safety

  • Rawhides.
  • Marrow Bones.
  • Small toys.
  • Rubber balls.

Final Words on Dogs and Stuffed Animals

Summing up, Dogs like stuffed toys and love to play around with them. Puppies will be more attached to their stuffed toys. As time passes, it will lose interest in the toys and will play with them now and then.

It is okay if the dog likes to play and carry around stuffed toys in the early stages. But If the dog is too attached to the stuffed toy even after growing up, it shows the dog is feeling lonely and craving for attention.

If you find your adult dog carrying stuffed toys, then start to give them more love, care, and affection.

You can also consider buying another dog as a companion if you are a person who leaves home the dog alone for longer periods.

So, that was all about dogs and their favorite stuffed toys.

We hope this blog helps you by clearing queries on why dogs love stuffed toys and when there is too much love for the dog over stuffed animal toys.

We always welcome your suggestions. Comment below your experiences with your beloved dogs.

Feel free to mention things that are to be changed and improved in our blogs and websites as we are learners for life!

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Until then, keep rocking with your awesome doggies…Bow bow

Dogs with Stuffed Animals – Related Questions

Do Dogs Think Stuffed Animals Are Puppies?

No! Dogs do not think of stuffed animals as puppies. They are intelligent animals that differentiate between living things and nonliving objects. Dogs never mistake stuffed animals for their own puppies. But still may have some attachment to the soft toys.

Do Dogs Think Things Are Funny?

Yes! Dogs are animals with great emotional intelligence. They can feel happiness and sense that something funny has happened. When dogs sense things are funny, they show it by Barking, wagging their tail, and playing with their stuffed toys.

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