do cats try to cheer you up

Do Cats Try to Cheer You Up? – Answered with Pictures

Cats are emotional creatures with great social skills. They love to explore and play around in the houses. But can cats understand humans when they are low? Can cats do anything to cheer their owners?

Let us see about cats’ emotional smartness and how they get along with humans in low times and try to cheer their owners.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy the reading.

Do Cats Try to Cheer You Up?

Yes! Cats will try to cheer up and lighten the mood if their owners are feeling sad and low. This will happen more with cat owners who have a stronger emotional bond with their cats.

This is also because a cat’s mood is slightly affected by its human owners’ emotions.

Cats don’t like being bored or feeling sad. So, they try to keep themselves busy and light. This is why we can see cats trying a lot of new stuff to occupy themselves.

Dogs will care about every other life in the room and try their best to keep everyone comfortable. But cats will worry and cheer up only for the ones they have stronger bonds with.

Cats have great social and emotional intelligence. But can they understand when you feel low or cry?

Do Cats Understand When You Cry?

do cats understand when you cry

No! Cats cannot understand when you are crying out of sadness. Cats are emotionally intelligent within their breed. But they have difficulty when it comes to understanding human emotions.

Still, cats will learn everything.  Over the course of time, they will understand when their owner is happy or feeling sad.

This may take longer when cats learn by themselves. But if they are taught to pick up the clues of human emotions, cats can identify human emotions quickly.

If cats are learners when it comes to understanding human emotions, then how do cats learn and identify human emotions?

How Do Cats Learn Human Emotions?

Cats are great observers by nature. They are stealthy animals and this requires them to observe their environment keenly.

They keep observing the surroundings every now and then. They learn about the other animals’ behavioral patterns very soon.

You can see cats doing this when they are having a keen look at something and observing what is happening.

Similarly, when they observe their owners’ behavioral patterns and know when they are happy or sad.

So, the next time when your cat is looking at you for a longer time while laughing or crying, it means they are understanding what type of emotional state you are going through currently.

Once after learning the emotions of humans, will cats try to comfort their owners in lows and bad times?

Do Cats Comfort Their Owners? 

Cats may try to comfort their owners when they are feeling sad or low. But this is based on the individual nature of the cat.

Some cats that form stronger bonds with their owners can understand their emotions easily and try to soothe them. And some cats may not even worry about the owners but themselves.

Forming a great bond with our pet cat makes them feel safe around you. This will increase the emotional connection between both and make each other understand.

Petting and comforting the cat first is important as cats require more care, attention, and affection than humans.

Dogs do not require this much work as they are loyal and caring towards humans by nature. This is why dogs are preferred as therapy animals rather than cats.

But still, cats will also learn, understand their humans and have a great emotional relationship with their owners as time passes.

What Is the Most Affectionate Cat Breed?

burmese cat

Cats will be affectionate towards their owners irrespective of the breed type. But when it comes to sweetness and loyalty, then the Burmese cats are the most caring and affectionate type of cat.

These cats love human presence and attention. Burmese cats love to cuddle and play with humans, especially with children.

If you are looking forward to a family cat, then the Burmese cats will top our list. These cats are also grown as therapy animals by a few cat enthusiasts.

Can Cats Sense if You Are Sad or Have Anxiety? 

Cats can sense the anxiety or sad mood of their owners. This is because of the change in normal behavioral patterns.

Since cats are accustomed to the normal behavior of their human owners, any change can make them identify that the human is not normal.

If the cat has been with the owner for a longer time and established an emotional connection, it will know when the human is sad and even try to console its owner.

Can My Depression Affect My Cat? 

can my depression affect cat health

Yes! Cats can sense when their human owners are feeling sad or depressed and this will affect their overall mood.

If you are living a happy and healthy life, then the cat will also feel the same vibes. But the cat will not feel good if the owner is always sad or depressed.

Moreover, human depression is said to affect the cat’s mood and even cause mild depression in cats.

But dogs will not have any problem with depressed humans instead, they help humans overcome depression by being therapy animals.

So, if you are depressed, try to have a dog as a therapy animal and not as a cat.

Final Words on Cats Cheering Us 

Summing up, Cats are emotionally intelligent animals. They may not know the first time when you are sad or low. But as time passes, cats will learn when their owners are feeling low and try to cheer for their owners.

They will try to comfort and calm the owners when they cry or feel low. Affectionate cat breeds like Burmese cats will be even more caring and cheerful towards their owners.

So, that was all about cats cheering us on and how cats can develop a deeper connection with their owners.

We hope this blog helps you by clearing queries on why some cats are more affectionate towards their owner and how they comfort the owners in different ways.

We always welcome your suggestions. Comment below on some best experiences with these cute little pussies.

Feel free to mention things that are to be changed and improved in our blogs and websites as we are learners for life!

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See ya! Until then keep purring with you awesome cats. 😉

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Yes! Cats will protect their owners when they are sleeping. Most times, dogs are preferred as protective animals but still, cats are also capable of protecting their owners. They may not be as big as dogs, but still, cats will at least alert their owners in times of danger.

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