do cats make weird noises while grooming

Do Cats Make Weird Noises when Grooming? – Answered Quick

Cats are silent most time. But sometimes they make weird noises for no reason. We have seen some cats make weird noises while grooming. But is this normal?

Is it excessive grooming if cats start to shout or make weird noises while grooming?

Let us see about cats making noise while grooming and how excessive grooming affects them?

So, sit back, relax and enjoy the reading.

Will Cats Make Weird Noises when Grooming?

Cats do not make weird noises while grooming. Most cats will stay calm and even love while grooming.

Some cats will nibble their tongue while removing dust, dirt, and fleas on their fur. This is the reason for weird fart-like noises while grooming.

But not all cats will make weird noises while grooming. Most cats will stay quiet while cleaning themselves with their tongues.

So, only a few cats make this ‘lang’ sound while grooming and this is completely based on the cat’s nature.

It is completely common and natural if your cat is making weird noises while grooming. There is nothing serious about this.

Why Do Cats Make Weird Noises when Cleaning Themselves?

why do cats make weird noises while cleaning themselves

Some cats are known for making weird noises like ‘lang’ or fart-like sounds while cleaning and grooming themselves

Weird noise while grooming is just like humans making funny sounds to pranks. Cats have a good sense of humor and this is also a reason.

But most cats will be quiet while grooming. Apart from self-grooming, cats will also be quiet while groomed by pet groomers and owners.

Grooming cats is easy and it is almost similar to Dog grooming. Cats groom themselves mainly to remove dust and dirt on their skin. Yet, cats may also start to lick themselves during stress and tension.

So, how to know if your cat is grooming out of stress?

How Do I Know if My Cat Is Grooming for Stress?

Cats are shy animals. They are conservative and not introverted animals. Unlike dogs, cats will not show their emotions quickly and directly. Instead, cats will show in other forms.

There is a great difference between cats’ regular grooming and licking while in stress. If cats are groomed normally, they will start to lick their fur slowly in a calm manner.

During stress-licking, cats will start to lick themselves stronger and harder. This is a natural instinct to reduce their stress and calm down.

Sometimes, cats will get stressed due to skin rashes, pubs, or scabs. They will be irritated with these skin conditions.

When cats are grooming only due to stress, then don’t worry much. But if they are often licking over the red spots over the skin, take it to a vet immediately.

What Does Excessive Grooming in Cats Look Like?

Cats groom themselves naturally and most times, they will know their limits. But, when cats suffer from skin problems, they will start to groom themselves excessively. This will lead to loss of hair over the fur area.

Cat tongues have point-shaped projections that help while eating and grooming. They are sharp and can even remove the toughest of dirt on fur.

But when the cats start to lick and groom over the same place, it will hurt the fur and even damage the skin.

Over-grooming will cause hair loss in patches for cats. They may even expose the underlying skin to damage.

This would happen only if the problem is not treated sooner. Cat owners must consult a vet once in 6 months for regular checkups. This will avoid most such problems.

If cat owners are grooming their cats with cleansing agents, it must not be done often. Consider bathing and grooming your cat now and then as they clean themselves most times.

If cats are not meant to be groomed often, then how often should they be groomed for better fur and skin health?

How Often Should Cats Be Groomed?

Cats are known for their beautiful fur because they spend most of their time grooming themselves. According to Cornel University of veterinary Medicine, cats spend 30 to 50 percent of their day licking and grooming themselves. So, they do not require human grooming most time.

But in times of extreme conditions, cats can be groomed and bathed by owners. When cats are covered with dirt and mud, then self-grooming is not a good option. During these times, give a good bath for your cat.

Though cats don’t like water most times, this is the only way to get rid of tough mud and stains over skin.

Cat owners can bathe their cats once a month to remove body odour and keep them smelling good. Anything more than this is not good for the cat’s overall skin and fur health.

Should Cat Owners Stop Grooming when They Make Weird Sounds?

Some cats like being groomed by their owner. But some will not. So, if your cat is feeling uneasy with you grooming them, they may start acting tough and making weird sounds. This indicates you do not groom them often.

Groom these cats only in time of need. If you find themselves grooming more than normal licking all over the body, then consult expert advice immediately.

Final Words on Cat Noises when Grooming

Summing up, not all cats make weird sounds while grooming them. Some cats do this as an act of fun and humor. It will sound like a small fart while they are licking over. If this is the case, then there is nothing to worry much about.

But if the cat starts to lick aggressively with weird noises all the time over fur, it indicates chances of skin-related irritation or disease. This must be taken care of immediately.

When cats are left unattended even after these signs, then it will lead to fur damage and patchy skin over the cat.

So, that was all about cat grooming and why they make weird noises while grooming themselves.

We hope this blog helps you by clearing queries on why some cats make noise while grooming and what it means.

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