do cats lke being thrown up in air

Do Cats Like Being Thrown up In the Air? – Answered with Pictures

Cats are great pets. They like love, care, and affection from their owners, Some cats prefer cuddling and petting. But can cats be thrown up and caught as an act of playful affection?

Do cats feel bad when they are thrown up? Will it cause harm or fear when cats are thrown up and caught down?

Let us see about cats thrown up and caught as a petting routine and why it is not a better idea in this blog 

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Do Cats Like Being Thrown up In the Air

do cats like thrown in air

No! Cats do not like being thrown up in the air as an act of playing or petting. Cats are elegant animals that love to walk and move smoothly.

They don’t like Sudden jerky movements. So, it is not a good idea to play push-pull or throw up with your cat.

But cat owners can pet their cats by caressing them and patting them on their heads. Make sure these acts are soft and not rough enough to harm the cats.

It is important for any car owner to form an emotional bond with their cat. It can be achieved by petting them physically.

Lifting cats in the air also makes them feel vulnerable and timid. It is the owners’ responsibility to make them feel safe.

Is It Okay to Throw My Cat in The Air?

It is not okay to throw the cats in the air. They must never be lifted up fast or thrown in the air.

This may hurt the cat and cause damage to the cat’s health. Any sudden movement will also make the cat feel sick and not well.

Throwing cats up as an act of kindness is not a good idea. They must never be thrown or pushed in terms of hurting them.

Cats will feel safe and good only when they are firm on the ground and ready to move upon the will. 

When cats are tossed in the air like human babies, they won’t enjoy it and rather start hating you for this.

It will disturb their balance cycle and walking rhythm for a few minutes after being thrown up. This is why cats will stay still after jumping from taller places. 

Though cats love heights, they will only like heights when they are explored by themselves. 

Do Cats Like Being Lifted in The Air?

do cats like when lifted on air

No! Cats in general do not like being lifted in the air. This is because of their nature. Cats are shy and safe animals. They want to keep their paws firm on the ground to feel safe. Lifting cats in the air would scare and stress them.

If cat owners are lifting their cats for the first time, then they must be more careful. There are a lot of chances for cats hurting them or hurting themselves.

Like any other act, lifting cats can also be trained and with proper reward training, cats will learn quickly to be lifted up.

Do Cats Like Being Held up High?

Cats do not like being held up high like human children. Many cat owners make the mistake of holding their cats high up in the air while playing.

But this will make the cat feel vulnerable. Cats will be the most confident when they are walking firmly on the ground.

Moreover, male cats are territorial animals. They have a boundary and like to protect it. When the male cat’s are taken and lifted up over their boundary, it will make them feel loss of power over the protective area.

Female cats also do not like being held up in the air. This may feel good till the cats are kittens. Once when the cats grow up, they may not like it as much.

Apart from not throwing your cats in air, what are the other things that you should not do with your cats?

Things Not to Do to You Cats

There are a few things that cats hate when human owners do to them. The most common things that cat experts warn owners not to do are

  • Never punish your cat directly by tapping their butt or using a loud sound
  • Bath cats only if necessary
  • Picking up the cat without training.
  • Feeding only dry cat food as a diet.
  • Holding and lifting cat tails.
  • Feeding old or leftovers for cats.
  • Leaving cats home alone for longer times.
  • Bringing in plants that are not safe for cats.
  • Providing self-medication for cats without a veterinarian’s consultation.

These are some of the most common things not to do if you are a cat owner. If these points are followed carefully, then there won’t be much problem when it comes to raising cats.

Final Words on Cats Thrown up In the Air

Summing up, it is not okay to lift cats and throw them up in the air as a play act. Throwing cats in the air will cause fear and stress. Cats will feel the safest only while their feet are grounded and ready to move on will.

Just like throwing up, cats also do not like being lifted up in the air. It is always better to leave cats on the land than make them airborne for a while.

If you are willing to pick up the cat, then you must start to train them turt you and stay calm while being picked up. This is a slow process but will avoid unnecessary injuries for owners and cats.

So, that was all about cats thrown up in the air. Why is it not a great idea to pick or throw cats up in the air?

We hope this blog helps you by clearing queries on why cats feel best on last and fear when the altitude increases.

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