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Do Cats Get Sleepy After Eating? – Answered with Pictures

After eating lunch or a heavy breakfast, it is common for us to feel sleepy. This is due to various reasons in the human body.

But do cats also feel the same after eating their food? Do cats get tired after a heavy meal or treat?

Let us see if cats get sleepy after eating in detail 

Do Cats Get Sleepy After Eating?

Yes! Cats at times feel drowsy and sleepy after a heavy meal. But this is not the case after every meal.

Most cats will not be affected after a meal and will behave normally after eating. It is okay if the cat seems sleepy and drowsy after a heavy meal.

But if the cat seems tired and heavy after every meal, it is something to be concerned about.

Cats will sleep for long hours in a stretch. It is their nature and metabolic structure that requires them to sleep for more hours.

Kittens will sleep more hours than grown-up cats. This is just like how human babies sleep more than adults.

Sleeping after eating means the cat is conserving more energy and it is achieved during every small nap with intervals.

Do Cats Usually Sleep After Eating?

do cats usually get sleepy after eatung

Cats do sleep after eating meat or any other meal. Sleeping after meals will help cats digest the food faster and conserve energy.

Some cats will sleep more than others depending upon their nature.

On average, cats sleep for 13 to 16 hours a day. This will be more when they are in the kitten stage.

Lack of sleep will cause various problems in the metabolism of growing kittens. It is always better if the cats sleep for longer hours, especially when they are growing.

But it is not okay if the cat is sleeping all the time. If the cats sleep for more hours in the day, then the cat’s sleep cycle must be checked.

Why Do Cats Sleep After Eating?

As said before, cats will sleep after eating for better digestion and energy conservation.

Cats may overeat at times and this is also a reason for taking a small nap after eating. Taking a nap after eating is in animal genes and overall cat metabolism.

Cats including big cats like lions and tigers will sleep after hunting and feeding on a heavy meal.

This is to digest food better and save energy for other productive activities. Just like big cats, domestic cats also do the same.

So, if your cat is sleeping after a meal, it doesn’t mean the cat is lazy. But they are actually saving energy.

Do Cats Feel Tired After Eating?

cats get tired of eating same food

Sometimes, cats may feel tired after eating. This will happen often if the cat is eating more food within a short span of time.

If your cat is feeling tired after eating, then there is something wrong with its feeding habits.

Overeating treats and overfeeding cat food will make them lazy and tired. When cats are overfed for a longer period, it may even cause obesity.

Obesity in cats is something to be concerned about. Cats being lazy and lethargic may indicate that the cat is suffering from a serious illness.

Cats being lazy most times indicates that they may suffer from kidney issues, orthopedic problems, neurological disorders, and obesity.

If you see your cat is being lazy and overweight, take it to a vet immediately. It is always better to treat earlier as possible to keep the cat healthy and safe.

But it does not mean that all lazy cats may suffer from these problems. Considering professional help is always better than self-made assumptions.

Do Cats Get Tired of Eating the Same Food?

Yes, cats may get tired of eating the same food over time.

Feeding the same food or treats for cats for every meal will make them lose interest in food. Cats used to eat a variety of food before domestication.

It is important to mix different cat food and treats in their meal and feed them at a routine meal time.

This will avoid cats from getting tired of eating the same food and avoiding eating properly. Apart from cat feeds, give them treats as a surprise to keep them excited.

There are a lot of cats feeds on the market available to feed your cats. But buy the ones that your cat loves and prefers to eat.

What to Do if A Cat Feels Sleepy After Eating Food?

If your cat gets sleepy every time after eating, it means they are overfed or suffers from any disease.

Try reducing the food quantity for several days. Keep their stomach half full for a few days. This will keep them active and ask for more.

But if your cat stays lazy and lethargic after a calorie-deficient diet, then take it to a veterinarian immediately.

Final Words on Sleepy Cats After Eating

In Summary, Cats will usually feel sleepy and take a short nap after eating as part of their routine. But if the cat is doing this after every meal, it means there is something wrong with the feeding habits or any health issues in the cat.

Try feeding a cat with less than what you feed regularly for several days. This will clear the problem if the cat was overfed.

But if the cat seems to be lethargic even after trying this, then it indicates some problem with the cat’s health.

If this is the case with your cat, then take it to a vet for expert help as soon as possible. Avoid delay at any cost in case of health-related issues.

So, that was all about cats feeling sleepy after eating their meal.

We hope this blog helps you by clearing all queries on why some cats feel drowsy all the time after eating and what to do about it.

We always welcome your suggestions. Comment below on some best experiences with these cute little pussies.

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Sleepy Cats After Eating – Related Questions

Do Kittens Sleep After Eating?

Kittens sleep 14 hours a day. They sleep even more after eating. This is because they spend a lot of energy on the growth process and to overcome the loss of energy kittens feed a lot and sleep longer after eating.

Kitten owners must allow their kittens to sleep and not disturb them. It is better to let the mother cat take care of the kitten than human intervention for better growth of the kittens.

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