do bunnies and rabbits lay eggs

Do Bunnies and Rabbits Lay Eggs?-Egg Laying Mammals

Bunnies are cute animals to have around. Baby bunnies are even cuter with their small size and naughty nature. But do they hatch from eggs or give birth?

Do rabbits lay eggs? Let us see in this blog.

Do Bunnies and Rabbits Lay Eggs?

No! Bunnies do not lay eggs.  Rabbits give birth to their offspring which develop inside the mother. Once they are developed up to larger size for survival, the mother litters through natural delivery. These types of animals are called viviparous.  Most mammals are viviparous. But certain mammals like Platypus and Echidna are egg-laying mammals.

Now it is scientifically clear that bunnies don’t lay eggs. But this trend of rabbits laying eggs had started long before from the Easter bunny story which we will discuss.

Apart from that, we will also see how rabbits actually give birth to baby bunnies and a few other egg-laying mammals.

So, Sit back, Relax and Enjoy the Read.

The Famous Easter Egg Rabbit Story

do bunnies lay eggs, bunny easter egg festival

The American Pennsylvanian-Dutch community that landed in the US by 1700 came up with the idea of egg-bearing rabbits on Easter.

This idea was an original of the German-Lutheran Immigrants. It was focusing mainly on eastern traditions and rituals.

According to Eastern traditions, the children of eastern world countries had this tradition of leaving their hats open the night before Easter.

They believed that the Oschter Haws which means The Egg-laying rabbit would lay eggs only in the hats of good children. The empty hats were of bad children.

By morning, children would return to their hats to see what they got from the Easter bunny.

Good Children got bright and colored eggs, but bad children were left with empty hats or worse bunny poop.

Even though we do not have clear proof for the story’s origin, this story has some connection with the birth, rebirth, and fertility festival of the Ancient Ostara.

So it was more like a spring festival story that kept children busy and happy. They even had a wonderful time with their hats and bunny eggs.

The eggs that were inside the hats are not actually bunny eggs. But they were mostly colored poultry eggs kept inside the hat by the children’s relatives.

What are the Bunny Easter Eggs?

The Easter eggs/ Bunny Easter eggs are normal colored eggs used for gifting and decorating at the Easter festival.

But they are not really bunny eggs. It is usually boiled chicken or turkey eggs colored with paints and designs.

The colorful Easter egg tradition is followed as old as 3000 BC. In Persia, colored eggs have been used to decorate the first day of Easter. Apart from Persia, it was also practiced in Rome, Egypt, and Greek.

This tradition of using and gifting colored eggs during Easter eggs became popular in the west during the later part of the 18th century.

There were expensive easter eggs coated with gold and silver and some were fixed with expensive stones and diamonds.

What is the Most Expensive Easter Egg?

Imperial Fabergé Eggs were the most expensive Easter eggs created by Carl Fabergé.

52 eggs were created in total and only 46 are there currently.

The first and second Fabergé Egg was destroyed in revolts and war. The Third Fabergé Egg is the oldest to survive and it is the most expensive Easter egg today.

The Third Fabergé Imperial Egg is worth around 35 million dollars in 2021. But this proves that Easter eggs are just decorative artificial items and not laid by rabbits.

So, if rabbits are not laying eggs, then how do they produce offspring? Let us see about the habit of childbirth below.

How Do Rabbits Give Birth?

how rabbit gives birth

Most mammals like Rabbits, Dogs, Cats, and humans are Placental Mammals. This means the embryo develops inside the womb for several weeks till they are big enough to survive in the outer world.

These types of animals are called Viviparous animals. Birds are reptiles that lay eggs and the young ones hatch from eggs. They are Oviparous animals.

Rabbit Kitten Birth Process

First, the male and female rabbits mate during their heat period. Once the male rabbit fertilizes the female, the female rabbit gets pregnant.

After pregnancy, the embryo inside the worm starts to grow and this time is called the gestation period. Rabbits are animals with a short gestation period.

Once the gestation period is over, the mother rabbit delivers the kittens by natural delivery.

After birth, the kittens will be with their mother for a week or 10 days for protection and nourishment. Once the mom feels the kittens are old enough to survive, it leaves and moves on.

Rabbits reproduce 4 times a year and this process is called Induced ovulation. This is because rabbits are one the easily hunted prey in the wild.

So to keep up with the survival competition, rabbits had to reproduce a lot and keep their genes passing to the next generation.

What Are the Egg Laying Mammals?

But not all mammals are viviparous, 2 specific mammals lay eggs and produce their offspring. They are

  • Platypus
  • Echidna (Spiny Anteater).

These are called Monotreme Animals. They are mostly seen in Australia and Tasmanian belts.

The Platypus lays eggs and is buried under the soil. After maturation, the egg hatches, and the young platypus comes out.

Echidna lays eggs and carries them in a pouch until they are hatched. So they are more like kangaroos but with eggs.

Some of the other common bunny and egg questions are answered below.

Why Do Bunnies Lay Eggs?

According to The Easter Egg Story and tradition, bunnies laid eggs. They did this during the night before Easter in the children’s hats.

But it was just a story and in reality, there were no egg-laying bunnies or real easter eggs. It was a made-up story to spice up the festival.

So, we can conclude that bunnies never lay eggs but give birth to their young ones.

Why Do Bunnies Lay Eggs On Easter?

Bunnies never laid eggs. But the traditional story says bunnies lay eggs during Easter in the children’s hats/baskets. Children who had colorful eggs in their hats were good-natured.

Bad children were left with empty hats or even worse with bunny poop. But this purely a fictional story made up people to spice up their festivities and entertain their children.

Most times, the child’s parents or relatives used to keep colored eggs in their hats and made them feel happy.

Do Male Rabbits Lay Eggs?

Neither male nor female rabbit lays eggs.  The male and female rabbit mate together during heat and the female gets pregnant.

The female rabbit gives birth to the young rabbit after 30 days of pregnancy.

Final words for Bunny Egg hunter

From this blog, it is evident that rabbits are like other viviparous mammals. They care and carry their young ones and give birth as kittens.

But they never laid colored eggs in baskets or children’s hats, especially during Easter. IT is a great story told by your family and enjoyed by all family members. But it is nothing more than just a myth.

But this doesn’t mean you cannot have Easter eggs colored with beautiful designs to present to your children or grandchildren.

You can always ask them to keep hats open at night and surprise them with a beautiful blue Easter egg in the morning stating that he/she is not a good but great child.

You can also keep hunting those Easter eggs in video games and virtual challenges as there is nothing better than an Easter egg reward.

So, that was all about Egg laying Rabbits and the Bunny with Easter egg myths.

We hope this blog helps you clear queries on what Bunny eggs really are and why they only lay eggs during the night before Easter.

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