do any poodle mixes have pointed ears

Do Any Poodle Mixes Have Pointy Ears? – Pointy Eared Poodle Guide

Pointy-eared dogs are cute. Many dog breeds have floppy ears. Only some dog mixes have pointed ears But do any poodle mixes have pointy ears?

Let us see about pointy-eared dogs and poodle mixes with pointy ears in detail.

Do Any Poodle Mixes Have Pointy Ears?

Yes! Some poodle mixes may have pointy years. But purebred poodles and most other poodle mixes will have floppy ears.

Some toy poodles and poodle mix like the French bulldog mix, and German shepherd mix will have pointed ears. The floppy ears may be due to the body’s genes and fur.

Pointed ears in dogs may be due to various reasons like the dog’s physiological build, body fur, and a few other factors.

If you are wondering why your poodle mix has pointed or floppy ears, then don’t worry. In this blog, we have compiled all information on poodle mix pointed ears, sloppy-eared poodles, and more.

So, Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy the Read.

Why Do Some Dogs Have Pointy Ears and Some Have Floppy Ears?

Some dog breeds naturally have pointed ears. Dog breeds like German shepherd, Boxer, French Bulldog, and many breeds have pointy ears.

Whereas, other dog breeds like Poodles and Beagles have floppy ears.

In the past, hunter dogs had pointed ears to hear sharp and hunt. This is the reason most land hunter dogs still have pointed ears.

But other non-hunting dog breeds did not need sharp ears. So they developed floppy ears naturally.

Dog breeds have pointed ears due to a type of cell called the Neural crest cell. If the neural crest cells reach the dog’s ears, it will develop pointed ears like the Shepherds.

Neural crest cells will not reach the ears of floppy-eared dogs like the Beagles. So they will have bigger, broader, and floppy ears with more fur around.

What Kind of Ears Do Poodles Have?

Poodles are fit dogs with Flap shaped longer ears. They have a peculiar-shaped inner ear that is twisted in nature.

This gives them flap-shaped floppy ears. The ear is also covered with a thick poodle coat which provides them with a cute fluffy ear appearance.

Even though poodles are hunter dogs, they have floppy ears. This is because Poodles are water hunter dogs and not land hunters.

Floppy ears will prevent water from entering their ears and protect them from wetness. It also keeps them warm and comfy in colder times.

Thus poodles have developed floppy ears even though they are hunter dogs by nature.

Do All Poodles Have Floppy Ears?

do all poodles have pointy ears

All purebred poodles will have floppy ears. Poodles will develop floppy ears when the canine embryonic stage starts to change. But not all poodles will have floppy ears.

Some poodle mixes will have pointed ears. Poodle mixes with pointed ear parents will have pointy ears.

Poodle mixes like the Shepherd, Bulldog, Boxer, and a

few other pointed ear parent mixes will have sharp ears. Sometimes, Toy Poodles may also have pointed ears due to genetic mutations.

Poodles must be bred on the Best Age to Breed Poodles. This will help them grow purebred and healthy avoiding any gene malfunctions.

Do Any Dogs Have Naturally Pointy Ears?

Yes! Many dog breeds have naturally pointy ears. These ears are characterized by their sharp, pointed, and erect nature.

Most hunters’ dogs and watchdogs will have naturally pointy ears. These naturally pointy-eared dogs will not have any fur around their ears.

What Is the Dog Breed with Pointy Ears?

what dog breed have pointy ears

Nordic Dog breeds like the Siberian Huskies, German Shepherds, Malamute, and Samoyed are a few dog breeds that are said to have naturally pointy ears.

Pointy ears help these dogs stay alert and active. But pointy-eared dogs will be prone to a few problems like water entering the ear quickly.

But this can be handled by timely cleaning and maintenance.

Will My Puppy Have Pointy Ears?

Puppies may or may not have pointy ears. It is mainly based on the dog breed. If the dog has naturally pointy ears like the Nordic dogs, it will have pointy ears.

But if the dog is fluffy and furry like the poodle or beagle, it will have floppy ears. But all puppies will have their ears flat against their head.

They will usually stick up between the 4 to 7 months of age.

Final words on poodles with pointed ears

Summing up, Pureline Poodles will only have round and floppy ears. But some poodle mixes and a few toy poodles may have pointy ears. It is nothing to worry about if your poodle is having pointy ears.

Floppy ears in poodles will keep them warm and comfy. But it also makes them prone to more bacterial infections and maintenance.

If your poodle is having pointy ears, it may not require much care and attention like floppy-eared poodles. But this will affect the overall look of the poodles.

Make sure the pointed-eared poodles are not jumping in pools and water often as the water may harm their ears.

So that was all about pointy ears in poodle mixes

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Poodles are more popular these days. Mixed poodle varieties are favorites among poodle lovers. Some of the most popular poodle mixes are

  • Schnoodle.
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What Is My Poodle Mixed With?

Poodle mixes are of various types. Poodle owners can find the poodle mixed with other dog breeds from the certification provided by poodle-mix breeders.

It may be difficult to find what dog the poodle is mixed with if your poodle lacks an AKC certification.

It is always better to get the mixed poodle puppy from a certified poodle breeder.

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