Do poodles have longer noses

Do all Poodles have longer Nose? – Complete Poodle Nose Guide

Do all Poodles have longer noses? Let us know about Poodle Nose Size, Shapes, and Colors.

Poodles are one of the cutest dogs to pet. Their compact size and cute-looking nature had made them one of the most popular dog breeds in the world.

This popularity opened a huge market for Poodles and Poodle breeders. Most people sell pure bloodline breeds. But some breeders sell mixed breeds for first-time Poodle buyers. This is where the longer nose also comes as a factor.

Do All Poodles Have Long Nose?

Do all poodles have Long Noses

No! Longer noses are not found in all Poodle breeds. Only the True BloodLine Breed will have a long and stout nose. Other breeds and mixed varieties will have small and round noses. A long-nosed Poodle indicates that it is a pure breed variety. A smaller and round nose indicates mixed DNA in the Poodle. 

When a beginner poodle buyer is looking for a purebred pup, the buyer must choose long-nosed Poodles. Because some poodle breeders sell mixed breeds as pure breeds to fresh Poodle buyers.

Apart from the Poodle’s Nose size, the nose shape, color, and sometimes even the texture comes into play. These small factors will show us variance among different Poodle breeds.

We have made a comprehensive study on Poodle nose’s size, shape, colors and presented it as a complete guide on this blog. Keep on reading this blog to know everything about purebred Poodle nose

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Normal Poodle Nose Features

True Breed Poodles have longer and sharp noses. The normal poodle breed also usually has a longer and sharper nose. As said before, True breed varieties can be found with long nose features.

This was according to a study made by the American Kennel Club. According to this study, all true breed poodle varieties can be cross-checked with the long nose feature.

Other characteristics of true breed poodles include Dark and Oval shaped eyes, strong cheekbones, and a muscular chin. Deep Chest, tong and Smooth Legs, well-groomed fur, and Ears close to the chest are also seen.

Do All Poodles Have Black Noses?

Black Nose in Poodles is quite common in poodles. True Poodles are usually seen with a reddish-brown nose. This is common among most of the pure line breed.

Sometimes, the Poodles with a brown spectrum will have Liver colored Nose. Brown spectrum includes Brown, silver beige, and cafe-colored dogs.

What Are The Types Of Poodle Noses?

Poodles are not seen with a single nose variety. Actually, there are two types of noses seen in most Poodle varieties. The two types of nose varieties in Poodles are

  • Long and stout nose.
  • Designer style nosed.

Long and Stout Nosed Poodles

long and stout nosed poodles

Noses are one of the most developed sensory organs in Dogs. Hunting dogs and sniffer dogs usually have longer noses. Nose plays a huge role in a dog’s hunting journey. This huge nose in Poodles helped them a lot while hunting.

Normal standard poodles are found with a longer and sharper nose. Longer nose improved the sniffing sense and hunting abilities in Poodles.

This made Poodles a perfect choice for hunters as hunting dogs. Poodles are social dogs. Poodles hate loneliness and they always love to be around someone. So, Poodles were easily trained as hunters and guide dogs.

At first, Poodles were used in hunting small land animals like bunnies. Later, they were also used for hunting geese and ducks in water. Check out more about Poodles in Water.

As time passed, they were trained and kept as domestic dogs because of their cute-looking nature and intelligence. Initially, Poodles were kept only by the wealthy and royal families.

Currently, true breed Poodles are grown by people all around the world. Apart from long nose poodles, small round-nosed poodles are also bred by Poodle owners.

Teddy Bear Nosed Poodles (Designer dog’s Nose)

This type of nose is seen more in toy poodles and miniature poodles. As you can see in the picture, Designer poodles are seen with teddy bear noses and smaller faces. This makes them look cuter than the longer-nosed standard poodles.

These features give them an innocent face just like a teddy bear. The Teddy Bear Poodle variety is more popular among actresses and women because of its miniature size and cute-looking appearance.

But, these dogs naturally had longer noses. Dog breeders changed some features and made this breed with a rounded face and small teddy bear nose.

So, the Designer Dogs are not pure line breed like the standard long-nosed poodle variety. But with beauty comes problems. Short-nosed poodles usually have some health issues.

Are Short Nosed Poodles Healthy?

Short-Nosed Poodles may be cute, but they will have some health issues and disorders. These problems are not seen with Normal pure line Poodle dogs.

Natural Poodles usually have longer noses. But they were bred with other dog breeds to get the short teddy bear nose. For this, crossbreeding was started.

The designer variety poodles became popular soon. This increased the demand for Designer Poodles. But to achieve these body features, Poodles were overbred. Sometimes, inbreeding of poodles was also done to get more designer puppies in a short span.

Inbreeding is one of the major reasons for gene-related problems in living species. When inbreeding of poodles was performed, it led to many diseases and disorders in dogs.

Also, changing the nature of any living species will affect its body functions and conditions. This was also seen with short-nosed Poodles.

Poodles usually have longer noses and bigger trachea. When this was changed, it affected the whole respiration process in Poodles. Short-nosed Poodles have respiratory problems.

Apart from Respiratory problems, Designer Poodles also have other health issues. Some of the diseases and disorders commonly found in small poodles are

Poodle Dwarfism (Osterochondrodyplasic )

When poodles are inbred, it produces miniature and smaller poodle varieties. These smaller poodles come with small noses and tiny bodies. Mutation may sometimes cause Dwarfism. When dogs are affected by dwarfism, they show stunted growth and abnormal movements.

It also affects bone structures and body growth potential. Unlike the pure breed variety, dwarf poodles have heads larger than body, irregular bones, smaller jaws, and bowed legs.

Dwarfism is not a disease but a disorder. It is caused by genetic mutations and not any external factors.

Poodle Hip Dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia is caused in smaller Poodles mainly due to inbreeding and over breeding. Hip Dysplasia is caused when the hip socket of a dog is irregular and not placed properly. With this disorder, the ball and socket joints are affected.

Unlike normal movement, the ball and socket joint have more friction and rubbing than usual. This will cause unbearable pain. Hip Dysplasia is focused mainly on the bone regions in the hip. It will also affect the synovial mechanism of the joints.

But unlike dwarfism, Hip Dysplasia is treatable. If you suspect your dog is affected by Hip Dysplasia, take it to the veterinarian immediately.

Most dogs affected by Hip Dysplasia can be treated for regular exercise, weight loss, and physiotherapy. Anti-inflammatory medicines will also be used in the procedure.

Sometimes, treatment may require surgery. Once after performing the regular treatments and surgery,  

Poodle Epilepsy

Epilepsy is the condition where the dog experiences seizures.  Usually, there are two types of Seizures are experienced by the dogs. They are

  • Seizures only with facial twitching.
  • Seizures with full body spasm.

While a dog is having epilepsy it will show some symptoms like

  • Jerking
  • Muscle Twitch
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Collapsing.

It is difficult to find if a dog has Epilepsy while having seizures. But still, it can be identified and treated with proper care and medication.

Tracheal Collapse

Along with the nose, the windpipe also changes into miniature Poodles. Usually, smaller poodles have smaller respiratory paths. This may cause irregular breathing patterns and even tracheal collapse.

The symptoms of tracheal collapse include Coughing, Irregular and heavy Breathing, Sometimes tracheal collapse may occur due to being overweight. It is important to visit the vet if your dog is showing any of the above symptoms.

How to Identify the Nose Length of a Poodle Puppy to be born?

The Poodle puppies that are yet to be born will have a nose based on their parents. It also depends on how they are bred.

If a male pure line breed is mated with a pure breed female, it will have a long-nosed pure breed puppy. But if they are inbred or crossbred, it will produce teddy bear-nosed Poodles. Crossbreeding will not produce long-nosed poodles.

Poodles can be crossbred with other dog breeds like Labrador, Golden Retriever, Chihuahua, Pekingese, and a few others.

Final Words for Poodle Owners

So, not every poodle has a longer nose, Some have smaller noses too. A poodle with a longer nose is an indicator that it is a purebred.

If you are into buying a purebred, then always choose longer-nosed Poodles. Designer poodles can also be pets, but make sure that they are not affected by any diseases and disorders.

Don’t worry! Even if your Poodle is not a pure breed, you can grow miniature poodles unless they are completely healthy.

So, that was all about Poodles having different nose sizes and the reason for such conditions.

We hope this blog helps you by clearing queries on what causes different nose sizes in poodles and selecting poodle breeds based on the Poodle nose.

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How Can I Tell If My Poodle Is Purebred?

Pure breed Poodles have sharp and long noses. Mixed Poodle breeds will have only rounded faces. Also, Pure Breed Poodles have moderately rounded heads. They also have flat Cheekbones and cheek muscles. They also have a single-color well-groomed coat.

What Color Is a Poodle’s Nose?

Poodles normally have a Reddish Brown Color. Usually, Brown color Poodles and some Apricot Poodles have this color Nose. Black Nose is also normal among pure line Poodles. They also have this Reddish- Brown color around the eyes and lips.

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