Cost for a rabbit to get spayed or neutered

Cost For a Rabbit to Get Sprayed or Neutered – A Complete Study

Had a lot of fun with your rabbits. Everybody loves those little creatures to roam around. But the real problem comes in when you want them to spay or neuter.

After a lot of surveys from many breeders and rabbit sellers, we’ve finally got a clear estimation of rabbit spaying and neutering.

So, approximately if you try to spay or neuter a rabbit it could cost around 280 $ (approx) and get around 200 $ in some distant areas of United States.

Other than states it changes in accordance with areas like 100 $ to 600 $ as the highest recorded price.

With female rabbits neutering the price becomes higher. The Average cost to Neuter a female rabbit is 20 % higher than male rabbits.

We’ll why it costs more and what is the difference between male and female neutering.

So, Sit back relax, and enjoy the read…

Why Spay and Neuter a Rabbit

You came here to see how much it costs for spaying rabbits. But before spaying and neutering know why to spay and neuter, and know why is it so important when you start breeding rabbits.

There are plenty of uses we get by doing so for rabbits. Compiling all those we can collectively say 5 main reasons they are:

  • Makes them have Better relationships with Others.
  • Reduces their Offensive Behavior.
  • Can safely play around.
  • Reduce overpopulation of Rabbits.
  • Make them healthier and live longer.

Better Relationship in Society:

Sexual urge is common in all animals. They can make them mad at their peak times. So, once they’re successfully operated their urge will stop and makes them have a calm and peaceful time.

It doesn’t stop with making them a socially fit, makes them to stay away from toxic diseases and parasites that eat them.

Reduces Offensive Behavior:

When compared with normal rabbits spayed and neutered rabbits are easy to train and will be little obedient to their owner’s words.

For example, spayed rabbits are easy to litter train than normal unspayed rabbits.

Improve Friendship Between Them:

Improves their friendship

Most of the animals don’t show social behavior and opt to be friendly with other animals including rabbits.

Their hormones during sexual urge periods don’t let them be friendly with others.

Whatever it be male to male, male to female, and female to female no one will be with another.

Else they choose to compete between them for mating or fighting for mating.

But when alter in sex organs is done these situations could be negligible because no hormonal change happens.

Maintains Their Population:

Population maintenance is very important in this world.

Think of this situation a rabbit is capable of producing 1 to 12 rabbits a month. What if a rabbit gets pregnant 10 times in a year?

Solely a single female rabbit with its mate can produce 100 (approx.) baby rabbits in a year. Think of this calculation with the world’s rabbit count.

So, in order to control their count spaying or neutering must be done. Due to rabbit’s high population many rabbits are being abandoned on streets and bushes.

Most of them suffer without food and many of them end up with accidents.

Most pet rabbits that are bought from stores are used as feed for their omnivore pets.

All these things happen as a result of overpopulation and spaying or neutering is the only solution for these.

To Live a Healthier and Happy Life

rabbit living happier and healtheir life after completing spaying

Consider a situation where you have a genetically transferrable diseased male or female rabbit. And if they try to reproduce that disease will be transferred.

Hence the produced little rabbits will be affected by the same disease. So, by neutering them the chance of transfer is lowered.

By doing so one can restrict the growth of particular breed if it’s not good and could produce Pure-Line Breeds Like in Poodles. 

The aggression factor among male rabbits will be removed. As we discussed earlier in offensive behavior.

How Much a Rabbit’s Spaying and Neutering

First, you must know the difference between Spaying and Neutering. Both are done in rabbits with respect to their genders.

When a male rabbit’s sexual system is altered then it’s called Spaying.

When female rabbit’s sexual system is altered it’s termed Neutering.

As mentioned earlier cost to neuter a female rabbit is costlier than spaying a male rabbit. Generally, the cost to neuter a female is 10-30% higher than spaying.

As spaying doesn’t involve operating internally and neutering does. That’s the reason for its cost like in dogs. Know more about spaying dogs in our Best Age to Neuter a Beagle.

Average Rabbit Spaying Cost by Location

Obviously, the cost for spaying changes from place to place based on the availability of vets.

The best way to find the Cheapest Spay Doctor is by rolling your sleeves and making a call to all the vets available in your area for the surrounding 10-15 kilometers.

The lowest one could be like 50-75 $ and they can also be high like 250 $. Generally, rural places have low bills, and city sides will be high.

Know more about cost on spaying by seeing Prices Quote in California.

Is It Necessary to Get Your Rabbit Spayed or Neutered?

Even though altering a rabbit is painful it also has many benefits for their future. It makes them lead a calm and peaceful life without any medication.

I’ve heard a person saying that they’ve skipped altering rabbits and that made their farm full of rabbits. Their numbers become enormous so he couldn’t handle them.

I think this could be the worst nightmare for rabbit keepers.

Whatever you hear or read it’s up to you, you decide whether you want to alter them or want a bunch of violent, raged rabbits on your farm… Choose wisely.

But these altering things are only for people who keep them in large quantities. If you have a single rabbit in backyard, it’s not good to alter them.

Can I Buy a Spayed or Neutered Rabbit?

Neueterd rabbit

Of course, you can buy them without any hesitation. But the cost will be higher than normal rabbits as they were altered beforehand.

It may seem costlier when you buy. But after a year or two spending money on a vet will be higher.

So buying a spayed or Neutered rabbit will help you in the long run.

How to Save Money on Rabbit Spaying or Neutering

To save money there should be manual work needed to do. So, as I said earlier sit before your computer and look out for cheap doctors in your area.

Make a list of them and highlight their contact number. Before doing all these works feel free to ask for suggestions from other breeders.

Ask vets is there any extra fee to pay for altering or any complimentary services they’re offering after altering.

Visiting rural area veterinarians is the best option to save money in altering. As cost of altering increases with the cost of living as they are high in cities.

Cheapest Rabbit Spaying and Neutering

Rural veterinarians are the only go when you think of the cheapest means to spay and neuter your little rabbit.

Most doctors who are available in rural and remote areas quote budget-friendly prices. As I reside in a rural area and I’ve done my rabbit spaying at a low cost.

The price they’ve asked for spaying is about 100 $. So, before thinking of altering rabbits find a good vet from a rural area.

Get your car ready, and enjoy the trip and nature’s beauty throughout the way. It gives you good refreshment.

Ask Help from Animal Shelters

There are so many people out there to help you. When you contact the right person you’ll get problems fixed.

You may ask for help from private organizations like animal shelters and animal rescue organizations.

They’ll help you to do all the paper works before altering rabbits.

Even they could lead you to the right vet that you’re looking for. These organizations will have many legit contacts.

Instead of googling about vets, you can visit them. As these people cherish rabbits’ welfare and well-being. They too support altering rabbits.

So, feel free to ask them for any help.

Ask Help from Local Bunny Owners

Another way of doing work manually is to contact all people who own and ask them how they did their spaying and neutering.

Nowadays finding people is not a big deal with mobile and computers. Search on Instagram and Facebook for people who own rabbits.

Facebook is the easiest way to get them simply search your locality name and rabbits as a second word. You can find n number of groups.

Through which you can contact easily. Meet them in person and sure they’ll help you to sort all problems regarding your rabbit.

Average Medical Care Cost

Conclusion on The Cost to Get a Bunny Fixed

Everything is up to you… Even though spaying and fixing are legal most people consider them unfair and an act of cruelty towards their population.

Whatever it be according to nature their population should be maintained and so we people follow to do spaying and fixing and maintaining their population.

After reading this blog you could’ve come up with a legit solution for fixing your little rabbits.

Considering all these facts together the only way to get an expert at a low cost is to find the right person from remote areas(Any places that are not near big cities).

We’ve also mentioned what are all the places you could get help and contacts regarding this. And the most important thing is don’t even think of doing anything regarding fixing manually without any help from a vet.

So that was all about rabbit spaying and fixing. We hope this blog cleared all your queries regarding this fixing.

We always welcome your suggestions. Comment below your experiences with your beloved turtles.

Feel free to mention things that are to be changed and improved in our blogs and websites as we are learners for life! 

If you liked this post do share it with your friends and family.  Cause sharing is caring.

See ya!

Until then, keep playing around with your little rabbits…

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