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Can You Use Dog Toothpaste on Cats? – Answered Quick

People who own both cats and dogs will tend to use stuff that is meant for anyone. For instance, you might have thought of using your dog’s toothpaste for the cat.

But can you use dog toothpaste on cats?

Will there be any problem with their health? If pet toothpaste is not available, can we use human toothpaste for pets? Let us see in detail.

Can I Use Dog Toothpaste to Brush My Cat’s Teeth?

Yes! Dog toothpaste can be used to brush Cat teeth. Pet toothpaste is made especially for pets and does not cause harm even if they swallow.

If the toothpaste is made for dogs, then it is safer to use with cats.

But the same case is not with using human toothpaste for animals. If we use human toothpaste with cats or dogs frequently, it may harm the health and well-being of your pet.

Is It Necessary to Brush Cat’s Teeth?

is it necessary to brush cat teeth

Brushing a pet cat’s teeth regularly can avoid oral problems and achieve great oral health for the cats. It may not be necessary to brush every day but once a week will do.

Some may doubt that cats in wild or street cats do not brush their teeth but still have white teeth. 

Yeah, it is true, but these cats are at higher risk of developing plaque or tartar formation in their oral lining.

Apart from this, the possibility of having weaker teeth and gums is higher. So, to avoid all these, cat owners must brush their cat’s teeth and massage their gums regularly.

Like cats, brushing dog teeth must also be added in the #dog maintenance guide for easy and better .

Is Dog and Cat Toothpaste the Same?

Dog and cat toothpaste are almost the same as both come under pet toothpaste. Pet owners who have both cats and dogs will buy toothpaste that can be used on both providing a win-win situation.

Some pet owners prefer buying toothpaste specifically for dogs or cats. But this doesn’t make any difference. 

Pet-specific toothpaste differs only in the flavor and not in major ingredients. So, you can use dog toothpaste for cats if they are not available at the moment.

Will Toothpaste Hurt My Cat?

Normal toothpaste used by humans will hurt cats. Cat-specific toothpaste will not cause any harm to cats.

But if you try to use human toothpaste for cats, it may cause oral problems like Gum Irritation and Nausea.

This is because human toothpaste contains fluoride and other harmful chemicals. These chemicals are highly dangerous for cats.

If human toothpaste is used regularly for cats, it will cause Gastric irritation and other stomach-related problems.

We always recommend buying and using toothpaste made specifically for cats and dogs to avoid any health-related problems.

Toothpaste for Dogs:

Toothpaste for Cats:

What Can I Use as Toothpaste for My Cat?

If you are not having cat toothpaste in the house, dog toothpaste or any other pet-friendly toothpaste can be used.

But make sure you are not using any human toothpaste for the cats.

But instead, cat owners can use a homemade mixture temporarily to brush their cat teeth. Make a mixture of Coconut Oil, Turmeric, and Kelp as a natural substitute for cat toothpaste.

You can also mix a teaspoon of water with baking soda, But the former mixture is much safer and more effective than the baking soda mixture.

This mixture can be rubbed gently over the cat’s teeth with a soft cloth or baby brush. Cotton swabs can also be used to rub the gums if brushes are too harsh on your cats.

If cats are groomed properly along with proper oral care, it will keep them healthy and stay happy.

But what if you don’t brush your cat teeth regularly?

What Happens if You Don’t Brush Your Cat’s Teeth?

what happens if you don't brush cat teeth

If cats’ teeth are not brushed regularly, it will cause oral problems like plaque and tartar formation. Weak gums or even bleeding gums may happen in cats with poor oral hygiene.

While brushing the cat’s teeth, be gentle, use a softer and smaller brush for your cats. Rub gently in a circular motion for 30 seconds. Repeat the cycle for all 3 sides of the mouth. 

Final Words on Using Dog Toothpaste for Cats

Summing up, pet owners can use dog toothpaste for cats if it is not available. They can also use natural alternatives like coconut oil mixture to brush the cat teeth with cotton swabs or smaller soft brushes.

Don’t use any brands of human toothpaste for cats. It will cause health problems related to gums and gastrointestinal tracts.

So, that was all about using dog toothpaste for cats. 

We hope this blog helps you by clearing queries on using dog toothpaste and why it is not healthy to use human toothpaste for cats and dogs.

We always welcome your suggestions. Comment below on some best experiences with your beloved turtles.

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Until then keep meowing with your cute cats.

Dog Toothpaste for Cats – Related Questions 

How Can I Keep My Cat’s Teeth Clean Without Brushing?

Cat teeth can be kept clean by replacing brushing with water additives. Apart from this, we can also use chewy toys to keep the cat’s mouth clean and fresh. Following a better diet will make this work even easier.

What Can I Use to Brush My Cat’s Teeth?

Human adult brushes will be harsh on cat’s teeth. But cat owners can use baby brushes or cotton swabs to brush their cat’s teeth. A small piece of cloth can also be used as an alternative 

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