can you pet a red panda

Can You Pet a Red Panda? – Petting Red Panda [Answered]

Red pandas are one of the cutest animals. They are mostly seen in the wild and in zoos. But some people may prefer petting Red pandas like the normal pandas in zoos.

Is it possible to pet a red panda? If so, where can we find these red pandas to pet and play with?

Let us see about petting red pandas and why it is not a good idea to have red pandas as pets.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy the reading.

Can You Pet a Red Panda?

Red pandas should not be petted by humans as pet animals in houses. These pandas are a mix of fox, raccoon, and panda breeds.

Red pandas are shy but will not think twice before attacking a stranger. These animals are great in zoos but not suitable for growing as pets in houses.

Red pandas are forbidden to grow as pets by the Government. Buying and selling red pandas are illegal.

But still, they can be visited in zoos and panda sanctuaries in the US. Apart from visiting, they also play and cuddle with the humans with proper training and expert support.

Now let us see how red pandas behave with strangers and new human interaction in detail.

Are Red Pandas Friendly to Humans?

No! Red pandas may not be friendly with humans. They are smart animals with good social intelligence. But still, they have short tempers and aggressive behavior.

So it may be difficult for a stranger to build a good relationship with a red panda. These animals are great to be around after some bonding.

Though red pandas are short-tempered aggressive animals, they are intelligent. Red pandas have great social skills and intelligence. This makes them smart animals.

If you are a human willing to pet a red panda, then developing a good relationship with these animals is the first step.

Start slowly gaining their trust by feeding them. Stroking and petting can be achieved in a short time.

But can all these be done in houses with pet red pandas?

Can We Grow Red Pandas as House Pets?

Red pandas cannot be grown as household pets. They are wild animals that are listed as endangered animals by the Government.

Buying, selling, or owning a red panda is illegal and considered a crime.

If people are found petting red pandas as household pets they will be charged and punished for the crime.

Also, these animals are not a suitable choice as house pets due to their wild behavior and high maintenance costs.

But there are still a few other places where you can visit and enjoy their presence.

Can You Touch a Red Panda?

can you touch a red panda

Touching or trying to touch red pandas may be dangerous due to their aggressive behavior with long and sharp nails.

These pandas are usually found in the upper parts of taller trees in the Himalayas. Those nails not only help them climb trees but also attack.

So, it is not a better idea to touch or try to touch a red panda as a stranger. But these pandas will be calm and won’t attack after establishing a relationship.

This is how we can see the zookeepers and panda maintenance people playing and cuddling with them.

Are Red Pandas Cuddly?

Red pandas are cute and fluffy animals that look like a ball to be cuddled all the time. These animals live as groups and love to cuddle one another at a younger age. But they do not cuddle with other animals and humans.

As they start to grow older, male red pandas start to live alone and fight for territories. They mark their territories with their body odor and won’t allow other red pandas to enter.

Do Red Pandas Bite?

do red panda bite humans

Disturbing red pandas is a bad idea as they may even bite us. Red pandas belong to different classes and are not related to the calm-natured white pandas. This is why we see some people get bitten by red pandas.

It is important to know that red pandas may look like white pandas but they are not as calm and playful as the cute white ones.

Red pandas are related to the fox family and have sharp teeth like foxes. It will be a bad experience if you encounter a red panda with sharp teeth ready to bite.

Where Can You Find Red Pandas?

Red pandas are usually found in deep forests of Asian countries and the Himalayas. They are not natural habitats of the USA and the surrounding region.

But still, they are grown in US animal zoos and panda Sanctuaries as endangered species.

They are kept as show animals in zoos and are not allowed to be touched by visitors. If you are planning to visit the red panda, there are a number of zoos that grow and protect these beautiful endangered species.

What Zoos Have Red Pandas in The US?

The Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute is one of the oldest places to protect and conserve red pandas in the USA.  The Red panda population is decreasing and currently, only around 10000 Red pandas are left.

Red pandas are also found in other Zoos like the Houston zoo in Texas has two red pandas and Central Florida Sanctuary has two beautiful red pandas named July and July.

Where Can I Pet a Red Panda in The US?

If you are seriously thinking about petting and playing with a red panda, then the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Rhode Island is the go to place. Here, people can get their hands on experience with red pandas with the assistance of two experienced zoo keepers.

Final Words on Petting Red Pandas

Summing up, it is not possible to pet or bring home a red panda as a domestic pet. These are endangered species that are found only in forests or zoos and sanctuaries. Buying, selling or growing them is a crime and chargeable in the USA.

It is also not a good idea to touch or cuddle them as these are ferocious animals with sharp claws and short temper.

But if you are really looking forward to petting and touching these animals, then Roger Williams Park Zoo is the only place to visit.

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