can you cut a poodle like doodle

Can You Cut a Poodle Like a Doodle? – Poodle with Doodle Cut

Grooming poodles will make them look great. It is not extra but necessary to groom poodles now and then to avoid poodle hair matting.

There are tons of hairstyles out there to try on Poodles. But can you try a doodle hairstyle on your poodles?

Let us see about Poodle haircut and Poodle with doodle cut in detail.

Can You Groom Poodles with Doodle Cut?

Yes! Poodle owners can groom poodles with a doodle cut. There are different types of hairstyles available for poodles to groom.

Doodle cut is a specific type of hairstyle done for doodles. But this hairstyle is not patented only for doodles. It can even be tried on Poodles.

Groomers must take extra care while grooming poodles with doodle cuts as the poodle hair is quite different from the doodles.

But new poodle owners have doubts about poodle grooming and trying a doodle cut on their poodle.

If you are a new poodle-owner, excited but confused about trying a poodle with a doodle cut, then don’t worry.

In this blog, we have compiled almost everything about poodle grooming, doodle cut, and how to groom your poodle with a doodle cut.

So, Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy the Read.

What Is a Poodle Cut?

Poodle cut is a specific type of hairstyle which is performed on poodles at regular intervals.

There are a variety of poodle hairstyles to choose from and groom poodles to make them look smart.

Normal dog grooming will involve trimming the hair in even length around the whole dog body.

But the poodle cut is different. It usually involves trimming the hair in a certain area, leaving the body, legs, ears, and tail.

There are different types of poodle hairstyles performed by groomers for poodles. But the hairstyles officially recognized by the AKC are the English saddle cut and Continental cut.

What Is a Doodle Cut?

golden doodle haircut

Doodle cut is another type of dog hairstyle done specifically on doodles. Golden doodles are the favorites when it comes to performing the doodle cut.

This hairstyle involves trimming the hair extremely short around the belly and the face region.

This hair must be of 1-inch length. It would not look great if the hair is longer than 1 inch.

In the body, the hair is trimmed less and left longer than the belly region. The hair is left longer around the top of the head, ear, and the tail part.

The hair must be 2 to 4 inches long. It would be better if the hair is kept on the longer side.

This is what a typical doodle cut will look like on a golden doodle. But it can also be performed on poodles.  

Why Should You Groom Poodles?

Poodles must be groomed at least once in 2 weeks. This is not for appearance but for the body hair heath.

Poodles have thick hair on a single coat around the body. If they are not groomed properly, it leads to matting.

Matting is a condition in which the hair mixes and becomes inseparable. This is very bad for the dog’s hair in the long run.

So, periodic grooming and de-matting is needed every now and then for these fashionable dogs.

If you are not finding the time to groom poodle frequently, you can also try to shave the poodle. But make sure to shave them in summer as poodles will feel cold without a coat.

Can You Cut a Poodle Like a Doodle?

poodle like doodle

Yes! You can have a poodle with a doodle-cut hairstyle. Grooming poodles is easier and we have many types of poodle hairstyles to choose from the market.

Poodles have great hair with a single coat which makes any type of grooming possible.

Doodles on the other hand can be cut with only a few doodle hairstyles. But care must be taken before doing poodles with a doodle cut.

Doodles are a mixed breed form of poodles. But still, there are a lot of people who prefer doodle dogs.

There are few dog owners who would love to try different types of hairstyles in different seasons for their poodles. Because Poodles are fashionable dogs.

Apart from these hairstyles, poodles also have other strange but stunning hairstyles to try. Poodle Mohawk hairstyle can be terrific for you and your poodle to rock in summer.

Are Poodles Easier to Groom than Doodles?

doodle grooming

Purebred Poodles are not easier to groom than doodles. This is because of their coat nature.

Poodles were once water hunters. They have strong and thick coats which help them protect themselves from getting wet.

But this also makes them hard to groom. Doodles on the other hand are mixed dogs and are easier to groom, unlike poodles.

Grooming poodles is not difficult. But it will require more equipment and grooming experience for poodles than the golden doodles.

Final Words on Poodle with Doodle Cut

Summing up, it is possible to have a poodle with a doodle cut. Any type of hairstyle can be performed on the poodle unless it is damaging the poodle coat and hair. But it requires more experience and expertise to perform doodle cuts on poodles.

If you are lacking the experience and equipment to perform a doodle cut on a poodle, it is better to take your poodle to an expert than doing it by yourself.

So, that was all about doodle cut and poodles with doodle cut.

We hope this blog helps you by clearing queries on the Poodle grooming and how to give the poodle a Goldendoodle cut.

We always welcome your suggestions. Comment below your experiences with your beloved Poodles.

Feel free to mention things that are to be changed and improved in our blogs and website. We are learners for life!

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Poodle with Doodle Cut – Related Questions

What Is a Teddy Bear Cut on A Poodle?

The teddy bear cut is a specific type of hairstyle performed on both poodles and doodles. It will make the poodle look just like a teddy bear.

The teddy bear hairstyle includes trimming the hair for about 1-inch length all around the dog’s body including the face, top of head, tail, and ears.

This is one of the popular hairstyles and is loved by women poodle owners. Teddy bear cuts on poodles can be done in any season and it will make the poodle look great and stand out from the crowd.

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