Can poodle swim naturally

Can Poodles Swim Naturally? Complete Poodle Swim Guide

Can Poodles naturally swim? Let us see About poodles and their swimming routine.

Poodles are hunting dogs. Initially, they were used by the French to hunt Ducks and Geese in water. Poodles love to be in water. Moreover, they have an upper coat that won’t allow water to seep into the skin.

Can Poodles swim naturally?

Absolutely! Poodles are water-loving dogs. They start to swim on their own naturally. They love being inside water and will jump onto water when they see a pond or pool. Poodles can easily swim in water with their water-repelling coat and webbed feet. This made them great Duck and Geese Hunters.

Swimming is a great exercise for both humans and dogs. Most dog varieties will learn to swim naturally. Poodles are one such dog breed. But not all individual dogs are vivid learners.

In this blog, we have compiled all the information on Poodle nature in water, Poodle swimming and what to do if your Poodle doesn’t know how to swim.

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Why Must Poodles Swim?

As said before, Poodles love to be in water. By evolution, Poodles developed thick coats and special feet that helped more while swimming. This is proof that Poodles spent more time in water before.

Poodles must go for a swim at least once a week to keep them cool and energetic. Swimming is a great therapy for dogs. So, it helps Poodles stay happy and calm.

We’ll see the other benefits of Poodles swimming in water

Poodle swimming and its Benefits

Swimming is a great cardiac exercise. It helps in maintaining body temperature and keeps you refreshed. This applies to both Poodles and humans. When you are going for a swim, take your Poodle along with you.

Some of the benefits of swimming in water are

  • Swimming is a great exercise for Poodles. They help in muscle gain and muscle relaxation.  It also helps overcome weaker muscles.
  • Joints get firm and stronger. This is highly needed for older poodles. Aged Poodles become weaker overtime. So, take them for a swim to keep them active.
  • Swimming is a great cardiac exercise. When performed regularly, swimming can help Poodles maintain a strong and healthy heart.
  • It helps reduce fat deposit beneath the skin. Regular swimming will make your dog look lean and athletic.
  • Doctors advise people with chronic pain to go swimming. The same applies for Poodles. When your dog is subjected to chronic pain, you can take them for a cool swimming session.
  • Swimming helps to reduce stress and anxiety. Once after the swimming session, you and your Poodle will feel a change in mental state.
  • It will burn more calories and improve the overall digestion of the dog. Swimming in water will improve the bowel moments and make pooping easy for Poodles.
  • A single swim session will reduce any excess heat in the body. It will also help you clean your dog.
  • Make sure to take your dog for chlorine free water.

If the dog is taken into chlorine water, give a shower after the pool time. It will remove chlorine on the Poodle’s body. Make sure not to expose poodles to chlorine frequently. It will affect their beautiful-looking coat.

Steps to make Poodles ready for Swimming?

Knowing the benefits of Poodles swimming, it is also necessary to know about precaution measures for a swim session.

Swimming is always fun. But precaution is more necessary while going for any adventurous activities. When proper measures are not taken, it may be fatal.

Follow some precautionary measures before getting into pools or nearby water bodies. Poodles love to swim around by themselves. In fact, they will even outrank you while swimming in water. Make sure to follow the below-mentioned precaution before a swim

Always have a safety harness

Poodle with safety harness

Safety is important for everyone. When you are taking poodles to swim, fasten them to inflatable life jackets.

This will make swimming easier and enjoyable. Poodles won’t get tired easily when they are assisted by an inflatable life jacket.

This is optional in pools and smaller ponds. But, if you are moving to deeper ponds or the ocean, a Life jacket is a must for your Poodle.

Increase the depth gradually

Always start with the smaller and shallow area. Once the dog is comfortable with the depth, move on to deeper areas.

This will make them feel less anxious and also test their swimming skills gradually.

Look for signs of tiredness

Poodle tired by swimming

Always keep an eye on your dog. Poodles can swim for a very long time. But still, they will also get tired after a long swim session.

Keeping an eye on them will make you feel your Poodle is safer. It will come in handy when they get tired and struggle to swim.

Poodles might even drown. So, check them from time to time.

Keep it cool and entertained

Never make swimming a hard place. Keep it light and be happy with your Poodle. You have to be strict at times, but don’t be a stone face all the time.

But this doesn’t mean you can try Attitude Adjustment with your dog in the pool.

Use floats and floating toys

Make swimming a more fun part with toys and floatables. A floating ball in the pool will make days happier and memorable for both. Call for a friend to make it even fun.

What to do if a Poodle doesn’t know how to swim?

It is common that some individual poodles might not be able to swim naturally in the water This may either be due to lack of skill or fear of water. Both can be treated with proper and patient training.

Teaching a poodle to swim is just like teaching a human to swim. It is definitely a time taking process, but will be worth it. But, how to teach swimming for Poodles

How to teach Poodles swimming?

Teaching Poodles to swim is just like teaching humans to swim. It will require a few steps to follow. Each step must be followed one at a time. Things must never be rushed when teaching a dog to swim.

Make sure that your Poodle is at least 6 months or older before taking out a swim. This will make them tackle problems both physically and mentally.  

If you had swimming classes before, you will easily relate to the steps mentioned below.

Introduce to water

First, make your Poodle get introduced to water. Poodles are born swimmers. They may not be swimming because of fear. Some Poodles will have a fear of water.

With these dogs, more care must be taken delicately. Taking steps slower will make it easier for both the Poodle and owner. This will make them feel safer and give them the confidence to move ahead.

Take smaller steps

Introducing poodle in water

As mentioned above, things must be taken slower while teaching anything to anyone. If things are rushed, Poodles will become tense and frustrated. This might also scare them.

Slowly, introduce your Poodle in shallow pools with hands holding them. Make them move limbs and propel forward.

When Poodles start to gain confidence, take the hand periodically and make them swim on their own. Once they are fully confident, take the hand completely.

These smaller steps taken will compound and reward highly in the future.

Reward after Every Session

Rewarding will make learning interesting and involving.  Once when the session is over, reward your Poodle either with feed or appreciation.

This will make them feel appreciated. Rewarding will also make your dog trust you more, they will start to love you more than before.

But make sure not to scold or punish them when any mistakes are made. Punishing them will make them feel useless and completely dislike the process. Always make the learning process a loveable routine.

Take Precautions

Take the necessary precautions before a swim session. Make them wear a safety jacket or attach the Poodle with a floatable.

This will help them learn quicker and also avoid drowning when tired.

Make a Routine

Once done with the teaching part, make a schedule and follow it regularly. Start off with 15 mins sessions daily for 4 days in a week. Later slowly increase the duration and frequency of sessions.

Check out Poodles like water to know completely about how different types of poodles react to water. It is a complete guide on Poodles swimming in water.

Final words for Poodle owners

Poodles are natural swimmers. And yes, they can definitely swim. It is always a great sight to watch your own dog swimming like Michael Phelps inside a pool.

So, that was all about poodles in water and how great swimmers they are in water.

We hope this blog helps you clearing queries on what causes fear in poodles with water  and how to overcome it..

We always welcome your suggestions. Comment below the experiences with Poodle in water and how you trained your Poodle to swim like a pro.

Feel free to mention things that are to be changed and improved in our blogs and website as we are learners for life!

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Related Questions

Can Poodles naturally swim?

Yes! Most of the individual poodles are natural swimmers. Their web patterned feet and water repellent coat make them one of the best swimmers of all dog varieties. This is the reason Poodles were used by the French to hunt Ducks and Geese in water bodies.

Some poodles may not learn to swim naturally. But still, they will also learn to swim quickly with proper and patient training.

At what age can Poodles swim?

Poodles can start to swim when they are 6 months or older. Most dogs will start to swim at this age. When Poodles are older than 6 months, they will be mature enough both physically and mentally to tackle water for the first time. Make sure to be around when your Poodle starts to swim for the first time.

Most Poodles will start to swim with natural instinct. But some individuals might lack the skills. This will require the Poodle owner to teach swimming skills.

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