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Can Poodles Stay in Wild? – Poodles as Wild Dogs

Poodles are cute pets. They are loved and kept indoors most times. But can Poodles be left outside? Can they live in the wild? Let us see in this blog

Can Poodles be wild?

No! Modern Poodles can’t survive in wild conditions. Poodles were Wild hunter dogs used for hunting water birds. But now, poodles are complete indoor pets. Poodles did not carry their sharp survival senses through their next generations. With some training, Poodles may survive in the wild. But the survival probability is less.

Some dog varieties like the Siberian Huskies can stay outside and in wild conditions. This is due to their physical features and nature.

When we had a Poodle, this question about poodles outdoors and in the wild made us curious. So, we made a study on Poodles and a few other dogs in the wild.

In this blog, we have compiled all the information on Poodles staying in wild and outdoor conditions. If you are a poodle owner confused with this question. Don’t worry.

Just Sit Back, Relax and enjoy the read.

Why the Wild may not be suitable for Poodles

The wild or forest conditions are not suitable for poodles. This is not due to modern reasons like grooming and frequent care.

A dog’s survival in the wild is based mainly on its survival instincts and domestication history.

The Domestication of poodles started in the early 1600s. During this time, Purebred Poodles were first used by the French to hunt water birds like the ducks and geese.

Before this, Poodles were wild dogs like the Siberian huskies. During this period, Poodles wandered freely in the wild.

They had great hunting skills over water bodies. This made them good waterbird hunters. Poodle curly hair and a thick coat made them hunt frequently in water.

This was the reason when the French started to use them in duck hunting. But later, the Elite ladies saw their beauty and started to grow them as show dogs.

Soon Poodles became a status symbol. People started to groom them and even Different poodle hairstyles were developed for variety.

Expensive Poodle owners were proud of the dog and its appearance. This has been happening for 100’s of years.

So, Poodles have become domesticated dogs and they are grown as pets for decades. These dogs were away from the wild for a very long time.

The dogs started to get food for time and the need for hunting reduced drastically.

According to natural evolution, organisms will start to lose their natural skills and instincts if they are not used actively.

The poodles have not used these wild and survival instincts for multiple decades. This made them good pets but not great wild dogs.

Still, Poodles will have wild instincts and hunting skills in their genes like humans. But currently, they are not actively used.

If turning poodles into wild dogs is your only wish, then it is still possible. With proper training and some work, Poodles can be made into wild hunting dogs.

But before that, we must learn about the Poodle history and their wild hunting skills in detail.

Brief History of Poodles

As said before in this blog, Poodles were wild dogs till the 1600s. There is no complete evidence on who domesticated poodles first.

Some dog experts say that poodles were first domesticated by the French as hunter dogs. Some say that Poodles were domesticated by the Germans as hunter and military dogs. They are the modern Standard Poodles.

But we can somewhat say that the Germans were first to domesticate poodles. This is because the name “Poodle” is of German origin.

Poodles were made popular as water hunting dogs by the French.

This is mainly because of their awesome appearance and cool nature.

But before that, Poodles mainly hunted animals and stayed in the wild. To survive in the wild, they had to develop multiple survival skills and instincts.

Some of the features and instincts that helped poodles survive in the wild are as follows.

Poodle Wild Survival Features and Skills

Survival skills of poodles in wild

Every animal in the wild will develop certain skills and body features to survive in the wild. Dogs will also develop certain skills for survival and hunting.

These skill sets will be transferred from the ancestors to the next generations through their genes.

Dogs also undergo some changes in their body features to suit better and survive in harsh wild conditions.

Poodle Body features

Body change is the first thing noticed by evolutionary experts for an animal’s survival.

Huskies developed thick double coats to keep them warm and survive in sub-zero conditions.

Similarly, Poodles have developed their exclusive water repellent coat to help water hunting.

Poodles love Swimming. They also developed longer tails to help while swimming. Long-tail will also help them stay stable while running.

But these body features were needed only in the wild. So, modern dog owners Shave poodle hair and Dock their tail to improve their appearance.

Standard Poodles have long noses to help them breathe while swimming. But these features are seen only in the Purebred standard poodle.

Other body features seen in poodles for survival in wild are

  • Webbed feet for good swimming.
  • Special Moisture resistant coat.
  • Speed in hunting.
  • Curly hair overcoat to stay warm and dry.

Poodle Intelligence

Intelligence plays a major role in daily hunting and survival. Only intelligent wild dogs and animals survived throughout history. Other animals died on the way.

Wild dogs like Huskies have developed great intelligence for survival. So, #Smart Huskies survived easily.

Poodles have developed great intelligence to survive in the wild. This makes them quick learners and great social dogs. So, Poodles can be friends with other dogs.

But Poodles can’t get along with cats and other prey-like animals due to their hunting instincts.

Poodle Retrieving

Poodles have great retrieving skills. This was to help them retrieve hunted animals from water to their pack. In wild, Poodles stay in pairs or groups to improve their survival probability.

They can retrieve better in water than land. So, they were used as duck hunters by dog owners in the US, UK, Canada, and other European countries.

Poodle Inherited traits

Poodles have some inherited traits from their ancestors to make their life and survival easy. It includes both physical and mental traits.

These inherited traits also differed from gender to gender. Male and female poodles have developed different features to survive. Check # Male vs female poodle for more.

Apart from these physical traits, they also have some domestic skills like

  • Hunting.
  • Gathering.
  • Herding.
  • Tracking.
  • Finding a way.
  • Fighting bears and other bigger animals.

Biting is also a defensive inherited trait that is common among puppies. But older Poodle biting is something to be concerned about.

All these traits were seen in the standard poodles. But as time passed, dog breeders mixed them to produce new varieties and types of poodles.

They had cute looks and still had some of these traits. The different types of poodles are as follows.

Wild and other Types of Poodles

The Standard Poodles are the Original Poodles that lived and are still living among us. But there are also few other poodle varieties like

Official Poodle types

  • Standard Poodles.
  • Miniature poodles.
  • Toy Poodles

These are types approved by the AKC.

Unofficial Poodle type

  • Royal Standard Poodle.
  • Tea-cup Poodle.
  • Moyne Poodle.
  • Mixed Poodles.

They are not officially recognized varieties. Check Out Types of Poodles for a detailed guide on poodle types.

The major difference between all of these dogs is their appearance and size. But they have the same natural instincts and survival skills as the Standard Poodle.

Final words for Poodle owners

If you are planning to develop your poodle as a wild or hunting dog, you can focus on their ancestral skills like hunting, gathering and swimming.

You can also try the hunt and feed method rather than feeding directly. This may help them turn their survival skills back on.

But we would not recommend doing this as poodles can be great domestic dogs. They can be the best when groomed and taken for a dog show.

But the final decision is up to you.

So, that was all about poodles in wild and their survival skills

We hope this blog helps you clearing all queries and getting an idea about why poodles are better indoors and what to do if you really train them to be wild dogs.

We always welcome your suggestions. Comment below some best experiences with your beloved Poodles

Feel free to mention things that are to be changed and improved in our blogs and website. We are learners for life!

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See ya! Until then be happy with your domesticated wild poodle.

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