Can poodles stay as a pair

Can Poodles stay as Pairs?

Can Poodles stay alone or do they need a pair? Let us see if Poodles are better as pairs

Poodle owners would have been so excited to buy their first-ever poodle. We were also excited to buy ours. But after a few months, most Poodle owners will consider buying a new Poodle. This is because of their nature and dashing looks. But, should you?

Can Poodles stay as Pairs?

Poodles can live along with poodles and other canines. But it is not always necessary for Poodles to have a companion around.  Poodles are intelligent social dogs. They enjoy the company of humans and love to be around other dogs. Having another Poodle is fun to be with. But still, some problems can arise if Poodles are kept in pairs.

It is always nice to have someone as your friend. Having two or more poodles in a house has its own advantages and disadvantages. We face some of them and know what the consequences are.

If you are stuck with the idea of buying a friend for your poodle, then don’t worry. We have compiled all the information to decide.

So, Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy the Read.

Poodle social behavior with other dogs

Poodles are socially intelligent dogs.  They can easily be around humans. In fact, Poodles get bored when they are left alone by humans.  They face loneliness when left alone at home for straight longer hours.

Poodles require mostly their owner’s companionship. But they won’t require the company of other dogs. This is a problem when more dogs are in a room packed with humans.

Poodles are more expressive dogs. They love when poodles look over them and care for them. Poodles will fight with other dogs in a house to get their owner’s attention.

But this won’t be a problem when your Poodle is the only dog left alone for a longer time. During these times, it is better to have a companion for your Poodles to avoid loneliness and unnecessary stress buildup.

So, if you are a working person who leaves home for longer hours, having a canine companion for your Poodle will be great.

Check Poodles Left Alone to know more about Poodles when left alone and what can be done if you can’t afford to have another dog in your house.

How to Pair Poodles

How to pair poodle

Poodles can be paired as Male-Male, Male-Female, and Female-Female.

Male-female pairs are more commonly done by breeders and people who need puppies. Pairing a male and female poodle will result in mating and producing new puppies

This pair will make a lovely couple till their temperament goes along with one another. It is always not sure that your Poodle couple would make puppies. But they will be better together.

Female-Female poodle pairs are the most preferred by people who want a companion dog but are not interested in bringing home new puppies. Females are less aggressive and go along well with their counterparts.

The Male-Male Poodle pair is less common among dog owners and breeders. These two dogs can get along only if they are introduced in puppy period. If they meet after a certain age, the Male Poodles will start to fight for territories.

Check Male and Female Poodles to know more about the temperament, nature, behavioral differences of the male and female Poodles.

So, you have decided to bring home a Poodle pair. But it has its own greatness and flaws. Let us see what are the advantages and disadvantages of having another poodle as a companion dog.

Advantages of having a Companion Poodle

There are certain advantages of having Poodles as companion dogs for your Poodles. We actually selected another poodle as a companion because of some reason. These are acceptable enough to get home to your Poodle, a cute companion.

The advantages of having Poodles in pairs are

Poodles in Pairs feel less Loneliness and Anxiety

Poodles are company lovers. When Poodles are left alone, they will feel stressed and lonely. Prolonged stress in poodles will cause anxiety problems in your dog.

Paired Poodles will make a good duo and play with each other. This will give them a sense of social security when humans aren’t around.

They can easily become friends which will increase their overall behavior as healthy dogs. If you are someone leaving the house for a longer time, pair up another Poodle or any other dog.

This may be difficult for people living in compact houses and smaller apartments. But if you have a house big enough to accommodate two dogs, you can definitely go for it.

Poodles can make family easily

As Dominic Toretto says “family comes first”. Poodles are great at making friends and turning them into family. If another poodle is paired with your dog, they can easily make friends with one another.

They will have a friend who can travel alongside them and share their life journey.

Poodle in Pair can overcome Separations easily

When puppies are separated from their parents or other dogs, they feel more and cry. Some dogs can overcome this but some develop separation anxiety. Separation anxiety in dogs can be identified by

  • Withdrawal symptoms.
  • Excessive barking.
  • Scared nature among the crowd.
  • Loss of thirst and appetite.

These are some of the common symptoms of dogs suffering separation anxiety. If your dog is showing any of these signs, get them along with another dog.

When Poodles with Separation anxiety are paired with another Poodle, they can easily recover from it and start to behave normally within a few weeks.

Poodle Pairs are easier to train

If you are visiting the gym with a friend, it makes a difference during the training time. It is better to have a companion beside you while training and learning. Pairing with your friend makes the learning process fun and easy.

The same goes for dogs. Poodles by nature are easier to train. Pairing a Poodle with another Poodle makes the process easier and quicker.  One dog will learn fast and influence the other dog to learn from it.

It makes the overall learning process happy for both the trainer and trainees. But sometimes, it may become a problem if bad habits and routines are followed by anyone dog.

If you see any bad behaviors, push them immediately. This will stop them from repeating the same behavior.  Check Poodle Training to learn more about Poodle training routines and some shortcuts to make your Poodle obedient and obey commands.

Poodle pairs make great memories

Poodles in pairs are capable of making great memories with one another. If trained properly, your Poodles will show great behaviors like Friendship, Sharing, Caring, Empathy, and much more.

Our Poodle pair is the only stress buster we have when we return home after a long day. Sometimes, they demonstrate great behaviors that make us think there are more beautiful things in the world to enjoy.

Having a dog is always fun. Having Double dogs will double Happiness!

But in this world comes only good aspects. There are few disadvantages to having a Poodle pair in your house.

Disadvantages of having Poodles as Pairs

Two dogs at a place may be great. But it has its own problems. The major problem that people face is the lack of space in the house to accommodate two dogs. People miscalculate the area needed for two dogs to live and grow up.

Apart from the special problems, there are few other problems we faced while having a Poodle pair. They are

High Poodle Price and Maintenance Cost

Poodles are cute dogs. But they are also expensive to buy and grow. Poodle dogs are costlier to buy than most dogs in the market. This is because of their breeding process and status in society.

Check Poodles are Expensive to get a brief idea of why Poodles are expensive to buy and grow.

Buying one pure line poodle will cost thousands of dollars. So, two dogs mean twice the cost. Along with the high buying price tag, poodle expense will skyrocket when we add

  • Feeding high quality food and treats.
  • Monthly Grooming.
  • Vaccination routine.
  • Visits to the veterinarian.
  • Poodle accessories.
  • Training and other maintenance costs.

These prices are just for one poodle dog. When two dogs are grown, the price doubles. So, go for a poodle pair if you can afford it.

Some Poodles aren’t friendly

Some poodles aren't friendly

Poodles may be friendly with other poodles. But this doesn’t apply to all individual Poodles. Some Poodles might like to be lonely rather than have companions. Some Poodles may be aggressive towards other canines. Some Poodles will even fight for the owner’s attention if two poodles are in the same room

If the Poodles differ by age, the older Poodle would try to dominate the younger one over food, territory, and attention from the owner.

If the Poodle doesn’t like the company of other Poodles or fight for your attention, consider twice before adding another Poodle to your arsenal.

Final Words for Poodle Owners

Poodles in pairs can be a pleasant or poor experience. It can only be done by trial and error. If you are planning to buy another Poodle to pair up, test it.

Get the help of another Poodle owner and make the dog get along with your pet Poodle. If your Poodle gets along better with the other dog, you can go for buying another Poodle.

But if your Poodle behaves badly or tries to hurt the other dog, it indicates your Poodle loves loneliness. Don’t think much and confuse yourself.  Just strap on the leash and work on it with a buddy!

So, that was all about Poodle pairs and how to pair your Poodle with another dog.

We hope this blog helps you clearing queries on Poodle

pairing, its benefits and bads.

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