can poodles be left alone

Can Poodles Be Left Alone By Poodle Owners?

Being alone is difficult to handle. So, Can Poodles be left alone by poodle owners?

Poodles are great to have around in houses. They are socially active dogs and can go along with other dogs and animals easily. They usually prefer someone to be around them rather than being left alone. But still there come harsh situations for dog owners.

Can Poodles be Left Alone By Owners?

Alone Poodle

Poodles can’t be left alone for longer times as they are not like the guard dogs.  Other than using the bathroom, Poodles love to have company around them. It is suggested to leave Poodles a maximum of one hour per month. So, If your Poodle is Older than a year, they can be alone for 8 to 9 hours maximum.

Poodle owners have both the blessing and curse of the need to hang around with them all the time. If you are freely available, then both the Poodle and owner will have a great time together.

But if you are busy sticking to the office every day, then it will be difficult for the poodle to cope with its loneliness and boredom. Poodles can’t even handle their stress and loneliness when not visited by someone for 2-3 hours straight.

When they are separated for a longer period, Poodles will easily develop discomfort, separation anxiety, and Isolation distress. So, we decided to make a complete study on Poodle behavior when they are lonely.

In this blog, we have compiled everything a Poodle owner must know how poodles act when they are home alone and how to keep them happy and engaged when owners are away from their houses.

So, Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy the Read.

Leaving poodles Home Alone

There are different varieties of poodles to pet and grow. But irrespective of its kind and variety, Poodles never like to be alone and lonely. When Poodles are left alone for hours inside their houses, they become extremely stressed.

Poodle behavior varies from variety to variety. This is more suitable when they are left alone for a longer period.

The amount of stress poodles undergo varies on their breed and variety. Normally, there are three varieties of Poodles. They are

  • The Common Standard Poodles.
  • Miniature Poodles.
  • Toy Poodles.

Now let us see the stress faced by each variety of poodles when left home alone for longer time periods.

Leaving Standard Poodles Home Alone

The Standard Poodles are the most commonly found Poodle variety. They are the largest of all Poodle varieties. They may be larger in size. But still, they are Poodles. Poodles are known for their soft nature and sensitive behaviors.

Like any other Poodle variety, the Standard Poodles too require tons of love, care, and attention. If they are left alone, the Poodles will start to develop loneliness and stress.

This is more common in poodles that grow with working owners. Working people have to leave for work 8 plus hours away from home. This causes your Poodle to act hard on you.

Poodles put their guard on when they undergo stressful conditions. So, they will start to become less friendly and avoid their owners.

When Owners return home after long hours, they become restless and give them less attention.

This is something normal and nothing to be worried about. This is because Most Standard Poodles are smart dogs. They are one of the easily trainable dogs.

With proper training and care are taken, Standard Poodles may be trained to be alone at home for longer periods. Slowly, they will get used to the loneliness and isolation.

Leaving Miniature Poodle Home Alone

Standard Poodles can cope with loneliness. What about Miniature Poodles?

Miniature Poodles are smaller poodles growing only up to a max of 15 inches. They are softer and shy than the Standard Poodle variety. Miniature poodles are smart and energetic dogs.

Unlike the Standard Poodle variety, Miniature poodles can’t be trained to be home alone. They can’t handle being alone for a longer time indoors.

We know a few dog owners who trained their Miniature poodles to be home alone. But still, we don’t recommend it.

If you are unable to be at home all the time, you can seek your neighbor’s help. Seek for Neighbors to take care of your Miniature Poodle when you are away.

This is much better for your dog rather than being alone in the house. You can also hire a doggy-sitter to take care of that cute little poodle.

Leaving toy Poodles Home alone

A Toy Poodle Left Alone

Toy Poodles are the smallest of all Poodle Variety. Toy poodles grow only to a max of 30 cm. They are so small that they look just like a toy. Hence, they are named as Toy Poodles.

When compared to their size, they have tons of energy packets busting. This makes them more curious, naughty, and mischievous. But when all this energy is not directed in a proper way, it will surely become destructive.

This destructive behavior and bad habits may occur when Toy Poodles are left alone in houses for straight 8 plus hours. Unlike Miniature Poodles, Toy Poodles are the easiest to train.

They are not independent dogs like Huskies. When dogs show independent behavior, it becomes difficult to train. This makes Huskies are one of the hardest dogs to train.

With some proper discipline and training routine, we can direct Toy poodle’s energy in a constructive way.

So, except the Miniature Poodle, Toy Poodles and Standard Poodles can be trained to stay home alone.

How Many Hours Poodles Can Be Left alone?

This answer may vary on various factors. But still, it is not advisable to leave poodles alone for more than 3 hours.

This time may vary with individuals and different types of poodles. The maximum hours your poodle may tolerate being alone can be tested. You may leave your pet alone in another room and lock it.

Check how much time the dog keeps quiet without presence. If the dog starts to become restless and barks within an hour, it shows that the Poodle can handle an hour alone.

Even if the Poodle is quiet, it may start its mischievousness and break some things in your house. If you find something is misplaced or damaged, it shows restlessness.

Check if there are any bite marks on pillows, bed, and other soft products. Peeing on the floor is also common when poodles are left alone.

After an hour, If your dog doesn’t bark or show any of the above-mentioned points, it shows that your dog can handle an hour being alone.

Now you can increase the experiment time hour by hour to see what would be the maximum time your dog could stay alone. Most Poodles will fall under the 3-4 hour category.

This type of test will also serve as a practice routine for your Poodle to get used to. This will train your Poodle to be alone and spend long time home alone.

We recommend carrying this test for a few weeks with a few days break to get the exact result of hour duration. This will also gradually make the Poodle understand that it has to spend time alone.

The poodle gets to know ‘Master won’t be available every time. We have to get used to this.’ Poodles are smarter dogs. They will start to behave calmer as time passes.

This type of experiment can be done with the Standard poodle or the Toy Poodle. These types of poodles are more active and playful in nature. So, they will easily learn and adapt to this routine.

But the Miniature Poodles can’t be trained or tested with this method. Miniature poodles become more restless and impatient if left alone.

Effects of Leaving Poodles home alone

When the leaving alone test is done with Poodles, they become irritated and stressed.  When the test goes beyond the 4-hour mark, it becomes even more intense.

Except for the watchdog variety, most other dogs will start to feel anxiety and even depression. If this is repeated for a longer time, this may even cause trauma and isolation distress.

As mentioned before, Poodles are social dogs. They always like interactions and love to be around humans, dogs, and other animals.  When not enough attention is given to your poodle, it leads to bad behavior.

Usually leaving poodles home alone for long periods will cause two major problems, they are

  • Separation Anxiety
  • Isolation Distress

Separation Anxiety

This is just like a breakup phase for humans. When the dog gets too close to somebody, it will develop a great love and care for them.

When they move away from the dog, it starts to mourn their absence and can’t handle the separation. So, they start to act anxious and stressed.

The dog would start to run around the house searching for the person or even move to different streets in search of them. This is very serious. When Separation Anxiety is seen often, it may lead to isolation disorders.

Isolation Distress

Unlike the separation anxiety, Isolation distress is not that severe. When isolated, dogs will start to behave rough and anxious. They may even become aggressive.

But their mood changes immediately when they start to have company with humans or other dogs. This act of being aggressive and rough when the owner is absent is called isolation distress.

These problems are something to concern with and the dog owners must take care immediately

If you find your dog is exhibiting any such symptoms, consult a veterinarian doctor immediately for expert advice.

How to keep your Poodle Happy when Home Alone

Poodles and owners can be together until we are working from home. But what to do when we start to go back to the office for work?

If you are working for more than 8 hours a day, then surely it would be necessary for you to be away from home for long stretches. Also, this must happen almost every day of the week.

So, it is necessary for you to train your Poodle to be home alone. But is it possible?

Yes, it may be possible to train your Poodle to stay home alone. We have made a study on training dogs to be alone and listed them below.

By following the same techniques, we helped crying Beagles to overcome loneliness and stay home alone.

Try out the methods on your dog to see improved results on staying home alone for longer time periods.

  • Always make your Poodle safe at home. Never keep anything inside the house that may frighten the dog. This will help them feel safe when let alone.
  • Don’t make a scene while leaving for work. We have seen people make a scene by hugging and cuddling their dog like never before.
    • This makes the dog feel like the owner is never gonna come back. So, keep it simple. A pat on the head will do.
  • Dogs are curious ones. They love to watch TV or listen to the radio. Keep your dog engaged with television while you leave for work.
  • Give something that smells like you. Keeping your t-shirt, or any clothes will give your dog a feeling that you are beside them.
  • Ask for help from neighbors to take care of your Poodle while you are at work. If you can afford it, you can also hire a doggy-sitter to take care of the poodle.

This was about training a dog to be home alone. Check out How to stop Beagle crying when left alone to know completely about these techniques.

You can also try adding another dog inside the house. Since Poodles are social dogs, they would easily get along with other dogs. The other dog will also get to have company with your poodle.

But still, this may be great for only a few months. As time passes, both dogs will get bored of each other and both start to expect the owner’s company.

This happened to one of our friends. If you are a vivid follower of our blogs, you would know about Rocky the Beagle. Our friend Rocky started to feel lonely. So to keep him entertained, we kept another beagle.

It was okay for a few months. But after 7 months, the dogs became bored of each other and both started to crave the owner’s attention.

In fact, this is the reason for which we wrote the blog on what to do when your beagle starts to cry when alone.

Final Words for Poodle Owners

Loneliness is misery. Be it humans or dogs. Once when we start to feel lonely, humans go outside to meet friends and new people.

But pet dogs have to sit all day in the house, waiting for the owner to arrive and shower his attention. It is a sin to keep them alone all day.

So, if you are a pet dog keeper, we always suggest someone to be at the house to take care of the dog and play with it. Be it a friend, a member of family or even neighbors. Always make your dogs have a company to be around with.

Especially, if your dogs are not Guard dog types. This will help both the owner and the pet to live a happy and stress free lifestyle.

So, that was all about Beagle sneezing and the right thing to do when a beagle reverses sneezes.

We hope this blog helps you clearing queries on What causes the Poodles to feel stress when home alone and measures to be taken.

We always welcome your suggestions. Comment below how you missed your  Poodle when away from home and how you handled the problem.

Feel free to mention things that are to be changed and improved in our blogs and website as we are learners for life!

If you liked this post do share it with your friends and family. Cause sharing is caring.

See ya! Until then, keep cuddling your cute Poodle…Bow wow

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The only times when poodles go alone are while using Bathroom. On the other hand, they prefer to hang out and chill with others.

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