Can poodles be friendly with rabbits

Can Poodles be Friends with Rabbits? Quick Poodle-Bunny Guide

Rabbits are on the hunting list of many animals. But can they get along with Poodles?

Poodles are smart and active dogs.  They are known for their beauty and etiquette looks. They are one of the most popular dogs bred in recent times. But before domestication, Poodles were used for hunting. Are they easygoing with small animals like bunnies?

Can Poodles go along with rabbits?

No! Poodles were hunting dogs that hunted ducks, geese, and smaller animals like rabbits, cats on land.  They will have the natural drive to hunt these animals if both are kept in the same place. With proper training and practice, Poodles can get along with rabbits and smaller animals. But, the training must be done carefully.

We do a lot of studying on Poodles. They are intelligent hunters of the canine family. The French were the first to use them for hunting birds in water. Only in recent times, Poodles are grown as show dogs and pets.

Poodles may be hunters by nature, but still, they can be domesticated with other animals. In this blog, we have covered all the details on Poodle nature as hunting dogs, their relation with rabbits, and how to make them Rabbit Friendly!

So, Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy the Read.

Before moving on to poodle nature and their relationship with rabbits, let us see how dogs behave when they are around Rabbits and other small animals.

Are Dogs and Rabbits good together?

Can poodles get along with rabbits

Dogs may be friendly with rabbits and other small animals. There is no generalized behavior of dogs with rabbits. Some dogs breed, hunt, and feed on rabbits while others make friends with them. It depends on what breed the dog is and how individual dogs react with other pets.

You can see videos on YouTube where dogs get along with other dogs, chicks, rabbits, and even cats. So, it is possible to pet these animals on the same roof.

Their natural instinct may kick in at times. Many dangerous and ferocious dogs are seen going along with smaller animals. Poodles can also be trained to go along with rabbits.

Proper knowledge of Poodle nature with smaller animals and their prey drive is very important for training Poodles.

Poodle Nature with Smaller Animals

Poodle with other animals

Poodles come in different breeds and sizes. Their Nature differs based on their variety. Based on their sizes, Poodles are divided into

  • Standard Poodles.
  • Miniature Poodles.
  • Toy poodles.

Larger Poodles are more strong and aggressive. They were used by the French first on hunting and swimming works.  These dogs are more aggressive towards smaller animals.

Smaller Poodles are cute dogs. They stay calm but can hurt other animals. Miniature and toy Poodles are grown as pocket pets. These dogs naturally have hunting instincts, but they can be friendly towards other smaller animals.

Check Poodle Types to get complete knowledge on the different varieties of poodle

Apart from nature, prey dives of Poodles play an important role to consider if you are planning to leave both your Poodle and Bunny home alone.

Poodles Prey Drive

Poodle prey instinct

Prey drive is the natural instinct that drives an animal subconsciously to hunt and feed on its prey. Prey diving helps the hunter recognize what animals can be hunted and what can’t be.

Poodles have a prey drive to hunt smaller animals on land and water. Unfortunately, rabbits are also on the list. Prey drives can also vary based on their type.

Standard Poodle Prey Drive

Standard Poodles are the largest of all types. They have a stronger prey drive than the latter.

Standard Poodles are the true natural Poodles. They are the original dogs to be used in hunting water birds and small land animals. Still, Standard Poodles are used in some parts of the world as hunting dogs.

It is not usually safe to leave Smaller Animals like Rabbits home alone with Standard Poodles. With proper training and supervision, Standard Poodles can get along with rabbits.

Miniature Poodle Prey Drive

Miniature poodles are smaller than standard Poodles. They are more popular than the Standard Poodles. This is because of their small-looking nature and cuteness.

But, small doesn’t mean that Miniature Poodles don’t have a prey drive. They are not naturally bred, but miniature poodles also have a strong prey drive.

Size doesn’t matter in the animal’s natural instinct. Biologically all types of poodles have the same prey and hunting instincts. If the animal is larger, it can hunt smaller prey easily.

Without proper training, Miniature Poodles also must not be left alone with rabbits and smaller animals.

Toy Poodles Prey Drive

Toy Poodles are the smallest of all Poodles. They may seem innocent, but toy poodles are the naughtiest of all. This is because of their energy.

They are always curious and won’t stay at a place longer. This makes them the most difficult to train. Toy Poodles will also have the prey drive to hunt hamsters and bunnies.

Though Toy Poodles and rabbits are the same sizes, these dogs may hurt your rabbit.

So, it is obvious that all poodle varieties are hunting dogs with a natural prey drive and hunt instincts. But still, Poodles can be trained by following some tips and tricks

Training Poodles to be friendly with rabbits

Poodles are smart dogs. They can easily be trained and domesticated. It may be difficult to train at the beginning, but with patience.  The main thing to follow is mainly to try to control and tame the dog’s natural preying instinct.

How to tame hunting and preying instinct in Poodles

When poodles are in the wild, they hunt and prey on smaller animals. This is only in the wild. If they are given basic training along with some obeying commands, it will slowly make them come out of the natural killing instinct.

Poodle obedience training

Basic training is given for all dogs in the beginning. It makes the dog obey the owner and work on command. It makes them get used to instructions, commands and obey them on demand.

Basic training includes commands like

  • Sit.
  • Stay.
  • Come.
  • Leave.

Come: This is the first-ever command that we teach dogs. For babies, this is also the first thing we ask them to perform.

When the owner commands “come”, the dog must leave any work performing at the moment and come towards the owner.

This will make them more controllable when they are performing anything bad.

When owners train poodles to come, it can be used when they are after the rabbit in a pursuit.

This will help you save the rabbit from being hurt. On constant use, while being in pursuit, the “come” command will be highly effective.

Sit: Sit is the second command that will be taught for dogs in training. It makes the dog become more obedient and disciplined.

When the dog becomes outlaw, the sit command added with stop will be great to use. Make your rabbit sit in front of the Poodle and train them to act normal. This will come in handy for Rabbit-Poodle owners.

Stay: Stay command teaches the dog to stay at a place. This is used by dog owners and in pet shows to do the obedience test.

Make them stay in place while your bunny happily jumps and moves around the dog. This makes the Poodle become natural with your rabbit.

Leave: We shall use it the dog tries to hold on to objects or bite. This command is like a safety brake for a car. When added with the command drop it, it will be effective to keep the dog away from harmful, sharp, and fragile objects.

This command is a must-have when Poodle owners grow rabbits alongside. It will prevent the dog from proceeding further when it starts to bite the rabbit.

All are commonly taught to the dogs that are used as helping, dogs, watchdogs, and guard dogs.

Check Poodles as Guard Dogs to know if poodles can be good watchdogs or guard dogs.

Make your Poodle and Rabbit friends

When training is over and confident with your Poodle, start to make Poodle and rabbit meet each other.

Take it slowly by introducing them in the same room in your presence. Always keep your dog tied to a leash in your hand. It will give control over the dog.

Start to give commands and make them obey it. Use the sit and stay command to test if your dog is attacking the rabbit.

If the dog is showing any bad actions, punish it immediately. Take smaller steps and finally remove the leash.

See if the dog is trying to attack the rabbit. When a dog attacks, punish for bad behavior and leash on again. If not, then there is nothing to worry about.

By slow repetitions and some trials, you can make the rabbit become friendly with the Poodle.

Friendly Rabbits to Grow with Poodles

If you are reading this blog, then either you would have bought a rabbit or decided to buy a rabbit to grow along with the Poodle.

New rabbit owners can choose to buy bigger rabbits that are almost the size of Poodles. This will help the rabbit prevent itself when the Poodle tries to attack.

Some of the larger rabbit varieties suitable to grow along with dogs are

  • Giant Chinchilla.
  • French lop rabbit.
  • Continental giant rabbit.
  • Checkered giant rabbits.
  • Flemish giant rabbits.
  • California giant rabbits.

These types of rabbits will grow larger in size. It may not be completely safe, but still, larger-sized rabbits will try to defend more than smaller innocents.

Final Words for Poodle Owners

Keeping a rabbit and a poodle in the same house is difficult but not impossible. With proper training and practice, Poodles can surely get along with rabbits and maybe even other smaller animals.

But always make sure to keep them separated in different rooms if you are staying away from home frequently for longer periods.

So, that was all about Poodle’s peace treaty with rabbits.

We hope this blog helps you clearing queries on poodle nature, how they hunt and if they can keep your innocent rabbit unharmed.

We always welcome your suggestions. Comment below your experiences with your beloved Poodles.

Feel free to mention things that are to be changed and improved in our blogs and website. We are learners for life!

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See ya!

Until then, keep cuddling your cute Poodle…Bow wow

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