can poodle hair be shaved

Can Poodle Hair be shaved? – Things you must know

Poodles need frequent grooming and maintenance. This is suitable for some but time taking for busy owners. Is it okay to shave poodle hair?

Can Poodle hair be shaved?

Yes! Poodle hair must be shaved by owners from time to time. Grooming routine involves shaving poodle hair once in 18 months. These dogs have dense and curly hair. Poodles have a single hair coat and they will not shed hair like other dogs. But shaving Poodle hair must be done carefully.

Dog owners can shave poodle hair during summer and hot conditions.

Experienced dog owners will know the importance of shaving hair once in a while. It will keep the dog cool and help the hair grow back stronger

Shaving is even better for poodles as they never shed hair. Poodles have curly and thick hair on their outer coats. Check Curly Poodle hair.

Poodle shaving doesn’t mean shaving off the poodle completely. It is like shearing a sheep. Poodle owners will trim their dog hair short enough to look bald but long enough to protect the outer skin from sunburns and rashes.

If you have no idea about shaving poodles, don’t worry. In this blog, we have covered everything about shaving poodles and aftershave maintenance.

So, Sit Back, Relax and enjoy the Read.

Poodle Grooming Origin

Poodles were first domesticated by the French for hunting water birds. Poodles loved water and this is the reason for their water repellent coat. Check Poodles in water.

Their looks and beautiful hair made them favorites among the elite women of the 16th and 17th centuries. Then poodles were used as show dogs for their beauty.

New Grooming techniques were invented at the same time for this dog to bring out the best. Poodles were contested in dog shows and they were no longer used for hunting.

Groomers started to remove excess hair on the body to give new looks for poodles.

In cold areas, hair was left along the face, feet, chest, and belly to avoid heat loss. This helped them stay warm and look great at the same time.

Poodle groomers started to try new hairstyles and most of them looked stunning on Poodles. Currently, there are more than 25 hairstyles for poodles to rock on.

Check out our Complete Poodle hairstyle guide for awesome poodle hairstyle ideas.

The two Poodle hairstyles recognized by the American Kennel Club are The English Saddle Cut and Continental Cut.

Apart from long hairstyles, short hairstyles were also famous among poodle owners.

Poodle popularity grew and they became one of the most popular dogs in the USA by the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

Poodles are one of the most popular dogs in recent times. This is mainly due to its grooming techniques and beautiful looks.

When Should Poodles be shaved?

Poodles must be shaved during summer. Shaving poodles in hot conditions other than summer is also recommended. Shaving will help the dog stay cool.

It will help the dog get rid of Matting and regrow matt-free hair. Poodles are mostly seen in well-groomed hairstyles.

There are tons of hairstyles available for poodles to groom. Check out our Poodle Haircut Styles blog. It has 25 plus hairstyles to experiment on your Poodle.

Spotting a shaved poodle is difficult. But shaved poodles are common in tropical and hot cities.

Shaving Poodles will make the grooming process easier. Poodles will require a lot of care and attention for their hair care.

 Dogs drown as Fashion Poodles will have their hair groomed once in 3 months.

If you don’t have a lot of time and budget to groom poodles, then shaving can be great.

But poodles must not be shaved in cold conditions. Poodles have their coat as heat insulators. Shaving in the cold may cause health issues.

How Often Poodles Must be shaved?

Poodles can be shaved once in 3 months during the summer. If the Poodle owner doesn’t like shaving, then try keeping a short hairstyle for your poodle in summer.

Shaving poodles will involve shaving the head, belly and feet of the dog. But you must not shave your Poodle frequently.

Fashion Poodles are groomed once in 4 weeks to look the best. These are competition dogs contesting for a prize. But it is more expensive than grooming other dogs.

Shaving and grooming poodles are pricey. This is because of the Poodle brand. Most poodle owners growing their dogs as Fashion pets will spend hundreds of dollars on their dogs. Check Why Poodles are Expensive?

Dog owners having poodles as pets will have less budget and will not depend more on Poodle appearance.

Poodle tails will play a great role in shaved poodle looks. Some poodle owners will dock their poodle tail to make the shaving process easier. Check Poodle tail docking for more.

Shaving a Poodle in summer is great but Shaving in winter is not advisable. Let us see shaving poodles briefly in the upcoming part.

Is it Okay to shave a poodle in winter?

It is not okay to shave a poodle in winter. Poodles have curly, thick hair over a single layer of coat. This coat helps the dog stay warm and dry.

Poodles are water-loving dogs. They were first used by the French to hunt ducks and geese. Thanks to their curly-haired coat for helping them stay warm.

This Coat is also responsible for keeping poodles warm in cold climates. But It is not effective like winter dogs. Huskies and other winter dogs have a double-layered coat helping them stay warm in very cold outdoor conditions. Check Huskies in cold winter.

Shaving Poodles will help them grow thicker and better hair. Poodle owners living in cold climates will prefer shaving their dogs during early summer.

The hair gradually grows over time and by winter the poodle will be completely covered in hair. This will make them stay warm in cold winters.

Poodle owners will grow their hair longer and maintain it throughout the summer. Grooming involves regular brushing, cleaning, and caring.

Regular brushing will make poodle hair stronger and matt-free. Maintenance and brushing will remove all dirt, matt, and knots from the poodle hair coat.

Dog owners must not overdo brushing. It will damage the hair and cause skin irritation.

Can You Shave a Poodle Puppy?

Like older Poodles, Poodle puppies can be shaved during Summer. But we don’t recommend shaving poodles even in summer.

Newborn puppies will start to grow curly hair in the first year. Puppies will be weak to handle cold conditions during this time even with their coat.

Shaving their coat may cause the small dogs to suffer coldness and they may start to suffer.

Puppy Poodles must be shaved only if they live in very hot conditions. In contrast, shaving off hair will help a lot for puppies living in hot conditions.

If you are living in tropical or temperate regions, shave your poodle puppy. Poodles in cold areas should not be shaved. It will not affect poodle’s overall health.

A still, shaved puppy will face some discomforts during its early days.

Can You Shave a Poodle’s Face?

can you shave a poodle's face

Poodle hair must be shaved on head, face, and legs to keep them short and matt-free. It will add a complete look to the dog.

Some poodle hairstyles will require not shaving hair on the face of the poodle. Teddy bear cut and Cupcake hairstyle are a few hairstyles focused on poodle face hair.

But Haircut is different from shaving poodle hair. Shaving means shearing hair on the face, belly, and legs.

There are a lot of hairstyles that involve shaving the poodle face and legs. It will give the poodle a sharp summer look

Is it Necessary to Shave Poodle Feet?

can you shave poodle's feet

Shaving poodle feet will make your work easy during the grooming process. Poodles have great hair. But they get dirty soon.

Hair around the feet will be the most difficult part to handle while grooming a poodle. Dirt and debris will easily get stuck between the hair.

It is easy to clean other dog feet. But poodles have thick and curly hair. This makes the cleaning process very difficult.

Improper cleaning and maintenance may also cause hair problems like damage and matting in poodles.

But trimming poodle hair around the feet is tricky. It requires a lot of experience to shave or trim poodle feet.

It is better to take your poodle to trim hair around face and feet.

But poodles will look their best when their feet are groomed and cut. Shaving off will make them look weird.

So, we would suggest keeping the poodle hair but grooming it regularly.

What happens if you don’t groom a Poodle?

poodle without haircut

If you don’t groom poodle hair properly, it may cause the matting, hair damage, and other problems related to poodle hair.

It may be a tedious job to do. But that is how poodles work. They will look best if groomed properly.

If you are not into regular grooming and maintenance, then trimming or having a short hairstyle for your poodle may help.

Final words on Poodle Shaving

Poodles are Fashion dogs. They are sold for a very high price only for their appearance. If you are buying a poodle, then it may be for its beautiful appearance.

All poodle Variety will require minimum grooming once a week. It may be brushing their hair and giving them a proper bath.

If you bought a Poodle to show off to others, then spend some time grooming them. It will be worth the hard work.

If you are too busy to groom and maintain the Poodle, then trimming short or Shaving the Poodle will do good.

So, that was all about shaving and grooming your poodle.

We hope this blog helps you by clearing queries about shaving hair and how it is useful in summer and reduces grooming work.

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