Do Parakeets talk and How to teach them to talk

Can Parakeets Talk? How To Train Them To Talk?

If you own a parakeet for the first time, then probably you might be asking yourself can they talk?

You’re not alone,

This is the question that arises in the mind of every beginner Parakeets owner. No exception, everyone has the same thought about Parakeets when someone buys them including me.

This curiosity made me do many researches regarding their speech back ability. Here in this blog, I share all my works that answer can a Parakeet interact with us.

So, this one is gonna be an interesting topic. Go through and clarify all your queries concerning Parakeet talking. 

Can A Parakeet Talk?

Parakeet Learns to talk

Yes, Parakeets can talk. But actually, they only word that they heard before not with their own words. More precisely we could say that they reproduce the sound they’ve already heard. Like their cousin’s Parrots.

They mostly talk between themselves to communicate with each other. They are amazingly intelligent and can easily learn anything. This makes them remarkable when compared with other bird species. 

Their gender determines Parakeets talking ability. The males are more likely to talk when compared with females. Not only gender, age too make changes with their skills. Like a younger Parakeet can learn to speak easily than any other older bird.

As mentioned, Parakeets are amazingly intelligent and can even try to imitate the sound that they hear from the environment. So, talking skill for a Parakeet is not an acquired talent it a born talent for them.

How A Parakeet Talk?

Parakeets do talking but not in the way humans do. They do in a completely different way. Their internal structure makes it hard for them to speak like us.

The thing is they don’t even have a developed vocal for speaking as we do. But they are very good at talking. This makes them, the best talkers out there. Surprisingly, they can speak whatever we teach with their undeveloped vocals.

Instead of vocals they directly make do talking from muscles associated with their throat. Their throat muscles create the thrust and they produce sounds through beaks and air passage.

They do both imitating and also communicate between them without vocal but with their muscles and air passage.

Parakeet’s throat muscles work so to produce sound because of their adaptation. Adaptation is something that happens through learning and the process of becoming a better form than the previous one, that suits their environment.

A well-trained Parakeet can make sounds and repeats whatever he/she hears from their owners. And can also be taught to do some actions like a handshake and even more.

Parakeets learn speaking as the same as we socialize with our environment. For example, when we go to a library automatically our mind says that we should maintain silence. This is because every other in library remain silent and so we do.

Relate this with a Parakeet environment, they live among humans when kept as pets. And they try to make sounds like us as we make such sounds. This may seem for us look like they’re reproducing sound they hear.

Males Can Speak More Than Females

Male Parakeets Talks

Do Gender affects Parakeets talking skills? Yes, they determines. Generally, male Parakeets are more likely to talk and they love to talk. They can learn more easily when compared with females and can learn faster. For example In Cockatiels, male birds are more actively involved in speaking than females to attract them.

Not only with Parakeets, but it’s also true for all birds. A male is more likely to recognize and do things in a faster way than female birds. This is because to capture female’s attention for reproduction basis.

To attract females, males naturally be in their attraction by singing chirp songs, humming, and many more by their voice. Like all animals, they too try to attract female’s attention.

But most of the animals attract females, with their body and fighting skills. These birds does it in a calm way by singing and humming.

So, considering all these facts, if you want to buy a Parakeet to teach speaking. You could go with buying a male than choosing a female Parakeet. To make your teaching process easier buy young birds. Because young birds can learn faster than elder birds.

Do Males Socialize More

Mostly, females finish their work by laying eggs and taking care of their babies. After doing this they remain ideal in their concerning nests without doing any works. They don’t even go out of the nest to search for food too.

Male is the one which satisfies all their food needs. They go out, search for food, and feed their mates. Females after eating the foods given by males, females feed their babies.

So, as a whole, we could clearly know that males are the one who moves out and socialize with others. As a result, they get to know more about their environment and get adapted.

This the also a reason why males are inclined to vocal than female birds.

The females are mostly territorial and don’t allow anyone to come near them other than her mate or babies. So, we shouldn’t let two females be in the same cage. They will fight to conquer their territory, unlike males.

There is no problem when it comes to males. On the other hand, when two males are kept in the same cage as pets they often will be social with one another.

How To Teach Your Parakeet To Speak

Like training a dog to obey your commands, training a Parakeet to obey your command takes time but they remember it until they die. Depending on your Parakeet gender you can make it talk easily or may not be active while teaching.

As we mentioned earlier Parakeets not actually speak they only reproduce or imitate the words or sound that they hear from their surrounding. So, always keep your Parakeet in a location where it can hear sound.

This can majorly help them to learn to talk more actively. Parakeets will feel comfortable with their surrounding sound until it becomes irritating to them. While teaching Parakeets, keeping it in a silent environment is the worst nightmare you could have.

Consider a person who started his living in Paris without knowing to speak french with zero knowledge about french. Even he could learn french when he lives around people who speak french within months.

Likewise, Parakeets also learn talking, when it’s kept in an environment with humans. As their socialization quality helps them more while learning how to talk.

Now, see this cutiepie talks…

These are the factors that you should consider before starting to teach Parakeets to speak

Ensure Your Parakeets Happiness

Before starting your Parakeet to teach talking make sure your bird is in perfect health and mental condition. If your pet’s condition is not good enough then for sure he/she can’t learn anything new from you.

Their happiness could be affected due to their cage size, not fulfilled with their food, or when it’s not in a good health condition. These are the major reason why your parakeets refuse to learn.

If you see any changes with them like doesn’t like to speak back, looks so sluggish, inactive then for sure you must postpone your session for some other time. It’s not the correct time to teach them rather you should contact a vet.

For sure an unhealthy bird refuses to hear what you’re saying and only leads to wastage of energy and time.

Repeat Words Often

Parakeets can reproduce sounds whatever it hears from surrounds. But they even have limits to their speaking ability. Without a well-developed vocal cord like we have their talking skills are limited. They can only speak words not sentences.

Even they can’t say complicated words. They’ll be very hard for them to pronounce. You should teach your Parakeet to speak like you were teaching it to a child. You should repeat simple words often before them. It increases the chance of your bird repeating what you say often.

Give a name to your bird and call it often. Make sure you keep a common name not a complicated one. You better start with mono and di-syllable words at first.

Improve your interaction by wishing it when you see and they’ll repeat your words after you. It’ll be very fun than you think. Give it a try assuredly you’ll love it to speak with them.

Do It When They’re Active

Same as humans Parakeets will be more fresh and active in early mornings. Their mental state will be extraordinary at morning times. So, mornings are the most suitable time for birds to get trained. It could be really helpful for people who don’t have a Parakeet pair.

New words and some less complicated words can be taught at this time. Their mind will be fresh and store whatever you say in the mornings. Doing at morning times boosted your time of teaching. They can learn easily when compared to noons and night times.

Remember to give your Parakeet starters before starting your training. Because with an empty stomach in morning time your birds won’t be attentive. So, food is a must whenever you start at least give them a light meal and continue your teaching.

Don’t Burden Them

As already mentioned Parakeets don’t have a developed vocal cord and so they can’t speak more efficiently as we speak. Don’t force them to do over their limit. Unfortunately, they can’t repeat the sentences we say.

Parakeets feel easy to repeat words that contain more consonants than vowels. So, obviously, they feel difficult to pronounce words that contain more vowels.

Don’t confuse them with teaching many words in a single session. When you do so they feel more stressed and that could even affect their physical health. Talk clearly, slowly, and steadily to your birds and help them remember by repeating them continuously.

You could teach them a word once for four or five weeks. Your main motive should only be at aiming the Parakeet to remember the word you taught. And not teaching new words frequently to them. When you teach new words frequently it could lead them forgot words that you taught them previously.

They need some time to memorize a word and one should move to a new word only after knowing the Parakeet memorized the previous one.

Give Them Rewards

If you’re familiar with pet keeping then you definitely know how pets will be when they’re rewarded. When you reward them for doing something, next time when they do the same thing they’ll do that more actively and effectively.

Parakeets are not an exception to this. These rewards play an important role when you train your Parakeets. You should provide them with rewards whenever they show a notable improvement in training.

This can make Parakeets increase love towards you and can make their behavior change as you like. When you treat them for saying a word they’ll memorize it and never forget them.

Now, read about rewarding but What to reward them? Mostly give them foods that you don’t give them regularly. A fresh, juicy fruit piece will be heaven for them. More than that you could give them Millets, carrots, and some fresh vegetables.

Make sure you give everything fresh for them. If your Parakeet loves to wander around no worries prepare an empty room for them. Leave your bird in that room and make it feel comfortable for some time.

These cute little Parakeets enjoy them. We too filled with happiness when seeing them enjoying.

Consistency Is The Key

Make a routine of teaching your Parakeet. You can’t leave your Parakeet simply after two to three hours of session. You should ensure them they remember the words that you taught.

The only way to ensure that is to make a schedule about teaching and constantly follow that schedule. If you don’t create a schedule and follow birds can’t get remembered what they’ve earlier. Moreover, they get confused.

So, make a strict schedule and stick to it. All others will happen accordingly.

Whenever you try to teach hard words and some easy sentences to Parakeets stick to the schedule. Don’t let your hard work fail without following it.

Some birds are good at talking and some aren’t. We can’t say them without trying. So, give it a try. Even some birds never learn to talk till the end. No matter what don’t leave your hard work towards it. 

Don’t set your expectation very high. Remember More expectation leads to more disappointment. You have to patient sometimes they don’t even listen to our words and do what it likes. 

When it comes to older birds your patience level must be godlike. They’re the hardest ones. But with patience and consistency, we can make them say some easy words.

Appreciate Them

This the most important and mandatory part of teaching. Whatever they do appreciate them. By appreciating they could even try to speak words that you can’t imagine.

By doing so you make them even better than their other relations. More than teaching them speaking you can make them learn more actions like fetching etc… With your appreciation they involvement increases tremendously.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for a parakeet to talk?

Their learning ability differs from one parakeet to the other. Generally, they take a lot of time to talk. Some take a few months and some may take several up to 9-10 months.

Some may don’t talk till they die. Anyways when they learn to talk out their first word then it’s easy for us to teach them more words within a short period.

How do you teach a parakeet to talk?

Repeat the same word for 50-60 times a day to them. The only key to make Parakeet is through repetition and patience. You need a lot of patience literally a ton of them.

Periodically say the word and after they repeat that word don’t forget to award their reward.

How do parakeets talk?

Parakeets talk through the vibrations that occur in throat muscles. They don’t possess any vocal cords like humans though they manage to repeat words they hear.

They reproduce sounds through their throat muscles that they heard and so we can hear them.

What words can parakeets say?

Parakeets can say some easy to say words like ‘Hi’, ‘Bye’, ‘Cute Bird’ etc… And they’re more likely to say words that contain fewer vowels and has more consonants.

Don’t forget to “Good night” and “Good morning” to them. They can repeat them too.

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